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started by yours truly and @/glxwingangel

Rules: (please read)

  • Drama inside of the RP is a-ok, but please no drama/fighting outside of the RP (i.e. in the chats)
  • Keep in mind you will be playing as MINORS. Keep it PG-13 or take it to the PMs
  • If you want to make more than two characters, please even out the gender ratio. i.e. You can make 2 girls but you can’t make 3 without making a boy too
  • Please be respectful to us and your fellow RPers
  • Try to include others. Feel free to create rivalries and all that but do not gang up on characters and exclude people from the RP
  • No extreme violence (i.e. Killing) without permission from the owner of that character

~if you violate these rules, we will have to have a chat- and depending on the severity of the situation you may be asked to leave the RP

Welcome to Camp Seafare! A summer camp for the kids of the rich and famous, filled with activities, fun, and drama! The air conditioned dorms and gourmet meals will provide a luxurious social getaway for the summer, and not to mention the numerous pools and hot tubs open for campers. Enjoy the summer as Seafare, the perfect oasis for the summer!

You pull into the parking lot in your limo and head into the main building to check in. The porter takes your bags and you hop into a golf cart to head to your dorm suite. After unpacking and getting ready, you head down to the pool deck for a quick speech from the head counselor. << RP STARTS HERE

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I sulked down to the pool deck, pi*sed out of my mind. I can’t believe they did this… I thought angrily. My so called “parents had shipped me here without a second thought as soon as they heard about the camp. “It’s too bright…” I muttered. I knew I’d stand out because of my outfit, but I didn’t care.


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What am I even doing here, I asked myself as I headed towards the pool deck. Oh, right. My adoptive parents, Diana and Greg, pushed me to be here. I sighed audibly as I maneuvered through the other prisoners. Prisoners, that’s exactly what we are. Why else would anyone come here? I eventually found a seat that had an expensive Louis Vuitton bag resting on it. God, I can’t believe what these people spend their money on. I picked up the purse, and apathetically dropped it onto the deck. I kicked up my feet, and popped my headphones in. I guess I’ll just wait until the warden gets here.


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I made it to the pool deck, slumping into a chair across from a boy in a leather jacket. He appeared to have earbuds in, which was perfectly fine, because I wasn’t talking. I also put in earbuds, leaning back.
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Not having my music on max, I could here the other inmates gossiping.

Boy in red polo: “Look at that kid over there. What is he wearing?”
Boy in blue polo: “Garbage, apparently.”
Boy in green polo: “Do you think he’s one of the workers’ sons?”
Boy in red polo: “I doubt it. Even the the workers have some sense of style!”

They laugh.

I yanked out my headphones and planted my feet firmly on the deck. I haven’t even been here for an hour, and I’m already being treated like a second-class citizen?! As I clenched my fists and stood up, I noticed the girl on the chair directly across from me. She stuck out like a sore thumb. She was dressed in complete black, and I got a sense that she didn’t want to be here either. I stared at her for another second, before remembering about the tools I was going to confront. Dammit, they’re gone. I stuffed my headphones into my pocket, and left to find the bathroom.


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I felt eyes boring into me, and moved slightly to glance at the boy in the leather jacket who was staring at me. I glared, closing my eyes. They weren’t worth it. Just another person to bully me.

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Colette got off her limo and dusted her dress. She headed to the main building and checked in. She offered to take the stairs instead of the golf cart.‘At least, I got some exercise!’ she thought as she reached her dorm. She unlocked the door and headed inside to see a simple, not-too-fancy white dorm. It had all the required necessities, though she had imagined it to be a huge, extravagant room. But, it was within her satisfaction. After unpacking her bags, she headed to the pool deck where she was supposed to be for a quick speech. She walked towards one of the chairs and sat down, waiting for the head counselor. She looked around and saw a girl dressed in all black and a guy. Both were wearing headphones and listening to music.

As she waited, she had a few boys making fun about the guy she saw earlier. Though she was competitive, she couldn’t tolerate people making fun about others. She had experienced it. Well, not exactly, but her mother did. She hated those kind of people. She stood up and went towards them to give a piece of her mind. “Hey, I just heard you insult a guy.” she started. “I mean, why can’t people just mind their own business?! What is your problem? Let that guy wear whatever he wants. It’s not like your outfits are any better. You won’t even stand a chance while competing with other models, and here you are, having the audacity to judge someone.” she crossed her arms and glared at them. They looked at each others’ faces and ran away from Colette. She waited for a moment before walking towards the guy.

“Hey,” she reached out her hand. “I’m Colette.”



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Elliot was out of his car, walking towards the main building. He hops into the golf cart which takes him to his dorm. Apparently, he’ll be sharing his room with Akio Héxié. He opened the door and found himself in a minimalist room with two beds. ‘Not my style, but cool.’ he thought, keeping his bag next to the bed. He adjusts his hoodie before heading downstairs to the pool deck. He leaned on the wall and took out his phone to play video-games. He ignored whatever was happening around him and wished to not be approached by someone.





I continued listening to music, eyes closed.
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Dawson, along with his sister, Cora gets off the limo. “It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out with each other.” he walks towards the building and checks in. “We gotta meet at the pool deck after unpacking.” he read from his phone. “So… I’ll see you there.” he waved at her and went to his dorm. He unpacked his stuff and got to the pool deck. He saw a girl with dark, black hair and cool grey eyes, listening to music. Dawson decided to talk to her while waiting for Cora. He walked towards her and lightly tapped on her shoulder. “Hi!” he flashed his brightest smile and waved confidently.


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ORP: Tap her on the shoulder. Her eyes are closed and she can’t hear him :joy: @Peppermints

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ORP: Oh, haha. Changed it.

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I twitched, feeling someone tap me on the shoulder. My eyes snapped open and I stared at him, pulling out and ear bud. “What.” I muttered. It was a tan boy wearing preppy clothes. He was flashing me a confident smile that almost made me want to slap him.
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After signing in the campers and socializing with a few parents, I made my way over to the pool to welcome all the campers. I had been a counselor for several years before, but I was slightly nervous being the new head counselor. I made my way to a platform in the middle of the pool and grabbed my microphone.

Helloooo Seafarers!” I say into the microphone, trying to get at least a little bit of excitement out of them. My eyes wander through the crowd as I talk, taking in each and every one of this years campers.

“Who is ready for an awesome summer? I know I am. But I just need to go over a few things first. I am Daniel Brooks, your head counselor for the summer.” I turn and gesture to a line of counselors behind me. “And these are all of your awesome counselors for the summer.” I continue to name each counselor and their area of expertise, then continue on with my speech.

“I want us all to have a fun, safe, summer here, so be sure to stay on the camp grounds, listen to your counselors, and come to us if there are any problems.” I continue going through all of the usual safety information that no one really cares about but I have to say anyways.

“So that just about wraps everything up. For today you can all unpack, wander around the camp grounds, and get to know each other. We will have a welcome party tonight at 9:00, so be ready!”

I turn off my mic, and turn around to go back inside to sort out a few last minute details for tonight’s party.


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ORP: So the welcome party will start 2020-07-20T19:00:00Z ~ since each day in the RP is 2 days real time. If you have any questions, just tag me in the chat



This was my first year being a counsellor at a camp. When I was younger I used to spend most of my summers in different camps. It was an amazing experience and it’s a massive upgrade now being a counsellor myself.
I followed the head counsellor over to the pool that was absolutely breathtaking. The camps that I used to visit didn’t have so much fancy stuff but I mean it’s a special camp, right?

I lined up behind Mr Brooks next to the other counsellors that were present.

“Who is ready for an awesome summer? I know I am. But I just need to go over a few things first. I am Daniel Brooks, your head counselor for the summer.”

I kept on a natural smile while he welcomed every single one of the campers. I looked around the crowd and they all looked unique and different in their own way.
I focused back on what Mr Brooks was saying.

“And these are all of your awesome counselors for the summer.”

I looked at each of the counsellors as he introduced them. I already met them previously while we were planning everything.
I smiled and waved when he introduced me to the campers,
After he went through the single safety rules he announced the party that was going to take place tonight. I was kinda looking forward to that.

@Kat Daniel Brooks - Mentioned

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Location: Pool
I glanced up from my phone which was blasting rap music in my airpods, and saw that we were stopped by the main building of camp. I grabbed my backpack and went around to the trunk to see that a porter was taking my bags onto a cart.

“Thank you, do you need any help with those?” I ask, thinking about how heavy Valentina’s bags must be. The porter shook his head and smiled, so I walked up to the front desk to sign in.

Our parents couldn’t drop us off since dad was in LA shooting another movie and mom was in Milan for a photoshoot. So, I decided to call them and let them know we arrived safely.

After signing in and getting our dorm assignments, another counselor came to us in a golf cart to drop us off at our dorms. Val was dropped off first, then the woman drove me to my dorm. I walked in to see that my bags were already there, and the room was empty. So, I decided to quickly unpack my stuff, not really folding it or putting it away neatly.

After unpacking I made my way out to the pool area where the other campers were gathered. I listened as the head counselor made his welcome speech with all sorts of safety information and all that, which I really wasn’t planning on following too much. He then announced that there would be a welcome party, which I was hoping I could get out of. After Mr. Brooks was done, I turned to a boy next to me and introduced myself.

“Hey, I’m Alex.” I say with a smile.

@Peppermints ~ Dawson


Location: Pool

I opened my window and looked around as we came through the grand gates to camp. Alex was on his phone, completely oblivious as to where we were, which didn’t surprise me all too much. I quickly sent a text to my best friend telling her I got there safely, then continued to look out the window and admire the beautiful scenery surrounding the camp.

I got out of our limo while taking my phone and putting it in my purse. I pulled out a pair of designer sunglasses and put them on, handing a 20 dollar bill to the porter and saying thank you with a big smile.

I turn back to see Alex just getting out of the car and decide to wait for him before going inside to check in.

After getting sorted, I checked the dorm lists to see if I knew who I was rooming with. Milana Aroma. I smiled happily, since I have heard good things about her. Plus, I love her mom’s perfumes.

I was dropped off at my dorm in a golf cart and waved goodbye to Alex. I went inside and neatly laid out my pink white and gold bedding, then took out my folding clothing rack to hang my clothes on. I then neatly set out all of my makeup and perfumes, which took up almost the entire top of my dresser.

After taking nearly an hour to unpack, I went out to the pool to socialize a bit. I came in about midway through the head counselor’s speech and sat down on one of the tanning chairs.

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Temperature: 87°F / 31°C

North winds are blowing at 13 to 18 mph. with gusts of 30 mph.


“I said ‘Hi’” he repeated, as the girl removed one of her earbuds. “Well, the speech’s starting,” he said and turned towards the head counselor, Daniel. He listened carefully to not get into any sort of trouble, but was kinda bored and took out his phone. He started texting his friends who he met while shooting one of his dad’s movies. When no one responded, Dawson put his phone back in his pocket and listened to speech. Apparently, there was going to be a welcome party at 9:00pm. He had kinda expected it, cause would there seriously not be any parties at a camp for rich and influential kids? That would be weird, then.

After the looooong speech, he turned back to the girl, but was approached by a guy with tan skin and light brown curls. “Hey,” Dawson smiled back at him. “I’m Dawson.” he introduced himself.

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I acknowledged the boy with a nod, reluctantly removing my ear buds to listen to the counselor talking. I sighed when I heard him mention a party. Great…I hate parties. I bet the music is going to be more of that “popular” crap. I thought.

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Serena had always wanted to teach kids fitness and she got around to teaching kids in kindergarten. The thing was that she never taught teenagers. She taught adults at a fitness class and she didn’t have to worry about disciplining anyone so it was fun for her. When she heard about this camp she jumped on the opportunity without thinking about how hard it might be. She stood in a line behind all of the other counselors as Daniel made a speech. He was the head counselor and he certainly had enough charisma and friendliness as he addressed the crowd. Then he talked about the party, which she was excited about, but hoped that she wouldn’t have to party with a bunch of kids and the counselors would have their own section.

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