Can you find a pattern in your stories' titles? (Do you create your own patterns?)

My titles are these:
Daughter of the Blue Dragon (Published but still being updated)
Back In Time: A Forlorn Romance
A Mystical Beginning (Published but being revamped)
Souls: Seeing the Unseen

To be honest, I don’t see a pattern in my titles. I created most of them on my own. The only exceptions are A Mystical Beginning and Back In Time: A Forlorn Romance. The AMB is a co-written story where both me and @Amet.the.Hunter13 came up with. I used the randomizer on the in the book titles section. For the BITAFR I put together multiple options together in order to get that title. I guess I create my own pattern. :woman_shrugging:

@Writers Can you find a pattern in your stories’ titles? (Do you create your own patterns?)


I try to mix it up but I’m sure there’s a pattern in mine too! :joy:

  • Novel: Shackles
  • Novel: Dark Bytes
  • Novel: Devil’s Triangle

Since Dark Bytes is an anthology, the chapter names correspond to different short stories:

  • Not Living Not Dead
  • Lethal Waltz
  • meta:Morph
  • No Unturned Rock
  • Hand Me Your Life
  • The Fourth Menace
  • The Self-Aware
  • Who Are You Really?
  • Xezbeth

I use alliteration or rhyming for most.

  • Hexes and Exes
  • When Death Dances on Rainbows
  • Whirlwind
  • Damsels and Doppelgängers
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I don’t think mine really have a pattern, except that they’re usually 1-3 words (and no more than 2 if you exclude words like “and” or “the”). Let’s see:

Hit and Run
Maternal Instincts
Agent Cinderella
Unaccounted For

The Witness
Under Audit

So I guess my pattern is that I like short titles?

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Mine are:
Diary of a Middle School Teacher
Miss Understood
The Write Team

The last two are a play on words, so I guess that’s a pattern. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :sunflower: :sunflower: :coffee: :coffee:

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I say the pattern would be life choices, possibly?

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I believe that would be correct.

Yeah, plus writing since one is about a diary an another is about A Writing Team.

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Hmm probably not. :joy: Only Shackles and Devil’s Triangle are related to life choices, the rest vary quite a lot.

Not Living Not Dead is related to zombies, meta:Morph is connected to virtual reality, Hand Me Your Life refers to bioengineering, The Self-Aware talks about A.I, and Who Are You Really questions the evil spirit possessing a child.

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Okay, I just took a guess is all.

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It was a good guess! :wink:

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Thanks! I like your observations of your titles by the way!

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Oh thank you so much! :heart:

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You’re welcome!

I don’t have any kind of pattern in my titles that I’ve noticed. The only point where Ive noticed a pattern, is with two of the stories I published on episode, the second of the two was a sequel to the first so they had to be similar.

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Not sure.

Clue: In Cold Blood
Deadly Nightshade
Queer: Flowers Have Thorns
Reveal: Perfection

Is there a pattern??

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Flowers and Death maybe?

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They all include tragedy, death, and revenge :thinking:

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