Can Episode Please Stop It With The Mafia Stories?!

Literally, every other story on the trending page is a mafia story. Do people not realize how bad the mafia actually is and how bad it is to romanticize it or is that just me?

Oh yeah and literally every story involves a romance between the mafia leader and some girl.


Seriously tho, one of the main reasons I stop reading episode stories. :woman_facepalming:


I’m literally reading the mafia stories for laughs. NONE of them actually show the horrors behind it! And one story even made this jealous LI and the LI LITERALLY KILLED THIS GUY WHO LOOKED AT HER WRONG. My mindset went to: That guy has a family. He has a mother, father (maybe just a mother, two dads or something idk) maybe even kids and a wife. He has friends and people that care about him. How can you just rip someone’s life away like that from people that love him just because he said something degrading or looked at her weird? I understand how looking or speaking of a woman in a weird or degrading way is 100% wrong, but they’re people! You can’t just kill them because of that. And the girl just was like, “Omg you’re so jealous it’s so hot!” ughadslfkjaslkjflkjar


Like, I understand. People want to make these fictional stories to have bada** characters, but like you could make a completely fictional world, make the rules to this world, then make a group of fictional villains- not the mafia kind or anything like that and have the mc of this made up world fall in love with the leader of one of them. I still wouldn’t call that good but at least it’s not basing it of the real life mafia - something that is so disgusting and terrifying aspect of life that affects actual people!


Exactly, the trope is dead, I’m sick of seeing Mafia stories. Like, I’m sorry that I get digusted when my Episode character falls in love with a murderer.

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It has gotten old.
I use to read stories that were Romanizing things just as bad as the mafia.
I’m sure if I read more mafia stories, i’d want mafia leaders to kidnap me and love me OMG-

I actually did enjoy a mafia story on love struck it was so misleading

And I did have a crush on the characters OH NO

These stories give off a bad influence because I actually wanted this uh :flushed:


I think I had a crush on the hitman and the lawyer :woman_facepalming:t3:


Also what is problematic about a lot of these stories is that the women are always being “saved” by the dominant mafia leader dude. I think this trope and why people like it and maybe how it started was because of that. But there are some stories that I’ve read that are like, “I know I’m the leader of the mafia but I don’t kill people unless they’re at the wrong place at the wrong time” and the women are powerful - but tf that doesn’t excuse anything? Like you’re still a murderer! PEOPLE AREN’T ACCESSORIES THAT YOU CAN JUST TAKE AWAY WHEN YOU WISH OR WHEN THEY’RE AT THE WRONG PLACE. All murder is wrong…
Like it’s fine to write a story in my opinion where a fictional villain kills a bunch of people… that’s fine. But I draw the line when you take something absolutely devasting from real life and turn it into a trope. It’s disgusting.


I think people start writing on Episode with mafia stories. They want to get reads fast and get on trending as quick as possible. All mafia stories go the same way. MC has no money and either an abusive boyfriend or no one ever touches her, LI is a brooding, hot guy, who all the ladies want. They meet, he becomes possessive, kills anyone that looks at her, and so on.

Most of the mafia stories I have read have no actual plot other than: kill, be angry, break-up, and have s*x. Yet, they always get on trending.

The trope is problematic, and people who write mafia stories don’t get how harmful the trope actually is.

It isn’t cute. Killing people isn’t cute. Don’t romanticize the mafia. Nothing about it is cute or romantic.


Yeah it seriously needs to stop. It’s repetitive and really toxic to romanticize killing and abusing. It’s not sexy nor charming.


I’m so sick of those types of stories. Why so many of them? Where did this obsession with the mafia come from? I’ve never had any interest in those stories, so I don’t really get the hype. Besides, they glorify toxic relationships and behaviors.

I’ve never read Chain Reaction, so I don’t understand why so many girls are obsessed with the LI. I’ve seen a few screenshots on Instagram, and all he ever does in those screenshots is talk to the girl in a degrading way, and curse at her. He doesn’t use any other adjectives except for ‘effing’.