Can you guess the song I'm playing?

Since we’re all stuck in quarantine, and I really need to shake off the rust when it comes to musical instruments, I thought this would be fun.
There’s not a point system or prize, more so just to bring some music lovers together to test their ears.

In this thread, I’ll take a few suggestions for songs and randomly choose one. Then I will play (via vocaroo) a part of that song on an instrument (most likely ukulele). Some songs will be recognizable parts, others will be a bit more difficult.

I didn’t know if anyone would like this idea but there wasn’t much place to ask, so I just did it.

Here’s song one:

it’s not the best but the riff is hard as heck


Is it Back in Black?

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Here’s another easy one


is that bad guy?

if not, it definitely sounds like that XD

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yep it is.

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haha yayyyy

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it’s hard to find new ones that arent super easy


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Gravity Falls theme! I can play it on my guitar! I love it

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@BrookieK do you still want this thread open, or should I close it?

Oh, close it please. I’m not really active enough to continue it, thank you

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Closed by OP request, PM me if you want it reopened :two_hearts: