California suffers from wildfires

Large fires are burning near LA, and an intense heatwave and lightning have lead to rolling blackouts across the state to prevent even more fires.

  • Have you been impacted by this?
  • Did you know this was happening?
  • How can people deny climate change when stuff like this happens?



Nope, I live far from the USA and I don’t know anyone in California right now

I don’t really check the news, so I just found out

Because they’re dumb and believe in conspiracies :star_struck::star_struck:


This is so sad to hear about, so sad. I also don’t check the news and I’m not in the USA so the only way for me to find out is through social media. But the “celebrities” I follow don’t really talk about the things that are happening around us, around them and that’s quite bad.


Wait, really? lmao I literally live in California like 2 hours away from Los Angeles. I’ve heard of fires happening but it’s so common here I don’t even get fazed anymore


Doesn’t this just happen every year? Even I heard about the harsh November fires thing around two years ago. It cycles every year at the same time. Sounds like it’s a normal thing, or just the season.


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