Can I get some book recomadations

So I have gotten audible some time ago. but I dont know what to buy. usually what I buy of books has always been whatever is on sale. and well with audible abandonment, everything cost the same. and I don’t know what to get.

I like star wars and have now listened to 3 star wars books. and I wanna listen to something els. but I just don’t know what.

I like fantasy, and have mostly read teen fantasy, but would rather it be adult fantasy, but doesn’t matter if it market to teens or even kids as long as its good.

some books I have read. Fallen, the house of night, Harry Potter, game of thrones, Coraline. hex hall. black dagger brotherhood. hunger games

things I like in books, it doesn’t have to fit everything. as long as its good it doesn’t matter that its not really a thing full of what I like, just a few of them

  1. fantasy world, I dont really like stories taken place in our world.

  2. stories with enemy to lovers, dont care if the big bad guy or just the guy she on the same team with but they hate each other.

3 been short. like not have too many sequels. lately, I read many trilogies who got a 4 book there sucked. and I am so tired of having to collect too many books,

4 no chosen one, this is properly hard but I like stories where they decide themself they wanna help not one kinda of power who made you the chosen one.

5, magical creators, and I don’t mean elves and fairy, but orcs, dragons, and many others not that human creators

  1. not to many love interest, actually only one would be amazing,

7 and continue, unleash its 2 on my list, I would like no romance at all, or that its is a very little part of the story

8 again unleash its number 2, a healthy romance, that means no creepy abusive stalker crap.

  1. good written characters, espically the female ones, there dont need to be saved by a man or dont have a brain

  2. adults, I dont wanna read more stories about kids/teens saving the world, leave the kids alone.

  3. new. I write myself many books I have read is ten years old. I need to read some new stuff to know what is in and trending in books.

This book fits almost all of the above, and I highly recommend it: Carry on by Rainbow Rowell. It’s a trilogy, with two of the books already published and the third on its way. It’s set in a Harry-Potter-esque world with Mages (wizards), whos magic relies on the phrases and idioms of Normals (people without magic). Simon is prophesied to be the Greatest Mage, someone who will save the entire magical world, but the catch is that he’s a terrible magician. He struggles with harnessing his immense power as well as navigating his relationship with his roommate (and vampire), Tyrannus Basilton Pitch, who is the heir of the Pitch family, a house of Mages bent on the destruction of Simon’s mentor and headmaster of Watford, the magical school he attends. Overall an incredible read, and highly recommended if you like fantasy and the enemies to lovers trope

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so a chosen one.

how come the chosen either is so perfect at evrything or absolute terrible and its pure luck he wins.

I’ll admit, his set-up is very cliche but the ending is so unexpected for a character like him that I can forgive it

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