Can you make a good Murder Mystery RP/SG? How?

So Murder Mystery RP/SGs have been done for a long time now, and it’s become progressively hard to make one that’s different to the rest. How do you think a good Murder Mystery RP/SG could be done? Is there even a way to do it well anymore, or is it too overdone?

I do have a few plans/ideas for a Murder Mystery RP/SG in the far… far… future, so I would definitely make use of any answers anyone gives!


Watch some true crime videos on youtube. :eyes:

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Get inspired by real life, think what sets your RP or SG or RP-SG apart from other crime mystery ones. Make ideas that is both fresh and interesting?

Also, maybe you can actually start with the conflict.

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I don’t think it’s overdone, at least not in our RP community. As we have very few mystery RPs and SGs on here. So to be overdone we would need more. … As for how to create one, an initial idea is a good place to start, followed by a lot of planning. Not just the murderer(s) and victim(s) have to be planned out, but every single clue and their order of discovery too.

What are your thoughts on this, @AtlantisRP, @AtTheHazbinHotel, & @AytoGang?


Keep things a mystery. Don’t give them hits too easy but give them in different layers. Don’t give hints that are too obvious or else the mystery is too easily solved.

You should also consider that sometimes even after they find out the main mystery, you have a second one ready

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I’d loooooove to see some murder mystery RPs or SGs. I think you don’t see them that often because its something that you know has to have a lot of work going into it. Its hard to have that fully planned out well, especially knowing that the RP or SG may not even succeed. It can be a daunting task, but I’d still love to see more attempts.

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