Can you handle spicy food?

Nope, hate it, hate it a lot hahaha
I can’t even stand spicy chips like Doritos, even that’s too much for me

Yessss, I love spicy food. I’m practically used to it :eyes:

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Yes, of course! I love spicy food.
Almost all national dishes here contain at least one type of chile pepper. :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:


Spicy food is love, spicy food is life


I lovee spicy food :yum::ok_hand: :hot_pepper:

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I cannot handle spicy food. There is a lot of food that I really do enjoy (curries! All the curries!) but I cannot eat them because after a few bites they start to HURT me.

I don’t like it when my food starts to HURT me. I just wanna enjoy the deliciousness, but I can’t if my tongue can only feel burning agony with each subsequent bite.

So I stare longing at the sweet Caribbean jerk chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings instead of eating them because I know all those wings want to do is torment me. I stick to teriyaki instead.

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Awww, I understand

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I can’t handle spicy food. We always have to order our Indian food mild because otherwise it’s too spicy for me.

Although, I do like eating jalapeno cheetos.

I can handle mild, but my body can’t…if you get my drift

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Is this even a question?

I love spicy food and things that are supposed to hurt when it’s spicy, doesn’t hurt me, which makes people scared :joy:

I wish I was you

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Haha :rofl:

I hate it when people say “iTs nOt sPiCy”

Really now? Because my burning tongue says otherwise TwT


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I can however I don’t like spicy food. Idk how this happens but I can’t really taste the spicy? Like the food would be pretty spicy but after 3 bites or so I taste absolutely nothing haha

Maybe the spice numbs your tastebuds

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I like spicy food because it adds flavour to the food and yummm
Still, I do have a limit and some spice is too much for me

Apparently black pepper is spicy (???) but I think it’s just flavouring :woman_shrugging:t5: I mean a dish without black pepper is … I can’t even imagine lmao

I do like spicy food but I think I do have my limits

And so does my stomach :joy:

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sigh There’s my problem.

y e s