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Jezebel Mallory Sloane

Jezebel turned as she noticed Calen walk away, but when he was out of sight she looked back to the girl. “With a party like this we have no choice but to make the most of it.” With a cross of her arms, Jezebel looked the girl over. “Or like yours.” She said with a slight smirk. Jezebel glanced at the rest of the party, noting how she had barely seen any of the party. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to see what’s interesting at this party.” Jezebel still had a task to complete anyway, but there was no way to increase chances of making it into the Blue Bloods if she stayed to the edge of the party.

Her dress that I had not posted before...

@Kbail - Kara Melbourne
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“With a party like this we have no choice but to make the most of it.”

“We sure don’t.” Kara said while taking another sip of her drink. she awaited Jezabel’s reaction to what she just said. She started searching her face to see any wrinkle in her eyebrows or something that could show she was frustrated. “Or like yours.” Jezebel said after looking her over. “Aww you don’t like my dress?” Kara said while lightly giggling. She slightly tilted her glass over and the liquid tumbled out of the glass and spilled on Jezabels shoes. “Oh, I think someone’s calling me.” Kara said as she strolled to the other side of the room, trying to keep from laughing.


@Littlefeets Jezabel


I didn’t want to be at this party. Not at all. If it were up to me right now, I would be rather be out having fun. I guess some people may be having fun here but even though I have been around this type of thing my whole life, I always seem to feel out of place. I didn’t like dressing up, I didn’t like having ‘small talk’ about going on the yacht and traveling around the islands of Greece for the simmer and I especially didn’t like that everyone was pining for one thing. The whole blue royalty thing. I only did it for my parents sake. I suppose I can do one thing in life that might make them happy and adhere to the social standard to get my name on the dumb list. It’s all anyone seems to care about at this school. In all honesty, I would be happier at a public school.

Okay, so maybe I enjoyed the tasks I was given now and again but that was just the trouble maker in me coming out. It has nothing to do with becoming an actual blue royalty or whatever. What is that going to gain me after I leave this place. Nothing. No one I meet in my future is going to care or for that matter know what a blue royal is. My tasks for the night excited me and I was sure I could finish them. Noting hard by any means. They were passing around flutes of champagne at this party but I declined the offer. I have recently cut back on drinking. Only for about two months now but my mind seems a little more clear. Though it doesn’t stop me from other things but hey that’s at least provided by my wonderful therapist!

“What a great competition I have here,” I looked over at my friend. I knew it was him from the voice and shook my head at the smug grin he had on his face. I assumed he was talking about the game that all us students play as if we have no choice. “Meh. I think the competition is a little lack luster.” I smirked back to him and pushed my glasses up the bridge of my noise a little more. “Enjoying yourself?” “Absolutely not. I think I would rather be any other place at this moment.” I said back to him and was being sincere. I liked parties, not this kind.


Dorian DeLoughrey

Turning to face the bar and the waitress, he raised his hand as a sign of wanting to get another drink but kept the conversation going. “Oh, don’t be such a party pooper,” he said through a chuckle, checking out the waitress for a second and crossing his arms on the counter. “Surprise me,” he said to her the moment she approached him with a cheeky smile. What Mikel said didn’t surprise him. Knowing him for a while he knew this wasn’t really his thing. From the very beginning, Mikel didn’t seem interested in the idea of this “game” as much as he was. It wasn’t something he could easily explain but he needed to win this.

“The night is still young, you never know what might happen,” wiggling his brows he looked at Mickel before his attention was brought back to the waitress as she passed him the glass. “This is going to be one good party.” He whispered it as a reassurance to himself but it was loud enough for people around him to hear. Picking up the glass, he turned to rest his back against the counter and plopped one hand in the pocket of his pants. Looking around once again he wondered what everyone here was supposed to do tonight, what his friend was supposed to do tonight. The thought of that was keeping him excited until his eyes rested on Candance and his sister. It was know Candance wasn’t his favorite person, he had no idea why his sister would spend so much time with her. Just seeing her standing there made him subtly roll his eyes in annoyance as he turned to fully face Mikel, taking a sip of his drink.

“I don’t know people aren’t talking about Candance. I mean I get it, it’s embarrassing but still…” chuckling, he set his glass down looking at it for a few seconds. “Just don’t tell me you didn’t hear about it?” Raising his gaze up, he said it as if it was a question, curious to see his reaction.



Delilah Rose Hawthorne

“But…?” Delilah repeated as if she was giving Candice the chance to say something, despite knowing full well she wasn’t going to finish that sentence. When she didn’t, a smile grew on Delilah’s face as she led her back inside, the chilling air being replaced by the confined and stuffy atmosphere of the party. For a moment, Delilah paid no attention to the unsteady Candice stood next to her. She instead gave smiles and waves to the people looking her way, and there were, of course, a lot of people looking her way. Some at Delilah, and some at Candice, showing everyone a side no one had seen before.

Her attention was taken by Candice, who addressed her by a name she hadn’t heard in years, but she chose to ignore that. Delilah then grew impatient at the slow pace she was taking to ask her a question. By the time she finally reached the end, Delilah had already composed her answer. “Please, don’t flatter yourself,” Delilah replied immediately. “I don’t think about you enough to hate you.”

Delilah knew that Candice had already forgotten what she had said, as she went over to the bar to drink. For a moment, Delilah stood and watched her get worse and worse. But then, she grabbed the hand that went to take another shot. “Hey, let’s…” Her eyes darted around the room, and then stopped on the chosen place. “… Go and check out the pool. Okay?” Delilah didn’t want to stand around and wait for another slow and hardly-audible response, so she turned and started walking towards the door leading out to the pool, assuming Candice would follow close behind.

@benitz786Candice Clarke

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An amused smile spread across her rose-tainted lips at his comment that her name was, of all things, flamboyant. She could only imagine his reaction if she had included her middle name as well. “So which companies are named after your surname, then?” Unsure whether his question was serious or not, Natalia assumed that Calen was only teasing, however, he was hard to read. The brunette quickly decided to hold back information regarding family businesses, not wanting to bore him with the riveting world of yachts and wedding gowns. “All of them, actually. Haven’t you heard? My family owns the world,” Natalia playfully quipped back at his question.

Upon hearing Calen proclaim that he was unforgettable with a vague smile, she gave a small roll of her jade eyes at his blatant display of arrogance, although she silently agreed with his statement. Frankly, guys like him, who were aware of their looks and influence, were not easily looked over. On the contrary, they were closely watched and talked about, especially by horny freshmen and sophomores.

Continuing their conversation, Natalia furrowed her eyebrows over his underdog statement. “Really? I believe there is no such thing as an underdog in Beryl Heights. Everyone is horribly competitive here. Trust me, you won’t be underestimated. If anything, I feel that you have the upper-hand, no long-lasting emotional ties to anyone makes everything easier,” Natalia stated, subtly warning Calen of the ruthlessness of the Cerulean students. Everyone was fair game, even the new kids. It wasn’t long ago when Audrey Rushmore won her place as a Blue Royalty member, even after enrolling late into the semester. Of course, she made the right social connections and conquered every task to achieve her goal.


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ℂ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕖 ℂ𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕖:

“Please, don’t flatter yourself… I don’t think about your enough to hate you.”

Those words simply went through one ear and out the other. Perhaps if the girl was sober, she would have responded to the crude statement that had escaped Delilah’s lips. Perhaps But why rely on ‘what ifs’? The simple truth is that Candice Clarke would likely never remember this moment. And, she probably wouldn’t want to. To see how little a girl, who was once her closest friend, treat her less than nothing: that would hurt more than Candice would be willing to allow the world to see.

Hence, it was a good thing that Candice could barely remember her own name let alone what Delilah had just stated without remorse. She watched as the girl walked away from her, towards the bar - though Candice’s mind was too far lost in the music to walk with her. The party had gotten larger in the few minutes that Delilah and Candice had escaped the room, and the girl was invigorated with the energy that was pulsating. Usually, when she was this drunk, Candice had her friends alongside her living it up - though, she didn’t care about that right now. Candice was sure they were having their own fun at the party, so she simply closed her eyes and swayed to the loud sounds playing in the background. That was until someone stopped her from taking yet another shot of liquid courage - bringing an evident pout to her lips. However, she almost instantaneously forgot what she was upset about when she started following Delilah towards to pool.

“But I’m colldddd, I don’t want to get wet,” CC screamed over the music as they made their way towards the back of the house where the large body of water was located. Multiple individuals, seemingly, had already undressed and jumped into the water - which was supposedly warmed by a heater. The moment they had gotten outside, Candice only took a moment before stripping herself of her shoes and sitting at the edge of the pool - allowing her legs to be warmed by the water - severely doubting that in her intoxicated state, she could swim in the pool (even if it was 5 feet deep and she could stand). “Comeee join meeee, 'Lilah. Let’s play a game!” the girl stated, her words still slurred. “Tttruuthh or daarree?” the girl asked her old friend with a mischievous smile.

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Mikel tightened his grip on the Polaroid that was in his hands. He always had one of his camera with him no matter where he went. Most of them were older ones too. He didn’t like the new digital stuff. They never came from his parents either though. They didn’t approve of his hobby and his dad has actually told him before that he wouldn’t amount to anything if he kept playing around with black and white pictures that wouldn’t earn him any money in the future. But that’s not what Mikel cared about. Unlike most of his family and peers, money was useless to him. He wasn’t the type to wear high end brands or drive the newest cars. Being here just made him felt out of place. Everyone he saw had shiny dress shoes on and here Mikey stood with a pair of black, worn out, vans on. He listened to Dorian talk but he was already out of it tonight.

”The night is still young, you never know what might happen,” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled a bit to this. “You aren’t wrong there I guess.” Who knew where the night would take them when everyone around you is pinning for a blue royalty status. Heck, Mike even participated in the tasks he was given. It wasn’t for the title for him though. It was just the thrill of doing something you aren’t supposed to. He wondered what Dorians tasks may be tonight. Mikey thought his were easy and he was sure he could do what he was given. “This is going to be one good party.” He laughed a little, more of a scoff and turned the same way his companion did. “Yeah, we’ll see.” He replies and ran a hand through his hair which looked as if it hadn’t been brushed in a week. A Mikel signature.

He started talking about how he didn’t like Candance which caused Mikel to laugh a bit. “She’s not that bad, man.” He replies but understood Dorian had his own reasons to not like someone. Mikey liked most people but there were a few who did grind his gears a bit. Soon Mike was looking at him with a confused look on his face. Mike was slumped a bit over so he was the same height as Dorian. Mikel was a tall, lanky boy, always has been. People used to tell him he needs to play basketball but Mikel hates sports. “No, I didn’t hear anything.” He told Dorian with a raised brow, a little intrigued.


Brandon looked in the mirror while fixing his suit and tie. He was ready to go. He trotted downstairs and saw his dad standing by the door. “I wonder what he’s going to say now.” Brandon thought. He really didn’t feel like dealing with His dad’s shenanigans today. He grabbed Brandon’s shoulder and pointed a finger at him. “Go out there and do great. Your future depends on it. Don’t fool around. Youre already late.” He said to him. He released his shoulder and Brandon walked out of the door to the limo that was waiting outside. He knew that if he got too nervous, that would be all he could focus on, so he had to concentrate. He had already checked his tasks 10 times before he left.

The sun was setting as the limo finally stopped. He didn’t want anyone to look at him weird because he was late to the party. “Good job Brandon.” He thought to himself. The mansion was nothing like he had ever seen. He entered the lively party, taking in all of the chatter and energy around him. He went to the food section to get a bottle of water. His nerves were finally getting to him.


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Valerie was fixing her hair in front of the mirror in the bathroom when her phone buzzed
She picked up her phone to check the messages popping in the screen
Welcome, Valerie, to Blue Royalty
She lightly raised her brow and kept on reading the messages.
Blue royalty was always something that intrigued her, she never really minded popularity and status, but being part of the blue royalty could definitely help her.
She read the tasks that were sent to her, oh boy she slightly frowned at the first one but quickly moved on.
Valerie put her phone aside after she was done reading and continued fixing her hair. She was already about to be a bit late for the party, so she didn’t want to be too late.
Standing in front of the mirror in her room, valerie checked out her look before heading out to the party.
She looked around the party and spotted the bar, automatically heading towards it.



Lyonrad Sei Fulcruth

There’s no turning back on this.

Lyonrad decided that he read his first task once he gets to the party. His mother was being annoying to him, trying to convince him not to listen to his aunt Lucy. For years has he been listening to his aunt’s stories about Blue Royalty, and now was his time to be a Blue Blood. His mother was never a fan of the game, believing that it was a “way of manipulation” by someone unknown.

“Don’t make yourself regret this, dear.” were his mother’s last words to him before he decided to leave.

Lyonrad sighed, unfastening the top button of his dark blue shirt, as he always has done to his outfits. He rushed himself on his gray Mercedes-Benz, and drove through the streetlights and buildings with a slight furrow on his brow. He couldn’t get his mother’s concern off his face, but he felt the need to be a Blue Blood—and nothing can make him hesitate on joining the game to achieve what he wants. He’s confident that he’ll be one of those to excel, and he’s about to prove that to his mother.

The party had already started at his arrival. The place sure was wealthy—what more of the owner, right? Just from the looks of the house, he knew he just have to win the Blue Royalty. Being a Blue Blood does have its own benefits, eh?

As he set foot on the house, he warily grabbed his phone out of his pants pocket. He had an arrogant smile on his face when he read the first lines of the newest message; however, it quickly turned into a frown when he read his first task. Reading it minutes after it was sent wasn’t probably the best decision that Lyonrad has done.

Sighing, he rolled his eyes. There that goes. he thought. The challenge wasn’t going to suit him either, anyway, and if he was to choose—he would really rather lose it.

When he read the other task, his brows furrowed deeply. He stared at it, reading it all over again—but it still bore the same letters and words. He sighed yet again as he slipped his phone back into his pocket, heading towards the bar he first spotted.

Of course, the tasks weren’t going to be easy for him—what was he expecting? He knows there wasn’t a “turning back” option for him; it was either to win his first points or to be greeted by negative ones.

Lyonrad wasn’t really a drinker, but—somehow—he liked how the beverage handed to him tasted with a hint of cola. As he took another sip, he found himself staring at an approaching girl. He thought it was time to make some friends, and the first one—he’s yet to know of.

When the girl reached the bar, he quickly walked towards her along with his glass of unknown beverage. “Hey,” he said, taking the seat near her.

@CerealKiller - Valerie Wood

His Outfit



Valerie approached the bar and ordered herself a drink, scotch, neat.
It wasn’t really a party drink but she was definitely feeling like a good glass of whiskey could only be a good idea. It always is.
She turned her face lightly to see who it was who was talking, she noticed a guy.
She took a second to try and recognize him but in vain, she didn’t know who he was or she was just secretly a b*tch who forgot him, but that was unlikely, she did have a good memory.
“Hey” she said with a light smile and turned her body side ways to partly face the guy “what’s up?” She asked


Dorian DeLoughrey

“No, I didn’t hear anything.”
Shifting his gaze back to the glass, he gently tapped on it with his fingers wondering if it was a smart idea to actually say something. Dorian was a friendly guy, he liked having people around him, people he could rely on, or just have a great time with but there will always be someone he can’t get along with. Picking the glass up once again he put on a slightly mischievous smile turning to lean his back against the counter. “I overhear her talking with Elodie. Her parents cut her off so now she has to sell some feet pictures,” he quietly said, leaning in towards Mikel as his eyes stayed on the girl he was talking about. “Kinda embarrassing but also… hot?” Raising his brow as he looked back at him, he chuckled at his own words. “I want to investigate it more, so if you hear anything, let me know," lifting the glass up to his lips, he tried to cover a little smirk that was starting to form before taking a sip. Another thing about Dorian is that he likes to know everything and he tries to pay attention to things happening around him.

“Anyway…” he mumbled, looking down at the camera he was holding. That was one of the most interesting things about Mikel, he seemed so different from the rest of them and yet he is here. But he liked it. It was always good to have some relaxing time with someone that didn’t care about things almost everyone here cared about. “Are we going to stand here all night or do you have some plans?”



Mikel looked over to Candance just as Dorian was doing while he spoke. She was dressed a lot more simple then Mikel had seen her dressed before. Most of the girls here were wearing either tight and revealing dresses or something that would definitely show off just how much money their family had. Not to mention the hair and make up. It wasn’t something mike cared much for but he wasn’t one to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t do with their own looks. There had been many times that Mikel had gotten judged for his own. He’d been told that he should get contacts because his glasses make him look like a nerd. His hair was too long and unruly so he looked like a homeless man. Or that his pants were too short since how tall he is.

“Her parents cut her off so now she has to sell some feet pictures,” An eyebrow of Mikeys rose at this and sort of wished his own parents would cut him off so he didn’t feel the need to make them happy. Then they couldn’t hold anything over him but also it’s not like he asks them for much. Mikel laugh and shook his head at Dorians next comment. ”hot” “Feet? Really…that’s what turn you on…you have some strange kinks man.” Mikel said back to Dorian, trying to change the subject. Though Mikel likes know about what’s going on with the people around him, he isn’t one to gossip. He was a very trusted person and maybe that’s why so many people tell him their secrets. Not only that but he isn’t really one to judge and is easy to talk to. Are we going to stand here all night or do you have some plans?” He thought about the messages he got easier about tonight. “Well, I do have some plans but they don’t have to happen for awhile. What do you have in mind?” He had asked back to Dorian with a michevious smirk. He was ready to find something to make him actually enjoy being here.


Calen James Hunter

He raised his eyebrows while he gave a short laugh in response to her reply as if Calen were surprised Natalia had somewhat of a sense of humour. But he had to also note how she had basically avoided the question - was there a reason behind that? Or maybe she was being mysterious purely for the sake of being mysterious. But Calen decided he wasn’t going to focus on finding the answer to that question right now. “Oh really? I should probably be a lot nicer to you then,” Calen replied, smiling. “So, tell me, what part of the world you own is your favourite?”

Though he was glad Natalia regarded him as a strong component, Calen was also disappointed to know that it was obvious he should not be underestimated - because underestimation would be what he could take advantage of. “Well, then, since you understand,” He started. “I hope that means you won’t be too distraught when I tell you we can’t become more than acquaintances.”

From the few conversations, Calen had, it was clear that the competition was barbaric and callous. He had already seen people be spiteful, though that must be what the game does to people, and also what it will probably do to him. He was sure that there must be some people were less motivated than others-- he just had yet to meet any of those people. “So how much of a competitor should I be expecting you to be?” Calen asked her, though he wasn’t expecting a genuine nor honest answer, he was curious to see what response she would give him.

@allure-me — Natalia Riviera Millán

Paris La Dubois

Paris had read the first part of the text, ‘‘Why is this even a thing?’’ She sighed and looked in the mirror, ‘‘I would look sexy as a Blue Bood.’’ She winked, Paris was prepared for anything. She did a smoky black eye and signature red lip stick, curling her hair. ‘‘I wonder what everybody will think of me?’’

Honestly she didn’t really care but, if she had to stay at the top of the social ladder a good impression would be nice. Paris put Material Girl by Maddona on her fathers vintage vinyl. She sprayed her Ispahan Fragrance and Eau de Parfum from Victoria’s secret.

She slipped on a light matter dress, with some expensive jewellery to glam up with a black fur coat. She went into her car and lit a cigarette. Paris hadn’t look at her tasks yet as she was quite nervous. She sucked it up and looked at them, the first one… eh quite easy but the 2nd one would be hard… ‘‘How am I gonna do that?’’

Paris rolled her eyes and turned the car on and drove to the address, she was didn’t find the venue impressive and before she got out the car she put out her cigarette and threw it away before walking in.


Inspired quote



Delilah Rose Hawthorne

The minute the pair stepped foot outside, Candice was already rushing over to sit at the side of the pool - in complete contrast to her earlier statement that she didn’t want to get wet. Delilah slowly followed behind and stood for a moment, realising the way to make the drunken Candice look even more ridiculous. She looked at her up and down while she deliriously asked her to play a game of truth or dare. Delilah quickly cleared her throat and looked around, before lifting her right foot and, using minimal effort, nudging Candice’s back with the ball of her foot over the side and into the pool.

It was a subtle move from Delilah, and it was easily missed by the majority of the people around them. She looked away immediately after perpetrating, at everyone else. With a dramatically exasperated look, an eye roll and then a laugh, it was almost too easy to convince everyone around her that this was all the uncontrollable Candice’s doing. She quickly had everyone laughing along with her, and at Candice. A satisfied smile crossed her face as she looked back at Candice.

“Fine. Truth.” Delilah finally answered, looking down at her. She knew that no matter how she answered the question, it wouldn’t make any impact on Candice. Whatever Delilah would say would be forgotten by Candice within seconds, but that certainly wasn’t true the other way around, and so Delilah knew this game would work to her advantage.

@benitz786 — Candice Clarke


Dorian DeLoughrey

"What do you have in mind?”
Looking at the expression on Mikel’s face he stayed quiet for a moment thinking of things they could do. Or just thinking of ways to get his tasks done since that was his main focus right now. Being the person that likes social events and being around people you’d think he would like to have some fun now but that was actually not his priority. There were points he needed to get and it didn’t seem as easy as he thought it would be. “I have no idea,” he chuckled, running his hand through his slicked-back hair as he looked around the venue.

“I…” stopping for a moment as his eyes laid on a girl that just walked in, he straightened up looking at her for a couple of seconds. “Have something to do. But have fun and be good.” He quickly added as he looked back at Mikel with the same mischievous smirk, before walking away.

“Good evening, miss,” with a bright smile on, he walked up to the girl holding a glass in his hand. He let himself analyse her, looking her up and down as he tried to fix the collar of his shirt. “You look…” pausing for a second, he brought his gaze up to her eyes with a smile still plastered on his face. “Astonishing.” She looked like every other girl here, perfectly fitting in this role they were all supposed to play. The way she presented herself with her long curls it was hard not to notice her. But she also looked like a really good competition.
“Here,” he mumbled, grabbing one glass from the tray of a waiter that just walked by them. “For a good night, huh?” Holding that glass out for her to take, he smiled cheekily before taking a sip of his own drink.



Paris La Dubois

She looked around for a while, analysing the area quickly. Paris ruffled her curls slightly as they weren’t brushed out and opened her phone to swipe the notifications. She had to remind herself, she wasn’t looking for friends. A boyfriend? Not tonight. A fling, She’ll give it a chance.

Paris applied more red lipstick and took a deep breath and walked into the party atmosphere. Her heels clicked with the floor, and the moon beating on her skin giving it a glossy effect. She pursed her lips and put her black shades on.

“Good evening, miss.” A voice said, she slowly turned around and raised an eyebrow. Maybe it was a servant? She was used to those- Oh, it was just a boy. With a beard? Weird… whatever she shouldn’t judge people on their looks.

She smiled, ‘‘Ma’am suits me better.’’ Paris shot a flirtatious wink, she found it quite annoying that her was mainly checking her out but she didn’t really care. “You look…” She raised her eyebrows, as he paused. “Astonishing.” She smirked and pursed her lips.

‘‘Why thank you! You don’t look so bad yourself.’’ Paris chuckled, Astonishing. Hm, that was a decent word to add to her vocabulary of compliments. “Here,” He passed her a drink, Paris nodded and took it. “For a good night, huh?” She nodded, ‘‘The moon looks rather beautiful tonight doesn’t it?’’ She chuckled.

’‘So… whats your name.’’ Paris asked.

@astxrism ~ Dorian DeLoughrey | Sorry for taking long to reply!!

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Dorian DeLoughrey

“Thank you, ma’am,” brushing off his suit in a joking manner as she complimented him, he chuckled correcting himself on that miss part. It was never a problem for him to please people, do things that would make them happy or just go along with something. Which he gladly did just now. “Ma’am does sound better, doesn’t it?” Keeping a soft smirk on his face, he took a sip of his drink not breaking eye contact. For a second he wondered what her tasks were, what her real role at this party was. If you think about it, from now on you can’t trust just anyone.

“I’m more of a stars person but the moon does look beautiful tonight!” Chuckling at his own words he slightly turned towards the door on the other side of the venue. From what he could see they led to the outdoor area and not many people were there. “If you like it so much, there is this beautiful pool area, if you want to go there?” Pointing in that direction, he looked back at her raising his brow suggestively but shifted his whole attention back to her as she asked him a question. “Oh, sorry about that…” lifting his hand up behind his neck he smiled cheekily. “I’m Dorian DeLoughrey,” he quickly yet confidently added, as if he was one of the most important guys she could meet. Being the captain of the school team most people heard about him but he would never get offended if someone didn’t know. Eventually, they would. “And you are…” pausing, with almost a guilty smile on, he hoped she would finish that sentence for him.

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