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Can you remember what you did each year on your birthday?

NOOOOOO. I can’t. My birthdays were always such fever dreams and then I can’t seem to remember, I don’t know why.

If you remember, why do you? Do they have specific traditions that happen?

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Maybe not every year, but I’m pretty sure if I sit and write down each year, I can probably remember most of them.

Not really, honestly

No. I don’t remember what I did yesterday… I passionately hate birthdays so that just adds to me forgetting

Yes, because for most years of my childhood, I did the same thing each year for my birthday, a family dinner.

@Discussions Do you remember what you did each year on your birthday?

Yeah. Cuz almost all time it was the same
Cutting cake with family and giving out chocolates to friends
Only one year was diffrerent when i held a party and had my neighbours come over

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I did actually



got locked in the bathroom for 3 years in a row


I just recently fell in love with my birthday. Usually I avoided guests and felt sad when I was alone.

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I used to dress up as Elsa for my birthday when I was little…tehe