Can you describe one of your closest friends?

Hey, @Writers! So since this week’s theme is friendship, let’s take part by describing one of your closest friends like how you would describe things in your book. Or you can do it as if it’s a poem, maybe an essay—it’s up to you, just be creative as you like! I’ll go first.

She turned her head, her smile beaming across the room and gracing us with the genuine good in her—something I rarely see these days. At first glance, she would look so fragile, so easily swayed… and that’s true. Her kindness can be taken advantage of, and I’m sure malicious hearts will definitely like that. I’ve got something to tell you, though—a cover is not the book.


He just sat there, shying away from public view, hiding his true nature from all but a few people’s souls. His face was one that shone with the knowledge that, should you put yourself out there, his life story would be yours in moments. Maybe there was darkness lurking in the depths of his mind; darkness that maybe only I could see. But brightness shone everywhere else, a joyous laughter or carefree eyeroll. Maybe some of these were fake, but it did not matter to me. We understood each other. We understand the darkness in ways that none other ever will. And so, together, we can shine with an artificial light that outglares everyone else’s; the outcasts of society, but at home wherever we may be.

Haha here ya go lol
Yis we are v close - this is my irl best friend :]

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i hope this is decent lsjndbchfd i’m not good at being poetic but one of my uni best friends makes me feel very poetic

Everything about her is warm. Even on the coldest days.

Even on the days it hails and she’s shivering, holding onto an empty coffee cup in hopes some of its remaining warmth will seep through her hands. Even then, her presence is like a cozy fire, warm and inviting, safe despite the strength fire has. It makes me lend her my coat, it is not fair that she gives me warmth while i cannot protect her from the cold. She’d try to refuse the coat, claim she doesn’t want me to be cold. That warms me up inside in a way no clothes could, i don’t need my coat when i’m around her. I don’t mention that last part, but i insist she takes it anyway. I smile to myself when she puts it on, it’s too big on her. It’s surprising how such a small person can hold an entire universe made of love and stories, of endless musings about the world and the things that one would not bother thinking about. All within the small body that’s practically drowning in my coat. She smiles and goes on, talking about a book i have not read. Maybe i should read it, it sounds interesting. But then again, everything is interesting when she talks about it. It’s not the book that i really want to read, it’s the story in her head. I want to know everything that goes on in her brain. I imagine her brain to be like a sunny garden, always blooming with new life, full of colour and the plants she seems to love so much. Imagining it feels warm too.

Sometimes i think i’ll combust if i get to close. But i haven’t yet, and she knows me better than i know myself. It continues to be warm, all without making me burn in any way somehow. Even when we’re cuddling on someone else’s floor at one in the morning, cozied under a pink fluffy blanket, singing along to our favourite songs. It’s warm, maybe a little too warm under the blanket, but i have never felt more at peace. I’m not scared to burn; despite how different we seem to be on the outside, she’s the one i can truly be myself with. Her warm wraps around me, and yet, i do not burn. She accepts me instead, and allows me to exist next to her. I hope she feels the same way. I hope she’s allowing herself to be authentic around me. But even when she breaks down in tears, even when she can’t be happy and bright all the time, it feels like it’s me who is benefitting from our friendship when i wrap my arms around her to comfort her, when i offer her my house if she ever needs a place to crash- it’s still warm in those moments: she teaches me about new perspectives, about embracing one’s feelings, about what makes human relationships so important. And about love. Not romantic love, but love nonetheless.

I hope to have taught her about love too.


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