Breakout Official RP

As you open your eyes, you find yourself in a dark room with one dull lamp illuminating the room. You look around to see a whole group with you in this unfamiliar, eerie place. You keep looking around and notice a door. Your heart starts to beat rapidly as you rush to open the door and get out, when you realize you are trapped. No windows, a locked door, and a group of strangers all in a strange space.
You are startled when you look to the corner to see a woman, who is very calm and put together unlike the rest of you.
"Hello, don’t be frightened. They just want to play a little."

What is this?

This RP is basically an escape room with a little twist. If you don’t escape the room in a given amount of time, someone dies. You can also die for other reasons but that isn’t important and doesn’t happen often… so don’t worry about that for now.
Pretty much you have to work together to piece together clues, solve a riddle, or whatever you have to do to move on to the next room, or die.

Some Questions You May Have
How will we know what we have to do in each room?

This will vary. Sometimes I might give you a clue or riddle that will help you, or you will have to figure it out completely on your own.

How many rooms will there be?

I am planning on this RP to last about 2-3 weeks. I will adjust the number of rooms depending on how quickly you complete each room, and you will either escape, or all die.

How much time will we have to complete each room before someone dies?

This will also vary on the difficulty of the room. You will at least have 1 day (real time) to complete each room, but I might give more if it is a harder puzzle.

How will you determine who is killed?

I will not be biased about this, I promise. I will be using random name pickers, or if you answer a poll/question wrong, you might die.

Who is the lady in the corner?

Hehe I’m glad you asked. It isn’t major to the RP, but her name is Rue, and she is brainwashed to work for the killer. She will be the one actually murdering you guys, and will be the only one with a weapon. You can try to attack/kill her if you want… but you probably won’t be successful.
She also is the one to unlock the doors, provide hints and riddles, and all that.
Also, the identity of the killer will not be revealed. It has no importance to the RP, but I thought this idea just gave Rue more depth and something a little more interesting than her just being the killer.


Ok I will try to make this quick

  • Remember that I have a life. I will be running this after my school ends so I will be more active, but please don’t expect me to immediately answer to your commands.
  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT USE THE INTERNET!! This is very serious and it ruins the fun in the RP if you look up the answers to the rooms/riddles.
  • Be respectful. People are going to die in this RP. It is inevitable. Please do not attack or target others and blame them for things that were out of their control
  • Do not kill other characters without permission.

If you break any of these rules, there will be consequences and may result in being kicked out of the RP (depending on the situation and which rule you broke)


Sign Ups




After dragging the last body inside and locking the doors, I stood in the corner with my hands behind my back, a blank stare, while observing the group. They all looked so peaceful in their dead slumber… but oh how that would soon change.



I felt dizzy like I’ve been rolled over and put in a rollercoaster 6 times with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and felt really disoriented. I didn’t know where I was and looked around. I didn’t notice the room but when I spotted the people on the ground, I knew that it made sense I wouldn’t since I could figure we didn’t come here by free will. I sat up and noticed a woman in the corner, she looked almost made out of wax, except for the few times she blinked. “Where are we?” I asked unsurely.

Right now I was the only one awake and even though I asked a question, I started checking on people if they were alive and unharmed. We’re in a small room, she can answer and I’ll hear it anyway - I thought.



My head was dizzy, but the constant shiver caused me to be awake. As I opened my eyes, I saw myself trapped in this dark room. It was just like the aay Thomas woke up in the Glade, such a foreign place with several strangers in it. All of them but one were in deep sleep, but that was the main problem. I saw a woman, was standing there motionlessly, staring at us. In this cold and dark room, who wouldn’t be afraid of this unpleasant surprise? I tried waking the others up, but none of them regained concious. This made me panic even more, what if I’m stuck in this room, forever…

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My eyes fluttered open. My head was spinning as I struggled to sit up. Consciousness finally hit me and I realized that I was in a dark room with others. My eyes drifted to a woman in the corner of the room. She was just standing there so…nonchalantly. I took a deep breath and tried not to overthink. A few people were already awake and had curious looks on their faces. I wondered if they knew why we were here.



I watch as three of the people woke up, and I could see the immediate panic on their faces. One of them asked where we are, and after a pause I respond,
You aren’t asking the right questions.

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“What do you mean by we’re not asking the right questions? You seemed like the only one who isn’t confused about this? Where are we, and how can we get out of here?”. I pleaded the woman, hoping she will show some sympathy to us.

@Kat- Rue mentioned

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“I don’t see a rule book that says what are and aren’t good questions. If I want to know where we are, I ask where we are” I said irritated.

I then turned to the two that are awake. “I recon you two don’t know where we are and why either, right?” I ask.



“I’m really confused, and it seems like all of us are in lost, except for her, of course.” I told the girl who awake before me. “Most of us aren’t awake yet, do you think they’re fine?”

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I shrug. “They are all breathing if that’s what you mean” I said. “I just like the where and why questions to be answered, but he, apparently thats not the right ones” I said glancing at the blinking statue.

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“She seemed like the only person who knows our situation, I know what she said was absurd, but we shouldn’t get on her bad side, we don’t know if she’ll do anything to us.”, I whispered to her.


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I roll my eyes. “And she won’t otherwise because?” I ask. “Come on, its clear they didn’t bring us here to have a little tea party” I add.

I turned to a girl that asked me and another person a question. “No. I don’t know why we’re here.” I shrugged.

Then I turned to the lady in the corner. “What are we supposed to do here?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

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Nicholas Tyler:

Nick’s head was pounding - only replicable to the aftermath that accompanied a night of overdrinking. However, this wasn’t a ‘hangover’. No - for one, Nicholas Tyler didn’t drink. Perhaps in his college days he had, but those days were long gone. So what was this feeling? This pounding within his head and the sharp pain that was shooting throughout the nerves of his body? There was one thing Nick was sure about - the answer wouldn’t be good.

Though his eyes were closed, Nick could hear voices. Questions of ‘where are we,’ ‘how can we get out of here,’ and though he didn’t yet know what ‘here’ was - Nicholas knew he was not in the comfort of his bed after a late night of grading papers. No, Nick understood that the moment he opened his eyes - there was a problem to deal with and not necessarily on that he was ready to deal with. So he laid there: His eyes closed but his mind opened. Listening to the panic, the questions, the answers. Allowing his mind to map out what was happening without alerting others of his consciousness. The more information he gathered now, the less panic that would hit when he awoke and Nick had a feeling that panic was the last thing he needed.

After a few minutes - Nick finally decided to push his eyes open, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. Though, the first thing he noticed was the bodies scattered around him. So him and the people talking weren’t the only ones. Pulling himself up - Nick walked near a wall - slightly distanced from the others - where a woman stood answering questions. Right now - observation was key so instead of speaking, he listened - continuing to take in the room as he did so.


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I listen as several of our guests start to bombard me with questions. I decide to throw them a bone and reply “Everything will be explained soon. But we must wait for the rest of the guests to rise before we begin.”

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Kyungsoo felt a little uneasy wherever he was lying. It did not feel like he was on his own bed. He tried to move a little. It was really uncomfortable. Kyungsoo moved his hand to his eyes and rubbed them a little. After some seconds he found the energy in himself to wake up. He sat up wherever he was lying. His vision was still blurry, his head felt heavy. He held the back of his head and opened his eyes. Oh God, where am I?

His eyes darted across the room, though everything around him was almost dark. The dull lamp that was visible in the corner was far from enough to illuminate the room. Kyungsoo did not remember how he ended up there. Everything about this creepy room in his memory was blank. However he got up brushing the dust from his clothes. Kyungsoo felt there were more than one person in the room. He could hear them talking. But neither he could see their faces nor the voices were known to him. Kyungsoo was completely clueless.


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I sigh and hugged my legs. “So, we’re just playing the waiting game for now,” I said frustrated. I then look up. “Oh…since we’re going to have to wait anyway, I’m Kyra,” I said
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I stretch myself, thinking I was in my own bed, but then I noticed the hard ground and opened my eyes. The room was plain and dull. there were no windows and only one door. I wasn’t alone either. there were a bunch of people. Most were still unconscious, but there were 7 people awake, including me. one person was in the corner, not really moving. she kinda gave me the creeps. on the other side of the room, three people were talking, and two others were closer to me and looking around confused.
“Ey, do you two know what’s going on?” I asked
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As the rest of the group wakes up, I move towards the front of the room, near the door. With my hands behind my back and a slight smile I introduce myself.

“Hello, and welcome. My name is Rue, and I will be your tour guide for the trip. I am sure you have many questions, but you must understand. This is simply a test. To get out, you must think together and solve the puzzles. Now, enough with the chit chat, let’s get started, shall we.

I turn, taking the keys out of my pocket and unlock the door to the next room. I head in, motioning for the others to follow.

The room is dark, with one dull lamp in the corner, illuminating the room. There are no visible doors or windows, and there is a ceiling fan as well as a rug in the center of the room. There is a bookshelf in one corner, with only a few dusty looking books on it and a CD player that is playing some classical music. There is a desk in another corner, as well as an old painting hanging over it

ORP: This room is easy, to start off with. You have 1 day (real time) to complete this room and move onto the next. (There will be no killings this round, don’t worry, but there will be a reward if you make it through.)


Although there was not much to see in the room except the dark figures and their shadows, Kyungsoo’s vision was still blurry. Suddenly he realised that he did not feel his glasses when he was rubbing his eyes. Sh¡t sh¡t sh¡t…

He tried to look for them around him, feeling the cold hard ground with his hands until he found something. He picked it up and felt the handles, the frame with his hands. They were his glasses. He wiped them with his shirt and put them on. Much better - he thought, slightly relieved before he heard a voice from his side.

“If I had any idea, I’d have ran away from this creepy room long ago. Do you know how we got here?”, he asked turning his head to the source of the voice