Buy, Sell, Trash

Original game by brvnda and recreated by Miss_Moonlight on the Episode Forums!

Welcome to Buy, Sell, Trash!

How to play —

  • One person will state 3 things that are somewhat related.
  • The person after will decide which of those 3 things they want to buy, sell, and trash, and then list 3 new things.

~ Example ~

A_girl: apple, banana, orange
RandomDude: Buy apple, sell orange, trash banana. Episode, Choices, Chapters

I’ll start.

Cake, donut, cookie



Buy cookie, sell cake, trash donut :eyes::sparkles:

Duck, penguin, pigeon :eyes::sparkles:

Buy penguin, sell duck ,trash pigeon :smiley:

Netflix , Instagram, Twitter ?

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Buy Netflix, sell Twitter, trash Instagram :eyes::sparkles:
Eyes, Nose, Mouth :eyes::sparkles:

Buy nose, sell mouth, trash eyes
Pencil, crayon, marker


Buy pencil, sell marker, trash crayon
Phone, tablet, laptop

Because I can’t live without a nose, I can still live without eyesight and a mouth :eyes::sweat_smile:

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Buy phone, sell laptop trash tablet

notebook, book, backbag

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Buy book, sell notebook, trash backbag

Halloween, Christmas, Easter

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but if you have a blocked nose then you won’t be able to breath

Buy Christmas , sell Halloween trash Easter.

Uni swan, Caticorn, Uni fox

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Buy uni-swan, sell Caticorn, trash uni fox :eyes::sparkles:
Exams, homework, group projects :eyes::sparkles:

Buy group projects, sell exams, trash homework. (Selling exams so that others have to do em)

Uniwolf, wolficorn, wolverine

Buy uniwolf, sell wolficorn, trash wolverine.

Book, movie, xbox

Buy movie. Sell book trash Xbox

Paper pencil pen

Buy pen, sell paper, trash pencil

Pizza, pasta, burger

Buy pizza, sell burger trash pasta

Pillow duvet mattress

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Buy mattress, sell duvet, trash pillow

Phone, tablet, PC :eyes::sparkles:

Buy tablet, sell phone, trash PC.

Ants, cockroaches, lizards :eyes: