Camp Half-Blood: Siren's Cry || Official Roleplay

Harmony Clare || Big House

“Well of course, the hunting goddess herself trained us.” She laughed, “it’d take years for them to even find the flag to begin with. And we can hold our own against a group of play children.”

Harmony nodded listening, “We were walking through New York, gathering supplies and all that and just sight seeing, then it just began. The destruction. We rushed to get out but…” Harmony closed her eyes a murmured a silent prayer as she recalled what happened. “A few of them didn’t make it out, so I came here, hopefully to find some others, and the rest went to fine Lady Artemis.” Harmony smiled slightly, “Well it worked right? You found me.” There were 8 girls in her group, she knew Reina had more and was probably worried about them. “Don’t worry too much, they’re immortal for the most part after all.”

“What? You don’t like it?” Harmony made a silly face, making her eyes go cross-eyed. “Perhaps, but I like the confidence it gives me. Plus, perfect for disguise, no one would take me for a killer with this pretty face.” Harmony winked slightly laughing although memories flashed through her mind. Dead bodies on the floor. Vines wrapped around them. His body on the floor, knife stabs decorated his chest. She closed her eyes once more before opening them, dispelling the thoughts and smiled slightly. “I wonder why they called everyone here.”



Holden Robé || Location

Holden let out a short laugh at her comment. Maybe he judged to soon. She actually seemed like a very fun person. Maybe mean on first sight, but Holden had a feeling she could be a kind person on a good day. Everyone had bad days to ruin their mood, he just got her at a wrong time.

Holden noticed how her tone didn’t change. He didn’t mind, she wasn’t rude or passive aggressive. She seemed interested in conversation and not wanting to get away, that’s what mattered to him. He took her observation as a compliment, it was the best way to look at it.

Holden opened his mouth at her question, but closed it right after. He found her blunt behaviour intriguing, he didn’t know many people like her. “Oh, well,” he chuckled in a friendly remark, trying to come up with a topic. “Well, how do you like it in the Aphrodite cabin, do you have a good relationship with your siblings?”

@euphoriaa - Leilani Gene

He’s actually a pretty paranoid person, he just really likes people c:


:fire: Austin Mandell :fire:

I woke up to my alarm blaring, like every morning. I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was still getting used to sleeping like this. I groaned not wanting to get up. I knew I had to head to the Big House but all I wanted to do was maybe get some breakfast then sleep until the next day. I slammed my alarm clock, but it continued to blare. I kept slamming it, balling my hand into a fist until it died off. I sat up and looked at the alarm clock. Great, the 8th alarm clock I’ve broken this week. I sighed rubbing my eyes. I stood up and grabbed the dirty orange t-shirt I haven’t bothered to wash. I put on some sweatpants and sneakers. I opened the door to gallons of rain. I sighed, this day couldn’t get any worse. Despite the pouring rain I took my time towards the Big House while everyone else ducked for cover and rushed.

I pushed open the big doors into the packed Big House. My hair was drenched but I didn’t care. I wasn’t fond of all of these new comers. Why is it Half-Blood hills business to even bring them in? I lived on the run for months, they can do it too! Well, the least I can do is talk to someone.

I spotted someone who was experiencing the walk of the shame. I mean, it was pretty obvious. I walked over to them to cause chaos because… well, why not?! It’s 7AM, perfect time to watch a mental breakdown. I sat across from them despite the assigned tables. I noticed the beer can in his hand. “Are you gonna drink that?” I asked.

@WritingAndRoses - Ace Fukuhara

:banana: Colton-Elliot Novack :banana:

She had a very firm handshake. I could’ve sworn she cracked my knuckles. My hand dropped back to my side. I shuffled them into my coat pockets. “Colton is fine. Or Elliot. Or Colton-Elliot any will do!” I noticed I was talking rather fast and… well, a lot I was talking a lot. I cleared my throat once again. I wasn’t good at this conversation business.

I thought for a second. I didn’t want to bombard her with questions, but there was a lot to ask. “So… what type of demigod are you?” I took off my glasses and wiped them with my shirt. I balanced them back on my nose and pushed them up further. I kept looking around while she spoke to see if anybody was coming out soon enough. Like one of those… horse people? They seemed like higher authority. I realized how rude I was being so I resisted the urge to look behind me, and focused on her response.

@firefly - Evita

:horse: Reuben Fletcher :horse:

I woke up to my alarm. My eyes shot open. I turned off my alarm quickly and hopped out of bed. I grabbed my glasses from my nightstand and adjusted them onto my face. I was rather excited today, don’t know where the burst of energy originated from however. I hurried up and got dressed, a gray sweater and a watch will do just find. I grabbed my favorite horse shoes because today felt like it’d be a good day.
I opened my cabin door to rain. My mood instantly changed. I sighed and turned around. I grabbed an umbrella and different horse shoes to wear. I left the cabin and opened my umbrella. As I walked towards the big house I smiled and greeted everyone I passed, hoping to brighten their days as mine was ruined. I opened the Big House doors and held it open for other campers. I walked inside and the pain of being one of the tallest people hit. I looked around to find someone I knew. I spotted Finn and walked over to him. “Morning Finn!” I said waving as I trotted over to him.

@fal.renet1398 - Finn

:dna: Audrey Williams :dna:

I woke up early for my morning run. I hopped out of bed and got dressed putting on joggers, tennis shoes, and a camp-half blood t-shirt. I opened the door to a dewy and muddy morning, terrible running weather. I sighed and closed the door. It was 6:30 so I had to wait 30 minutes for everyone else to get a move on towards the Big House. I hate being early, so I sat in my bed and read a book until 7AM struck.

Once it hit 7AM I stood up and opened the door. The rain was coming down hard so I grabbed an umbrella. I walked out of Athena cabin and opened my umbrella. It was humid with low winds. I was unaware as to what the announcement was going to be, but I was hoping it had to do with the Roman, Norse, and Egyptian demigods. They are a complete pain to have around.

I opened the big house doors. Nobody was sitting which urked me. I browsed around waiting for the cabin leaders to address what was going on. I didn’t want to be a loser so I looked around for someone who was just as lonely as I was.

I saw a boy who looked lost so I walked over to him. “Are you new here?” I asked. “I’m Audrey.” I held out my hand formally for him to shake.

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:tada: Molly Beckett :tada:

I woke up to the sound of not one, but two alarms blaring. I turned off my alarm and continued sleeping, my head buried in my pillow

“Get up, we have to head to the Big House”

I heard my brother said. “In a minute.” I said turning away from him. I was having the best dream until my alarm clock ruined it. I tried to spark the dream again like a lighter, but it wouldn’t continue.

“Come on, get up!”

My brother yelled again. I sighed until I heard his usual clapping rhythm. He’s been doing this for 16 years every time I refuse to wake up. I eyed him with anger. He left the cabin and I was left alone. I threw on jeans and an awful camp-half blood t shirt- seriously, who designed
these?! - I put a white hoodie over it and left the cabin. I rushed towards the Big House to get out of the rain.

I entered the Big House which was packed! Seriously, if there isn’t alchohol and terrible club music I don’t know why anybody bothered to even wake up. I sighed and looked around for someone I could talk to. I spotted a girl with blonde and brown hair. I walked over to her. “Hi, I’m Molly!” I said with a warm smile.

@Daunt - Arden


Samir Handal | With Eden | Outside

The rain cascaded over the hood of his raincoat, making her barely visible. Though when her voice came and replied, “We are all going to the Big House little Samir.” He recognised that voice, it was only one it could be. Finally, he had seen her here, he’d been wondering if perhaps she were avoiding him. But hope she wasn’t. Making out the blur in front of him, he smiled.
This place is not too scary, not too scary, he told his timid heart. A Cheshire grin spread across his face, realising that she was his light in the rain. The person who could make him brave, if only a little. “E-E…Eden, is that you? I just can’t see you properly through the rain and…” Samir trailed off as he threw his umbrella down and grabbed her in his arms. Lifting her off the ground and giving her a large bear hug. “I… I missed you. How are you?” He paused. Putting hr back down and picking up his umbrella again, Samir noticed nothing umbrella-shaped above her. “Are you going to where they’re all going? Do you… do you want to get under the shelter or something?”

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Dustin Mansor | with Someone | Big House Patio

“No… No, I’m not the type at all. Already soaked anyway,” Akio responded.
This only left Dustin a little confused, thinking that his friend hadn’t understood the joke. Maybe he should ask… yeah, he should ask, only if to know if Akio understood. Dustin elbowed him with a couple of good nudges, “Ya get it, eh? Ya know, ‘getting wet’ and then getting wet from the rain. I didn’t think you were wet behind the ears, mate.” He had turn his index and middle fingers on each hand to show quotation marks as he had said, ‘getting wet’.
“I’m assuming you want to go for a run after this?”
“Ya know me, I’m always up for a run,” Dustin replied. Then he beamed, a wide and toothy Cheshire grin. "I’m down to train, no matter what the weather. So as soon as they’ve said whatever it is they need to say, we should race, yeah?” He looked at the door and then back at Akio. “I just hope they finally have a fucking idea about what has been going on here.”

@Daunt - Akio


Quintella Lola Amers :dove: || Big House - Infirmary

Quintella didn’t want to wake up, her cabin was certainly different from Camp Jupiter. Instead of cohorts, they shared a cabin under their parent god, and it was quite different. The only reason she was cabin leader was because she arrived before the rest of the suckers, she knew it p-ssed them off as she was apart of the 6th cohort. She didn’t bother saying “Good Morning” to her cabin and just left the cabin as soon as she got her boots and opened up her white umbrella. Her hair had grown out overnight, she had dyed it blue early this morning but was aware she’d probably cut it short and ruin the entire look. She was pretty sure a few Venus kids threw out her clothes, leaving her in a rather frilly white, off the shoulder top paired with a set of boyfriend jeans. She marched through the puddles of water, not caring about the dirt the boots that were dirtied by the mud. She couldn’t care less, she just wanted to get it over with it. Luckily the infirmary was in the Big House, she needed another round of anti-botics.

She closed the umbrella and set it against the foor frame of the Infirmary and headed to the medicine cabinet, rumbling through it before coming up with a needle. She stared at the tiny inscriptions marking the liquid amount as she filled it with the anti-biotic and raised up her sleeve, prepared to give herself the shot which she had done so many times before. VIP perks of cystic fibrosis.



Finn Payne

I had woken up to rain which was not the most pleasant surprise but the crops did need the water so I didn’t mind all that much. I knew that I would be needed at the big house I hurried to get ready in the morning. I was trying not to let the rain get me down but it just seemed so dreary. I slipped my necklaces and bracelets on seeing as I wanted to get a little meditation in before breakfast and I would need to find a dry place to do it. I settled on the stables they were not my favorite place but it was relatively quiet and dry. When I was finished with my meditation I rushed to the Big House and began my usual morning of greeting the campers. I saw that Reuben was being bothered by his height again as he seemed to hunch over a little as he walked. I was really happy when he told me good morning. “Morning!” I replied with a big smile. “Bit dreary out isn’t it?” I asked as I leaned on one of the walls.


Arden Mae Marino
With Molly || Big House

Luckily for her, she did not have to wait too long before someone else approached her, initiating conversation immediately. Her warm and seemingly bubbly disposition was a bit off putting for Arden, but she responded nonetheless. “Nice to meet you… I’m Arden Marino. Just Arden is fine though,” she awkwardly responded, rubbing the back of her neck. This was nothing compared to some of the people she had encountered in Hotel Valhalla, right? Once she struggled through the initial tension she felt, she would be fine…
“So, Molly. Do you know why we were summoned here so early? I figure that it must be something important.” Her brow lifted as she got straight to the point. Perhaps Molly had wanted to talk about something else… Well, they could get to that after this, assuming that she did not scare the poor girl away.

@BlackBlood || Molly

Akio Moore
With Dustin || Big House Patio

His brows drew close as he stared at him briefly before the joke fully registered in his head. He was use to Dustin’s crude sense of humor at this point, so much so that he automatically assumed that any joke he made was of that nature when he did not understand it. “Ah, I, uh… I unfortunately do,” he replied, his lips rolling inwards. It was always a sad moment when he was able to understand one of his jokes-- as if Dustin were wiping away his purity. At the same time, however, it was nice to have a friend that joked with him despite their drastic difference in humor, leading to misunderstandings at times.
"I’m down to train, no matter what the weather. So as soon as they’ve said whatever it is they need to say, we should race, yeah?”
“Race? I mean… if you’re ready to get beat rather harshly, then sure,” he answered, allowing a small, arrogant smile to form on his face. It was not often that he made a joke like that, but he felt more comfortable around Dustin than he did most other people. He then continued in response to the last part of what he had said, “Anyway… I wonder why they called us here as well. Seems a bit peculiar.”
As he spoke, his eyes scanned the area. By now, a good of the total demigods had arrived, but not all of them. Was this so important that everyone needed to be here all at once? Was this to prevent gossip or misunderstandings? Well, they would find out soon anyway.

@CrazyCaliope || Dustin


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Evita Laberi || Big House

Colton hid his hands in his pockets. Evita never liked doing that, it blocked movement. She had big pockets, but they were never for her hands. He did fidget a lot with his hands, maybe he just didn’t want for his hands to stay still. That, Evita understood.

“Okay, Colton,” she replied. She decided to go with Colton, there was no controversy in pronunciation. and easier to remember. Colton cleared his throat again. At first, it was fine, but now it became kind of annoying. Evita wasn’t impressed.

He started asking questions and Evita had mixed feelings about it. She liked that they moved on from stuttering, yet was afraid how questions were going to develop. He seemed like a curious person. Her expression didn’t change at all, hiding the moment of panic inside. “I’m Roman,” she told him. “Daughter of Bellona.” She noticed how he kept looking around, it was annoying but she didn’t take it personally. She’d done the same thing. “I’m guessing you’re not Greek,” she pointed out.

@BlackBlood - Colton-Elliot Novack

She’s kinda loosing interest ://


Dustin Mansor | with Someone | Big House Patio

“Ah, I, uh… I unfortunately do,” Akio replied.
“Unfortunately? When will you realise that a joke a good thing, and a dirty joke is even more beneficial for the growth of a mind being well-moulded into a fine specimen on adolescence turned young adult.” Though Dustin sounded confident in the words he said, they honestly were utter nonsense. He thought that he was being incredibly smart, while everyone else possibly wouldn’t have a clue what he was on about.
“Race? I mean… if you’re ready to get beat rather harshly, then sure,” he answered, allowing a small, arrogant smile to form on his face.
“Ha,” Dustin burst out laughing, which quickly turned into a smirk. “Yes, please. You get the whip and I’ll just bend over.” He laughed some more. “But seriously, mate, you won’t be able to beat me. Not this time. I will wipe the floor with you.”
“Anyway… I wonder why they called us here as well. Seems a bit peculiar.”
Dustin rested his hands atop the low patio railings, leaning back on it. The rain could now reach him, it began pelting his already wet hoodie that clung to his back. “Probably to settle the colony of campers with probing questions. Tell us of a prophecy is coming and then give us some historical sonnet. What have you been thinking it could be?”

@Daunt - Akio


Kayin Amaechi

with Venedict Moumiè, at the Big House

Kayin woke up in an uncomfortable position, half his torso falling off the bed. He wasn’t used to beds. He normally slept on the floor in someone else’s room after talking their ear off into the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, he had yet to figure out who at camp would or would not kill him for showing up in their cabin unannounced. He still managed to stay up much later than he should have, though, instead spending the night complaining to himself about not having any siblings as he raided his own cabin trying to find anything of interest. He had thrown most of his clothes across the room at some point in his endeavours, so he decided against dressing, cursing himself very vocally and stepping into the harsh rain. His pyjamas would brighten the place up a little, and he would be comfortable, at least.

He quickly realised he was not the only one who had taken a while to get ready, joining the stream of late-comers and almost immediately being knocked over by someone he couldn’t identify.

Managing to catch himself before he hit the ground, he got two nice fistfuls of mud. “Thanks, man. Just what I needed on this beautiful morning,” he responded, on autopilot. Shooting his attacker a somewhat apologetic look, he scrambled to his feet. “Sorry, it’s a reflex. Just naturally a bitch.” He extended a hand, “I’m Kayin, and you’re… not used to rain?” Kayin pulled his hand in, a little taken aback as he eyed the cloud above his head, confused. He shrugged it off pretty quickly, deciding he didn’t care. He took his moment of hesitation as a chance to wipe his hand clean on his trousers. “Okay, sure. Whatever.” He ignored the brown stain he had left on the side of his leg, offering his, now clean, hand. “I’m fine, I’m not the one who decided today was a good day to try mud-diving. That was pretty impressive, though. You alright?”



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Eden| With Samir Handal| Outside

There was this little seed of uncertainty that he had forgotten her or he disliked her because of abruptly leaving his life with not so much as a goodbye or a note. Before she could let it germinate he took her in his arm and everything felt right. All she could do to his question was nod her head whilst still trying to stop the tears. “I missed you too. I’m fine… In a manner of speaking,” she said while giving him a hug of his own. She was so happy that it felt as if the world had dissolved and it was only the two of them. She remembered how the world used to dissolve when it was just her and her father and how she longed to see him again. She was pulled back to reality when Samir asked a question. “I was going to the Big Hall with them but if you don’t want to go in just yet we can find somewhere to sit and have a nice little chat. How does that sound?” she asked sceptically, quite unsure of what his response would be. What if he just wanted to say hi and then go spend time with his other friends? Maybe the age difference is too much and we no longer have anything in common? she asked herself.

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Ace Fukuhara || Big House

Ace started to feel a little bit more pumped, there was some more energy in him. Still, it wasn’t enough, and even though he wished for no one to talk to him, a boy with pale skin and ginger hair appeared. Ace cursed silently to himself. The guy nodded over to his beer can and asked if he was going to drink it. Ace rolled his eyes, and gave the guy a light smile. “Nah man, I’m going to inhale it. There’s a difference.”

Ace popped the can open and downed it in a minute. “This would be my–” Ace thought to himself.
“–sixth one this morning. I think it’s obvious I’m trying to get plastered.” He grinned widely, as he felt the alcohol bubbling up in him. “The name is Ace, and get used to seeing some form of alcohol in my hand. I’m nevah gonna be sober!” Ace let out a laugh, as he was feeling tipsy now.

@BlackBlood - Austin


:dove:Leilani Gene:dove:

“And the boy laughs, what a surprise.” She looked at him and it seemed like he was seeing right through her. The fact that he laughed showed that she could atleast make a joke in a serious situation. He seemed accepting, but she left it alone. She took a good look around the big house before deciding that she was hungry, hungry for something specific.

She saw his mouth move before a small chuckle came out, Let’s see if he can keep a conversation. With that, she observed his behavior and noticed that the way he talked suggested he was being friendly, or how he was trying to switch to another topic showed that he was interested. All little things that she noticed in that short span of time. “No, I haven’t talked to them yet, but the thought of having siblings, makes me somewhat happy, and with the cabin thing, it’s okay. Nothing major, what about your cabin?”

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:lion:Aurelio Price:lion:

Once again he found himself oversleeping, he tried to relax himself and here’s the effect. But eventually, it was the rain that woke him up, and with the announcement spreading around camp, he made sure he woke up this time. He roughly made it to the big house around in half a hour, he grabbed his umbrella and put it by the doorway as he took a look around. He couldn’t deny that this camp didn’t look fun, but he also didn’t want to admit it. So he kept his thoughts to himself and looked for camp counselors.

It was a few minutes before he saw a girl come in, he didn’t see her around his cabin, actually nowhere near the Egyptian’s Cabins. She either had to be a Greek, Roman or Norse demigod, but from the way she came in, it was pretty obvious she was a Greek Demigod. He wasn’t surprised that she approached him, he looked at her with a slight smile and nodded. “Nice to meet you, Audrey. I’m Aurelio.” He said while shaking her hand. “I’m guessing you’re a Greek god?”

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Reina smirked. “Damn right, even the kids of Jupiter wouldn’t stand a chance. They train demigods so weakly these days, but at least they aren’t as spoilt as they used to be.” Reina coughed “herecules.” And then coughed again, laughing. He was such a spoiled brat…

Reina frowned, thinking hard. “Wait, if you were only collecting supplies, does it count as a battle? Because if it doesn’t then… You’re hunters could still be alive.” Reina murmered the last part, her thoughts racing. If what had happened in NYC didn’t count… then her hunters could still be alive. The very thought made her spirits lift ever so slightly as she felt an emotion she hadn’t felt for too long- hope.

“I preffer mud face paint. Much cheaper too. I don’t like not being able to see your natural face… what are you hiding, sister dearest?”



Harmony Clare || Big House

Harmony snorted slightly, “Jupiter’s and Zeus’s kids are all talk no act.” Harmony laughed slightly at her dig at Hercules. “A thief, a murderer, and straight up annoying.” Harmony was much younger than Reina, Reina was about 2,080 years old and Harmony was just 30 years old. But she had met Hercules, especially seeing as he was a god now, she mostly saw him in his Greek form, Heracles. “All demigods have been spoiled straight since the 20th century with all their fancy gadgets, they forgot how to use their head and grit.”

Harmony shrugged as she bit her lip slightly, “Many things could be counted as a battle. A battle against nature, an unknown force, you never really know.” Harmony smiled at Reina’s next comment, “Yes…that’s what I’m hoping.” It was a hope Harmony clinged onto before she saw Reina again, hoping she’d be reunited with her sister’s in arms.

Harmony laughed before shaking her head, “Can’t a girl enjoy her vanity for once? Nothing, I’m only enjoying myself, besides it keeps my mind occupied from other things.”



Emma Lockwood/ heading to the big house via the beach

Emma was feeling unsure of her surroundings. So much has changed in the last week or so. Her roman camp was in ruins, She missed the close knit family she had at her camp. Sure, she likes to cause trouble now and again. Right now all she wanted to do was look at the ocean like she would do back at the Roman camp. Maybe she would find someone to help her play a few tricks at the beach. She quickly rushed to get some clothes on. She saw a bunch of people heading towards the big house, it didn’t put her off her goal of heading to the beach even if she was late to whatever was going on at the big house. Emma saw a guy sat on the beach who looked just as homesick as her. She approached the guy carefully from the left, she didn’t want to startle them into attacking her.

@CrazyCaliope - Jamal

Ray Blackwood / Big house

Everyone was asked to go to the Big House this morning. Ray wasn’t sure why. Maybe it had something to do with the new arrivals at camp. Bryan was already at the big house, he could have woken her up before he went. Ray threw on whatever clothes she could find even if they were Bryan’s. Thankfully she managed to find something to wear before raiding her brother’s closet. Ray wasn’t the neatest of people. She really needed to put her clothes away. Her walk was uneventful. It seemed crowded once she was inside.She felt a little uneasy being near this many people all at once. Maybe she would be fine if she found someone to talk to or Bryan, whichever came first.




Reina rolled her eyes. Demigods got camps, the best training at hand, all these fancy gadgets and yet still they complained of an occasional monster attack. It was almost like they had forgotten how to fight, it took a few dozen to defeat a small group of monsters, in her days as a demigod it would take 1 or 2.

“Yes, but we can stay hopeful.” Reina replied with a faint smile as they walked inside the big house and followed the crowd to a large room, packed with demigods and other creatures, and people were still arriving.

“Yeah, I suppose it can do that. When I get bored I practise my English, or another of the 13 tongues I speak.” Reina boasted, accidentally using auld English words in her talk. She was fluent in English, but it was a hard language to keep track of, it changed so frequently.



Harmony Clare || Big House

“Yes, but we can stay hopeful.”

Harmony nodded smiling, “Of course.” She followed Reina into the Big House, which was, well, Big. Demigods, Creatures, they all were stuffed into the area and there were much more to come. In the least, she could say it was crowded, with children of over 3 pantheons in the area. She didn’t like how crowded it was, she wasn’t exactly claustrophic but she likes her personal space. “So many demigods. Wow.” Harmony breathed, her ears twitched slightly, her senses were too heightened for a place. They were modified for a hunt, not a crowd of unruly children.

“Old language again Reina,” Harmony pointed out and laughed slightly. She didn’t blame Reina though, she’s been through so much time and changes not to mention English was already a hard language. “We could speak in latin if you’d prefer…Spero autem protinus illic 'a novus venari.” I hope soon there’s a new hunt Harmony was fluent in both Greek, Russian and Latin , she didn’t know as many languages as Reina but she could hold her own. “Practice Anglice? Quam odiosis.Practice English? How boring. Harmony teased her friend.



:blossom: Blair Quentin :blossom:

At Cabin 11

The stormy weather outside didn’t really affect Blair. She had been here long enough to get used to this kind of noise. Most of it was naturally bad weather, other times it was the campers themselves messing about. She happily walked to the Big House, dressed in her usual outfit of her warm, pastel pink sweater and smokey grey jeans.
Blair had been in a particularly good mood these days. Mainly because Camp Half Blood had been gaining more and more campers every day. But it wasn’t your usual every-day greek demi-gods. There were children of the Roman, Norse, Egyptian gods as well. This meant getting to know a new person every day for Blair, and she loved the idea of it.

When she pushed open the doors of the Big House, an overwhelming wave of tension washed over her. There was the occasional chatter among the campers as usual, but…something didn’t feel right. Blair caught sight of the Ares group, she always felt a little anxious around them. Ares was the god of war, so there wasn’t much of a surprise that his kids were violent, but Blair just didn’t agree with their motives.
There was one person that stood out. Blair thought she recognized the girl, maybe she’d seen her in one of the tournaments? But there was something off, she could tell.
Blair took a quick breath, gathered up all her words, and walked over to her.

‘’ Uhh…Hey there! It’s Demi, right? Or Dimitri? ‘’ Blair hesitated, how could she forget someone’s name!? ‘’ Anyway… you looked like you needed someone to talk to, guess the Ares people aren’t enough? ‘’ She laughed lightly.
‘’ But for real now, are you alright? ‘’

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:rainbow: Zidane Alawen :rainbow:

Heimdall Cabin

Zidane groaned when he heard the call.
‘Back at the hotel, I wouldn’t have to wake up so early.’ He thought angrily, he’d been comparing the Camp to Hotel Valhalla ever since his arrival.
Even the cabin itself irritated him. The roof was too low, the walls felt too close, and he hated the plain colour of the floorboards. Even with his super-sight there wasn’t much to see. Zidane hadn’t really bothered with anything either. He hardly stepped outside of the cabin and for the last two days had only been living off whatever he could find in his bag. The only time he put effort into something was the countless number of written letters piled up on his bed which he hoped to send to the Hotel Staff.

He didn’t think he’d stay here for long, he couldn’t think of it. He was practically living in paradise, and now this!? Zidane heard rumors that Valhalla wasn’t doing any better than this place. But he couldn’t imagine that. He fell back onto the pile of papers, a dozen different scents of wood filled his nose. He could even smell the ink he used to write them all. Zidane shut his eyes tight, he didn’t want to be here. Anywhere but here!

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