Campfire, writhing build program

So I just downloaded a writer program called campfire which help build the story. I trying the free 10 day version. I will update with opinions. please feel free to do it too

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What did you end up thinking of it? :eyes:

Has anyone else tried it?

I never heard of it and I’m not really sure if I’m willing to pay for it :thinking: Has anyone else tried the free 10 day version? @Writers


I’ve seen programs like that before, but this actually looks really neat :open_mouth: I use zimwiki, personally, for the ease of cross-referencing between different pages. This sounds much more organised, though!

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Hey @line123462, what’s this programme like? Is it still available?

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yes, but I didnt get to use it that much, I don’t even remember how it worked

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Oh, are you thinking about starting to use it again?

nope. I have always been bad at note taken.

Oh. Damn. Fair enough then