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Venedict Moumiè | with Kayin Amaechi | Big House

“Not afraid of mud? Well maybe you should be,” Kayin teased, attempting to flick mud up at him. Except that Kayin miscalculated something and ended up toppling over himself. Venedict thought for a moment that he could help him and even stepped forward to try to stop, or at least slow, his fall. It didn’t work. Venedict’s wasn’t fast enough and Kayin face planted. Though he was quick to his feet again and mumbled through a facedul of mud, “Please, let’s move.” Then he turned and walked off toward the big house and Venedict had to quicken his pace to keep up. There was silence for a bit, until Kayin finally spoke up, a little awkwardly, “I know- I’m hoping- we’ve made a silent agreement, but I want to secure it. That,” he gestured to where they had been a moment ago. “…didn’t happen. We just had a normal, fulfilling conversation, and I was a delight to talk to. If anyone asks about this, just tell them… Well I don’t know, something believable.”
“N-No, I… I won’t say anything about it. No one tal-talks all that much ter… to me anyway, so I… I won’t need to make up a story.” He wasn’t sure why he wanted this so much, though maybe negative attention wasn’t the same. That’s what everyone seems to want, the world’s positive attention, nothing more and nothing less than that. He had zero faith in the human or demi-god race and what they wanted, believing that everyone was selfish.
Venedict followed him up the few stairs to the big House’s patio shelter, out of the rain. But before they entered, Venedict reached out and grabbed Kayin’s arm, “Kevin.” He was pleased that he actually remembered his name, however, felt awkward about grabbing his arm. He pulled it away and ran it over his hair, feeling the drops of water that had settled there now running down the back of his neck. “Let’s no-not go in… inside, let’s go round there?” He pointed further along the veranda.

@duck - Kayin Amaechi

Ebony | with Byleth Goldsmith | Big House

A boy walked up to her and spoke, ‘Hi. Is this your first time at Camp Half-Blood as well? Ah, my name is Byleth. It’s nice to meet you,’ She assumed the voice was male by his sound, as she didn’t look at him, not even seeing his extended hand. Ebony just flicked her hair over her shoulder and continued to watch the giggling pair on the other side of the room.
Realising the boy had no intention of leaving any time soon, Ebony locked eyes with him, narrowing hers but not breaking away, even when she hissed back an answer, “Hello. I’ve been here a couple of daysss at the sssuggestion of my mother. I am Ebony and I cannot sssay the sssame to you.” She blinked once in the pause in her speech. “Sssay, do you have any interesssting information for you to come over to me?”

@Edelgard - Byleth Goldsmith

Jamal | with Emma Lockwood | The beach

“Oh… Kay then. More like planning some fun. You seem like the type to play some tricks on people. Do you want to help me throw water on a few campers?”
“You want to play pranks on people?”, Jamal asked, a little surprised that she had said this. It was almost as if she had been read their mind when Jamal thought they were alone. “Uh, did you… Nah, nevermind.” They cleared their thought. “I was told once upon a time, that playing pranks on people was the devil’s work, or should I now say, the lord of the dead’s work. I have never met someone who, like me, think about doing such things to people.”

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Ajax Taylor

Ajax was up early that morning. It was raining heavily, and although Ajax had a fondness for storms they weren’t the best for camp. The camp wasn’t in the best state with everything going on, and every day the tension grew with the children of not only the Greek, but the Roman, Norse, and Egyptian as well. Supplies were tight, and the camp was struggling, but Ajax was doing everything he could to keep the camp running. The camp was still safer than out in the world for most of them, and they had to keep it that way. They just needed more supplies to keep going, which meant a hunt. Everyone was instructed to head to the Big House so Ajax could give the announcement. He watched as campers trickled inside from the rain before speaking up in front of them.

“Hello everyone, it we have an issue on our hands. Our resources are dwindling and we have limited supplies left, some of you know what this means…a hunt. For those of you who recently joined and have no idea what a hunt is, essentially you’ll leave the borders of Camp Half Blood, head into the forest and hunt for animals, or forage for food. So, for that, as two of our best allies, the hunters of Diana and Artemis will be leading. Reina and Harmony. They will choose 4 other companions to aid them on their hunt and and bring back supplies.”

“Next thing, it is no secret that there’s a lot going wrong in the world Right now… A few of you may know already, but we’ve just gotten news that New York has been destroyed.” Iris Mirrors flicker on showing the scene:

New York was covered in thick, dark plume of smoke, gray and suffocating it would’ve swallowed the screen if not for the 100/20 vision that Iris Mirrors came with. Citizens walks around, coughing, wearing masks, but still managing to their day to day work. It’s quiet, silent, nothing. The change came quickly, New York’s streets began to fracture and break apart, earthquakes rocking the entire city, spreading out farther, probably the entire state. Fire’s from nowhere began to spark as heavy, red, sandy winds blew in fueling the fires, the heat. Screams, it became uncontrollable, things turned to ash quickly. Citizens ran in every direction, the Iris Mirrors flipped to another side just in time to see a tidal wave, 100 feet high above New York speed towards the state. It slams into the coastline, ripping buildings and toppling infrastructures, the Iris Mirror cuts out, but not before they see a large shadow of a serpent’s tail flicking from the side. It cuts back to the city, where it is silent, but this time the silence is loud. No sign of anyone around as red sand blows throughout the city and eerie laugh fills the sound system, yet you could not describe the laughter. It was everything, yet nothing, together yet apart, insanity and sanity all rolled into one. It was pure chaos.

“If it wasn’t clear already, we have a war coming on our hands.” Ajax paused, “There are some things that have to be done and if you could take a look at the task list on your way out (Check the NPC mission slides) you’ll see some of the things that have to be looked into. So please do. Keep an eye out and stay on guard. Everyone’s excused, but cabin leaders stay behind.”



Abedabun "Abigail" Tlalli | With Anatolio Rhysleigh | Big House

Abigail saw the frown on Anatolio’s face when he asked her, “Why are you upset? Did someone hurt you or something?”
She lit up when she realised that that must mean he did care about her. Wiping under her eye again, to make sure that her smile could be seen, she then shook her head. “No, not really,” Abigail told him, stepping forward. Her voice got a little more childish. “It’s just that you walk passed me and I thought you were ignoring more.” Lifting her hand up to his stomach, because that’s the level that was comfortable for her to reach, she held her index finger like pen. Begining to trace a half-circle on his stomach to represent a frown, then she traced a second one but upsidedown this time. “This is your face right now and this is what you should be doing.”
“That’s good, glad you were able to sleep, it’s been a few hard days. Yeah, I nearly didn’t leave the bed this morning though.” He laughed slightly.
Abigail continued to doodle on his stomach to keep her attention focused on the conversation, and energetically replied, “I’ve been here for about Six. Whole. Days. And it’s not like Valhalla but it’s okay. Just really wet. Yuck.” She drew a raindrop followed by a rainbow. “I’m really, really, really happy that you did wake up. I am.”
“Ahh, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but think of how pretty the fields will look after the refreshing rain.” Anatolio looked up at his umbrella in surprise. “Of course, this house looks all rickety and old inside, it must have some leaks somewhere. It’s better to be prepared. Well then, shall we go inside?”
“What’s a beholder?”, she asked, stopping her tracing to step back and look at him as he looked at his umbrella. “Yes, please, let’s go inside… together.” She nodded.

@melancholy - Anatolio Rhysleigh


Eden| With Samir |Outside

Just seeing him grinning from ear to ear was just like the sweetness of honey and knowing that I caused him to be grinning so broadly, it warms my heart. Just looking at him makes me want to forget all the bad and heart wrenching things that has happened over the course of two years. “Well I knew I loved your Grammy for a reason. She’s always right,” she said with Chesire cat grin on her face “and no I’m not crying.”

His little gesture of sharing his umbrella was cute but now he’s going to get half drenched. “I didn’t think you’d enjoy it. Egypt barely gets any rain but I for one love it,” she said pushing the umbrella down for him. “So should we go inside or do you have a place in mind we can go to?” she asked happily. This was the happiest she has felt in a long time.

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Holden Robé || Big House

His laugh surely faded, not of disapointment. Perhaps he judged the girl too quickly. He didn’t quite understand her sense of humour, but she was kind. And who was he too judge anyway?

He nodded at her words. “Having sibling is really nice,” he assured her. The thought reminded of his sister, he missed her. Vanya was a great sister, he loved her, but he still missed Erica. He hadn’t seen her in a while. “As far as I know, there are a lot of Aphrodite kids. You certainly won’t be lonely.”

Holden’s cabin was very big for two people. He didn’t have enough stuff to fill all of it, neither did Vanya. They were simple people, they didn’t need much stuff. Aphrodite’s kids, however, very much did - with some exceptions. They often complained about it. “My cabin’s more than big enough,” he told her. “There’s more than enough space for me and my half sister, Vanya. We have a great relationship so sharing is really easy.”

Holden gazed up to Ajax. The announcement didn’t surprise him, everything was a mess for the camps, so it was logical it was outside, too. He nodded when it ended, and turned to Leilani. “I’m one of the cabin readers so I’m gonna have to stay, you?”

@euphoriaa - Leilani Gene
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Evita Laberi || Big House

“Anubis,” she repeated. She wasn’t a quick learner, she only knew what she needed to in order to survive. So far Egyptian gods weren’t a part of it. She knew a few of their names, but that was it. “What’s he the god of?”

She frowned her eyebrows, the fact he almost didn’t remember his parent was odd. Extremely odd. Was Anubis god of forgetting or something like that? “How come? That’s a hard thing to forget, it’s your whole being.”

She didn’t really listen to the announcement, she already predicted it. She crossed her arms and started swinging on her heels, The Zeus guy could say all of that in just one sentence. “Well, I’m a cabin leader,” she told Colton. “I gotta stay behind.”

@BlackBlood - Colton-Elliot Novack

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Dustin Mansor | with Akio Moore | Big House Patio

Akio sighed. “I like the sound of all of that, but… I guess I just wish it could be without any casualties. Not to be a downer, but I could not imagine there being a battle with zero casualties.” He huffed, “Don’t get me wrong, though. I would love to fight some monsters or something. I suppose I just can not help but be worried about those that are not particularly strong fighters.” After a brief moment of quiet, he then replied, “Oh? I’m sure you would love that, huh?”
“Casualties are just part of the win. To win some, you lose some, my mum used to say,” Dustin replied. He had never actually understood the meaning of this saying until now. At least what it meant in this context, and this thought made him smile at how proud he’d be making his mother. “Hey, we would lose people, even strong fighters, wars and battles always do. That’s what makes them so… egregious.” Dustin had heard this word before when talking about war and was sure it meant greatness and power, which is why he was using in this conversation. “It’s what makes heroes to remember.”
Laughing slightly first, Akio then replied, “Oh? I’m sure you would love that, huh?”
“You know I would. Any time, just say the word and I’ll show you.” Dustin winked, waited for a few seconds before turning toward the rain, where he chuckled, just for his mate to think he was joking again. Someone started talking inside and Dustin’s ears became alert to what the voice was saying.

@Daunt - Akio Moore - You can have them go inside if you want, or stay here and listen, up to you. (wink)

Remington "Remy" Walsh | with Erik Falkenburg | Big House

Noticing Erik slink backwards from him, made Remy feel rather guilty and that he’d been too harsh on him. “I’m sorry, Erik, I hadn’t meant to snap at you like that, that was very… uncool of me. You won’t hold it against me, eh?” As Remy apologised, he placed the handle of his umbrella over his arm and started talking with his hands. Something he had been told that he when he was nervous, upset, or even angry; mainly those really raw emotions.
“Well a heart attack would have been quite entertaining actually, jokes, no. Just tryin’ to put a little fun in the morning, nothing better than a good 'ol scare right?”
“Yeah, it’s just a scare, no harm really,” Remy agreed, nodding. “I just overreacted a bit. Probably should’ve thought before reacting. It was… yeah, sorry again.”
“I got sleep, average amount. Everything is good besides the impending danger of this camp. I would hit that bet up to twenty quid if I could also throw in Thor, Bast, The Morrigan, and Mars for the aggressors. Anywho, I was also gonna ask about the leader squad you were trying to create, you know, with all the older kids. Have any other candidates yet?”
Remy snorted when the bet was upped again, then quickly covered his mouth with his hand in embarrassment for making such a noise. “I would say that that twenty was yours if Dustin was behind it, he seems the type,” Remy suggested from behind his hand. “But I think Akio is keeping him in check there, so probably not him.” Lowing his hand, Remy thought a second. “Haven’t noticed too many, though Reina is definitely leader material, except for the one obvious problem for us… she’s a hunter.”
Ajax then started talking and Remy whirled around to face him, giving sideways glances to Erik to see what he thought. It wasn’t 'til it was all over that Remy asked in a hushed tone, “Wasn’t this just telling us how bad we already knew it was?”

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Samir Handal | With Eden | Outside

“Well I knew I loved your Grammy for a reason. She’s always right,” she said with Chesire cat grin on her face. “And no I’m not crying.”
“Good.” He beamed. “Grams loved you too. You always made her bestest grandson happy and she loves when I’m happy. That makes her happy, so I’m happy, which makes me twice as happy.” He laughed at the silly truth of it.
“I didn’t think you’d enjoy it. Egypt barely gets any rain but I for one love it,” she said pushing the umbrella down for him. “So should we go inside or do you have a place in mind we can go to?”
“No, this much rain is far too much. I need the sun back. Why do you love rain? It’s so wet and makes things look depressing.” He looked ahead at the big house then down at her hand beside him. He could just make it out next to his sizable body and grabbed her hand. “C’mon, like old times.” Then he ran toward the big house, with the umbrella in one hand and her hand in the other.

@Yomama - Eden whether you all Samir to pull her or not, you can say they arrive for Ajax’s speech in you want…



Reina scoffed but stopped pacing. She hated wasting time like this, it made her agitated. So much so that it sometimes became hard for her to think clearly. This was why she liked hunting so much- there was no waiting. You spent the whole time moving, always on the lookout for danger and prey alike.

The room hushed until eventually no one was seaking anymore and Reina stood a bit straighter as a young demigod- he looked 17 or so- stepped up onto a platform and started to finally give the announcment. She listened carefully, but most of it was nothing she didn’t already know. We have an issue on our hands, yeah no sh!t, she thought to herself, wondering just how dumb you would have to be to not have realised that by now.

Reina began tuning him out, but her ears pricked when she heard the word hunt, like a dog when a plate of food was placed on the floor. When she heard her name being announced as one of the leaders she smiled to herself. She had expected it, after all no one could hunt better than the hunters, obviously.

They will choose 4 other companions. Reina frowned at this. She didn’t know anyone at this camp, how was she supposed to pick? She couldn’t choose Harmony because she had her own hunt to lead. Reina sighed, thinking I guess it’s time to start scouring the talent…

She moved away from the door so that other demigods could leave, seeing as she had to stay nehind because she was the leader of Diana’s cabin.


Only approach if you want to go on the hunt


Eden Irevette| With Samir Handal| Inside the Big house

“Well if your twice as happy then that makes me a quadruple times happier than you because I love seeing your Grammy happy and you happy because it makes me all mushy and full smiles,” she exclaimed happily, letting the truth of her words hit her square in her heart. Yes, their happiness makes me because they cares about me when I left. They had hope while my father, my flesh and blood was always broody when he visited. All fake smiles and happiness. “No, this much rain is far too much. I need the sun back. Why do you love rain? It’s so wet and makes things look depressing.”
“A story for another time little Samir,” she said jubilantly. Before she could even ask any questions about how the last two years had been, he took hold of her hand and they were running towards the Big house. She was sure they looked like kids but then she realised they were still children or Samir was still a child. She was forced to grow up faster than she had expected due to circumstances.
As they stepped through the doors of the big house, Eden could make out someone was making an announcement. She turned to pay rapt attention to him and then sighed at the video that was playing. She already understood how dire everything was. This was the calmest of everything. How did she know? She lived through it. After the announcement was over all the Cabin leaders were to stay back. Eden pulled Samir out of the way so other demi-gods could leave. “Samir I need to stay back and find out what they want to talk to us Cabin leaders about so you might have to leave unless you tell me you are a cabin leader,” she said a little glumly.

@CrazyCaliope - Samir


Akio Moore
With Dustin || Big House Patio

For a moment, Akio thought that this would have been the most insightful thing Dustin had ever sad to him. He kind of ruined it towards the end, admittedly, but he figured that he probably meant the exact opposite of ‘egregious’. If not, then, well… he was a little concerned. Yet the thought was still there and still somehow managed to somewhat comforting. Emphasis on ‘somewhat’. If anything, it made him feel a bit better and, unbeknownst to Dustin, lightened the mood a tad bit. At least, it did for Akio. There was something about the misuse of various words that put him at ease.
There was a smile on his face now, and it even remained when Dustin replied with a seemingly joking attitude, “You know I would. Any time, just say the word and I’ll show you.” Quiet laughter followed the statement as Akio mumbled, “I know, Dustin.” At the sound of a familiar voice speaking, he moved to lean in the door frame, yawning softly. He listened up until the moment Iris Mirrors flickered on to reveal the state of New York. The state of the state of New York, to clarify. With a dumbfounded expression, he turned his head to quietly say, “Dustin…? Are you seeing this?” However, he kept his eyes on the image, soon turning his head back to reduce the strain. By the time it was over, Akio had no idea what to say. It was one things to hear the news, but another thing to actually see what had happened. His mind was momentarily blank as he tried to process it all, moving away from the door frame.
Yet he didn’t stray to far. He stayed close enough that he would be able to hear when Ajax called for them. For whatever reason, each cabin leader was suppose to stay behind.

@CrazyCaliope || Dustin
@Littlefeets || Ajax (mentioned)


Ace Fukuhara || Big House

“I’m gonna guess you drank your entire stash and wasn’t because of cabin checks?” Austin said this to Ace, and it stumped him. Did he drink the entire stash? Even if he was drunk now, Ace did remember being plastered the day before, but nothing much after that. “I actually don’t know if I did,” Ace offered back to Austin with a sheepish smile. Austin went on to give Ace some advice about drinking. He couldn’t help but chuckle at some of his remarks.

The more Austin talked, the more interested Ace was in the conversation. It took his mind off of things whenever he talked to people anyways. Ace watched Austin toss the can. “So is drinking like… a sport or something for you?” He frowned for a moment, but then smiled.

If it was a sport, he’d win at it for sure, but drinking was different for him, but Austin didn’t need to know that, now did he? I must not be drunk enough to be thinking about things like this. Ace internally sighed. “It’s not a sport…more like a hobby?” Ace tilted his head and smiled. “Yeah, I do it because I want to, nothing more, nothing less.” Ace waited for Austin to respond, but some guy explained a lot of things about New York and hunting. He mentioned a war after a mirror showed the demigods the remains of New York. After hearing war, Ace physically shuddered and winced. Yep. I’m definitely not drunk enough. Even the word war was enough to get him stirring, he hated the mention of something that would probably get tons of people killed, including himself. The guy on the stage motioned for the cabin leaders to stay while the rest of the campers left. Ace glanced towards Austin, feeling embarrassed. Austin probably saw Ace’s reaction, and that sucked. He gave Austin a little wave and smiled to lighten the mood.

@BlackBlood - Austin


:lion:Aurelio Price:lion:

“Trust…is that’s where this is coming from? We’re all here for the same reasons, and possibly because of the same threats. If there is something coming, we won’t exceed if we’re all stuck on trust.” He stuck his hands in his pockets and took a few minutes to think about why she was saying this. I never asked how long she was here, if I can get it out of here, maybe this would be resolved. Still he couldn’t get it out of his head that she was confident in her words, he eventually brushed it off.

He saw her chuckle, seeing that she had a sense of humor made things a little bit easier. “I heard there was one around? But, don’t take my word for it, I don’t know this place well but every place has some type of rumors going around…” He trailed off his last sentence, since the announcement started. She seemed like she wanted the conversation to continue, so he tried his best to make it interesting. “If only I got healing magic, but I don’t know much about what abilities Athena has, could you educate me on them?”

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:dove:Leilani Gene:dove:

“Guess I spoke too soon.” She said responding to his laugh fading, she’s never been the type to be a people’s pleaser, well at least now. She was surprised at herself that she could even manage to get along with this person.

“I guess, but basically half of them are one year older than me, but, again, I don’t keep up with my cabin that much. I’m just focused on trying to keep myself alive for that matter.” She crossed her arms, and looked back outside, still pouring down. She nodded but she still didn’t agree with the siblings thing. She always felt like there would be that one person she wouldn’t like or would be annoying.

“Vanya, she seems like she’s your little sister. Kinda like you guard her. But for my cabin, I don’t really like it, and this rain doesn’t seem like it’s making sleep any better.” She ended her sentence once the announcement came on, and ignored the last few parts. All it was about was the destruction of New York, she didn’t want any details about it. “Eh, Jake is the cabin leader for mines, I guess I’ll go too?”

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:money_with_wings: Levi Brandy :money_with_wings:

“Honestly, I’d love to leave. Please, escort me out.” If Levi could leave as easily, he had to do it in fashion. However, deep down he knew even money couldn’t protect him from the dastardly beasts waiting for him. Levi never understood how everyone got frustrated with him when comparing money. Doesn’t the biggest number always win? They say if you have it, flaunt it.

“Well, I can name 70,000 people worldwide that can say I’m more valuable than you. Plus my net worth is 317 billion dollars, but I can donate about 10 if you need it?” The temperature dropped drastically to a low temperature. Levi furrowed his brow then rolled his eyes. A shiver went up his spine as he stepped away from her. Levi raised his eyebrows, surprised at her accuracy. “No, but I can hire professors from over seas to make me a master in 2 hours.”

“And you didn’t answer my question about the lin-!” Levi was cut off by Ajax and his announcement. A screen appeared showing New York at it’s finest. People screamed for their lives while engulfed in smoke. The sinister laugh at the end put him on edge. It sounded like a darker force, humans as it’s puppets. Levi sighed and grunted under his breath.

“What’s so important about New York besides fashion week? Why do we care anyway…”

@melancholy - Levi

:tada: Molly Beckett :tada:

I was glad I managed to make her laugh. Although that remark about my brother was true, she had been stone faced the whole while we talked. Being a twin wasn’t always easy growing up, especially being siblings at Camp Half-Blood. But if anything being forced to sleep in the same room drives us closer.

“Ah…” I said, nodding understanding where Arden was coming from. It was hard to conect with a sibling you never knew of until now. Even to this day, I hardly know the people that have the same father as me. Ajax was beginning his announcement so all attention was directed to him.

As I watched the example, I felt disgusted and overwhelmed. Those people were helpless and put in a terrible situation. The lives that had been lost in that single wave of water- I covered my mouth from shock as the iris message finished. Something told me this was gonna be a long year.

As the announcement finished Ajax requested all the cabin leaders. I was interested in what they were going to be discussing, but I wouldn’t be able to catch a word or glimpse without being caught. I turned to Arden who was stone faced. I sighed, “Are you a cabin leader?”

@Daunt - Arden

:banana: Colton-Elliot Novack :banana:

“Oh… I’m pretty sure death and mummies, stuff like that.” I shrugged. I was never really interested in the tale of the dead. However it always was easy for me to tell if someone was good or bad, and 99% of the time my guess was correct. Perhaps I made a connection or it’s just a hidden gift. Time will tell and it didn’t seem all impressive or useful anyways.

She really put me on the spot with the memory question. It’s like we were in an interview, my answers mattered and every answer I gave read a different way. I was getting uncomfortable and bothered by the fact I wanted to impress her so bad. Maybe I wanted to prove to her I’m reliable, or she just intimidates me?

“Well…” Before I could answer I was cut short by Ajax. An iris message played of New York. I raised my eyebrows here and there but wasn’t really affected by it. Sure it was disastrous and unusual but it wasn’t entirely shocking.

I scratched the back of my neck. I thought back to who was cabin leader and remembered I’m the only Anubis kid. “I… guess I am too.” I said seeing as I didn’t recognize anyone else in the room as a sibling.

@firefly - Evita

:fire: Austin Mandell :fire:

“I actually don’t know if I did,”

I scoffed which turned into a laugh. “Go figure.” Man, all this talking and I could use a drink myself. Ace seemed like a funny guy that was the life of the party, blinded by alcohol the second he woke up every morning. It seemed like I pushed a button with my sport question. Maybe there was more to Ace than booze and laughter. If drinking was so simple as a hobby maybe more people would be doing it.

Ajax began his announcement and the iris message of New York played. I found entertainment in watching the midget run straight into the gray fog, like a bad horror movie. I shook my head at his poor decision and exclaimed at the tide of water. “Ohh…” I said under my breath. I caught some dirty looks of other campers. I chuckled slightly- the thought of New York being the center of a vision dream board and the second they get there to be nothing but destruction was unfortunate.

The iris message flickered away and the camp leaders walked into a huddle surrounded by Ajax. I turned to Ace who had an embarrassed expression. I didn’t think much of it, but that he wasn’t as drunk as he hoped to be. I waved back and exchanged the smile he gave me. I turned around and left the Big House, walking slowly hoping he’d be able to catch up later.

@WritingAndRoses - Ace

:dna: Audrey Williams :dna:

“And neither would we exceed with a traitor among us. There’s gotta be someone here who would turn on anyone in this room for no particular reason than to wreak havoc, and my bets on Norse.” I wasn’t the gambling person unless I was sure I was right. The Norse seemed mischievous and witty, I looked around the room for anyone who looked suspicious.

There was definitely always a rumor at Camp Half-Blood. Sometimes they were disastrously wrong which lead to more trouble, and sometimes they were right. It was the draw of the stick.

I turned to Ajax as the announcement started. I furrowed my brows at the iris message. I made mental notes in my head and tried to catch every frame. Any little thing can tell us something about what’s to come, and it wasn’t something good. I rubbed my hands and smirked when Ajax spoke about the hunt. Hunting was none the less dangerous but entertaining. I was devastated when he mentioned it would be lead by the hunters of Artemis, but was I surprised? Not in the slightest.

I dodged his question because I knew it would lead to my ability… which I hadn’t discovered yet. I was always embarrassed and thought I wasn’t special like the other kids. However, I kept my head high and continued training so at least I knew how to use a sword instead of playing with fire. “You know, maybe you were right about the equality thing.” People always forget about the topic when you start complimenting them.

“I’m not a cabin leader and I’m guessing you’re not either, so we should go.” I headed for the doors.

@euphoriaa - Aurelio



“Ahahaha,” a voice rattles throughout the camp as a flicker of a shadow like serpent sorundded the camp’s borders. “So you see the destruction? You see my power…it can be yours. Swear fealty to me…it’s not too late… you want an example of what I do to my enemies? My children you’ll see…” The winds began, just like the ones in the Iris Mirror, shaking the walls of each building and house, electronics began to rise in the air, glowing, but they were only ones used for communication. They began to burn yet freeze all it once before cracking into one thousand pieces.

:snake: Isfet :red_square: :turtle:

“You are false. Your parents are false. You will suffer for it, the sickness of the false will infect you.” The voice hissed, as the message engraved itself on every wall, every mirror, even the fields from fire, destroying crops. “What have your gods done for you? Nothing. You anticipate a war?”

Fires began to spark from the fields, burning as it sweeped throughout it slowly, the rain slowed to a stop as they were instead met with sweltering heat and dry winds. “What side will you fight for children.”


As a result all children of Hermes, Mercury, Loki, Set will suffer a deep sickness and weakness.

Write your character’s reaction…each action causes a reaction. The choices and effects will come soon.


Samir Handal | With Eden | Outside

“Well if your twice as happy then that makes me a quadruple times happier than you because I love seeing your Grammy happy and you happy because it makes me all mushy and full smiles,” she exclaimed happily
He laughed loudly enough that even the rain couldn’t muffle the noise. “I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you. I knew I missed you but wasn’t quite sure how much until now.”
Just before he started to run off toward the big house, she said jubilantly, “A story for another time little Samir.” Though he was curious, he didn’t reply.
Inside the big house, Samir was able to put down his umbrella, wetting several people as he did. He didn’t let go of Eden’s hand. He should have but didn’t, the tall boy speaking made him forget to do it. The more the boy spoke and the more he showed them, the more fear grew inside Samir. Afterwards, Samir was still in shock and Eden managed to somehow pull him off the side, saying, “Samir, I need to stay back and find out what they want to talk to us Cabin leaders about so you might have to leave unless you tell me you are a cabin leader.”
“Uh, I…”, Samir started. Fear could be seen in his eyes from what he’d just seen and heard but he tried to hide it with his usual large grin and happy demeanour. He nodded. “…Yeah, I am. I’m the leader for my father’s cabin. I wish I weren’t though.”

The new voice speaking and the walls rattling, caused Samir to tremble. Fear was obvious in him now and he squeezed Eden’s hand as he clung to it. More than ever was he glad that she was standing beside him. “Th… T… Th… Thank you,” he whispered.

@Yomama - Eden

Dustin Mansor | with Akio Moore | Big House Patio

Quiet laughter followed the statement as Akio mumbled, “I know, Dustin.”
Dustin didn’t reply to this. Only did he sigh heavily, inwardly, so no one would know that he did it for real. Continuing to stare out across the strawberry fields, he strained his ears to listen to the voice that he was pretty sure he’d worked out to be Ajax. The guy was talking about how bad it was, which was nothing unuasl to them. Dustin was sure everyone already knew this by now.
Then he heard Akio quietly whisper, “Dustin…? Are you seeing this?”
This made Dustin turn and walk over to the doorway, standing just behind his mate to see what needed to be seen. It was New York that was being shown, at least what was being shown. The destructive mess that told Dustin they were at war but with whom. When all was said and done, Dustin took a minute before stepping back and stating point blankly, “Can you say we’re not at war now? Is a battle not in the near future? We just have to work out what the snake had to do with it at the end, any snake people around to decipher that?”

Everything rattles and Dustin’s reaches out for Akio’s shoulder to steady his balance as he listened to the voice. He didn’t like it. Stupid voice trying to control them and make them fear it. He was angry at this voice for having all this power and threatening them.
“You Are Fucking False,” Dustin yelled back from outside the doorway of the big house. “Don’t Come At Us with Your Fucking Threats. We Will Not Back Down To Some Weak-as Bastard! You Want A Fucking War, You Will Get A Fucking War! We Will Fight You And We Will Fucking Win!”

@Daunt - Akio Moore

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Dustin Reaction

The voice pauses before a deep rumbling laugh, it felt like pure chaos as if hearing it was splitting your dna apart, unraveling and putting it back together- misshapen, chaotic. “Dustin Mansor, I recall you. Tell me how do you like death so far? Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” The voice laughs deeply, “Here, tell me my name, and I’ll leave you a gift. Name me Dustin Mansor.”



Holden Robé || Big House

“No, no, it’s cool, you’re cool,” Holden started defending his actions. His behaviour was definitely not cool. “I’m not judging, you’re a cool person. Really.” What was he doing? He was repulsed by himself, what kind of person did that? Especially with someone they just met. “That was weird. Sorry.” He smiled awkwardly and looked down. Hopefully she didn’t think he was an awkward freak.

He nodded, she had a good point. “That’s a good plan, but don’t you think it’d make it easier if you had a good relationship with them? It’s going to be dangerous anyway, why not make it fun as well?” He sighed, looking down. “They’d always have your back, you know. If you had a good relationship they’d never let you down.” Holden didn’t really believe that. He doubted a lot of people, always. Anyone could be a liar, a traitor. But he decided it was the best to encourage Leilani on the idea.

“Well, maybe,” he shrugged. “But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s never a bad thing to have someone on your side.” Holden never thought being protective over Vanya was bad, but the way she said it, it made him doubt. Did it bother her? If it did, he really needed to change that.

“Yeah… I guess you should,” he answered. He didn’t really want her to go. She just started really investing into the conversation, she was barely the same person who gave the first rude remark.

Suddenly, everything shook, and he heard a voice. He couldn’t recognise it or from where it was coming. Weird messages formed everywhere and the mood had a big, negative shift. “Well that’s not creepy at all,” he said to himself. Holden faced Leilani, making sure she was okay. “I’m assuming you don’t, but any idea what this is?”

@euphoriaa - Leilani Gene

Evita Laberi || Big House

“Death and mummies. Huh.” Was Anubis like Pluto? The mummies made it kind of unlikely. Mummies were quite a big part of Egypt, though. Evita got that from a few of her friends. Sometimes she wondered what school was like. Would she know who Anubis was if she went to school? Everyone complained about it, but she still really wanted to go.

She nodded. He didn’t seem too sure about it, or pleased. Evita didn’t quite know how it worked but she liked the title. “You know, I didn’t forget that question,” she said with a smug face. “Still expecting an answer.”

Wind started blowing, a strange voice hissing around. Some objects exploded - she had no idea which - and a threatening voice filled the air. Evita’s adrenaline raised and a small, excited smirk drew on her face. She really needed to be a part of this.

She looked around, looking for the two huntresses. She spotted them on the other side of the room. Hunts had to involve this, somehow. “I’m gonna go pitch myself, but don’t forget about this!” she said to Colton and started walking towards Harmony and Reina. “I’m Evita, daughter of Bellona, I master sword and hand-on-hand combat, I can use a dagger and I can work with a bow. I posses telumkinesis and mild odikinesis, I have great reflexes and focus. I think I’m a great fit for this hunt.”

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@melancholy - Harmony
@MeghanWrites - Reina


Byleth Goldsmith | with Ebony | Big House

“That’s not a very nice way to talk to a fellow camper,” Byleth said, before letting out a soft sigh. “Anyway, you sound like you’re shooing away a stray cat.”

That was when the walls started rattling. At first, Byleth thought it must have been the storm worsening. But that would have been strange -the rain had let up. That was when he noticed it: the serpent-like shadow standing in the distance. He wasn’t the only one to have seen the creature, apparently; some of the older campers were pointing towards it, while many of the younger ones were already shrieking and trying to piece their phones back together.

“So you see the destruction? You see my power…it can be yours. Swear fealty to me…it’s not too late… you want an example of what I do to my enemies? My children you’ll see…”

Instinctively, Byleth turned away from Ebony completely to face the entrance. The borders of Camp Half-Blood were sealed with magic. There was little chance that the creature could get in and directly harm them. But the winds were getting dangerously strong. Just then, a gust grazed his ear, carrying words of another camper -one that was standing in the patio.

“We just have to work out what the snake had to do with it at the end, any snake people around to decipher that?”

Byleth turned to Ebony. “You’ve got an affinity with snakes, don’t you?” he managed to ask over the loud rattling sounds that filled the room. “There are people outside that might need your help.”

@CrazyCaliope - Ebony @melancholy (reaction)


:dna: Audrey Williams :dna:

The ground rumbled beneath my feet as an echoing, booming voice sounded above. Objects shattered and electronics rose. I turned and saw the confused and frightened faces. “Everyone stay calm!” I ordered. The demonic voice was chilling, enlisting fear in every camper, but it was only the beginning and knowing Camp Half-Blood things were gonna get batshit crazy and this was just the beginning.

“Bring it on, with 3 other pantheons we’re stronger than we’ve ever been before.” I bluffed. There was no doubt we had extra help, but low on supplies would 'ought to slow us down.

“If you want a war, we’ll bring you a goddamn war.” Having confidence can be a positive or negative. If I wasn’t careful, I could be the next pawn to be captured.

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Audrey’s Reaction

“You think everyone is trustworthy my dear? Oh, a camp sincerly filled with children.” You could nearly hear the serpent’s smile as he let out a crooked laughter. “Oh my, you don’t think I have friends from other places too? How insulting.” The serpent mock pouted, it’s sarcasm filling the ears of everyone around. “Ahh, yes, please bring me one, I’ve starved for millenia’s. I can’t wait for dinner time my dear- oh yes, beautiful idea I just had. How about I start with you? Maybe I can have desert first just this once, swallowing your essence.”



(:bow_and_arrow:Avita Rosemarie Macro :bow_and_arrow: // Big house // Ray blackwood)

“Avita Marco. Like the announcement that just happened?” the girl confused her. She gave off a weak peaceful presence . Could Ray be a child of Concordia or harmonia if she was greek? Was she a cabin leader? She didn’t seem like your typical child of the goddess of harmony if Avita’s thoughts were right. So New York was just the start of something big going on what this camp leader was saying. Avita began to look around for Reina. Ajax said she was here. Now Avita wasn’t alone. She wasn’t sure if any other hunters of Diana made it out of New York. “So you see the destruction? You see my power…it can be yours. Swear fealty to me…it’s not too late… you want an example of what I do to my enemies? My children you’ll see…

:snake: Isfet :red_square: :turtle:

You are false. Your parents are false.You will suffer for it, the sickness of the false will infect you. What have your gods done for you? Nothing. You anticipate a war? What side will you fight for children.” A rather ominous voice spoke to what Avita could only assume was the entire camp. Tension seemed to fill the air yet the Ray seemed outwardly unaffected by it. Meanwhile Avita even with her hunters experience was still affected by it a bit. It made her more determined to fine Reina.

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