Calling americans, you need to sign this. please its for the cats, warning EVIL

this is horrible, I am not American so I can’t sign to stop this. someone els please do it for me,

TAKE ACTION right now at - fill out the form to tell Congress to SHUT DOWN the cruel taxypayer-funded experiments on cats.


I did some quick research on this and apparently a spokesperson said “Attempts to ban VA animal research are rooted in emotion — not science.”

Anyone with a passing knowledge of scientific history should easily be able to see that this statement is horrifying. While science is good, there have to be limits on it. We have learned so much from terribly unethical studies, but torturing people and animals for the sake of science should never be justified.


This is so sad and horrendous… :sob: :sob:

I can’t sign it because I don’t like in the US, though.


This is absolutely saddening, I really despise our government.


Oh my god! This is AWFUL! Unfortunately I can’t sign this, cause I’m not American

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