Candy Crush Tutorial

Candy Crush

Yes, it is a tutorial for the iconic Match-3 Game, the one and only Candy Crush.
This tutorial is based on the Candy Crush Saga, the original, not all the other ones made after like Soda and Friends and all that.

I’m on level 567, which isn’t that much compared to some other avid Candy Crush players, but is far enough along that I figured I could make a tutorial on it. If you ever need a tutorial, for whatever reason, well, this is the thread to go! :wink:

Basic Premise

Essentially, you have to match the same coloured candies with each other to complete different tasks. The main one will be to get a certain amount of point, but often you’ll have to clear the chocolate, clear the jelly, clear all the bombs, or collect all orders, but I’ll be going more into that later.


If you’re going to play Candy Crush, you need to know what matches you can make. Of course, you can do the basic three in a row match, but the bigger ones will give you special power ups you can use.

Match 4
Matching 4 in either a horizontal or vertical line will produce a striped candy. Striped candies clear all the candies in either the row or column they’re in.

Striped candies that have vertical stripes on them clear vertical lines in the game and striped candies with horizontal stripes clear horizontal lines in the game. If you swipe a candy down or up into a horizontal match, you will get a striped candy with its stripes going up and down. If you swipe a candy left or right into a vertical match, you will get a striped candy with its stripe going left and right.

Matching striped candies with each other will clear the row and the column that they’re in.

Match T or L
Matching candies in the formation of a T or an L will produce a wrapped candy. Wrapped candies produce two small explosions around themselves. The first one is right after the candy is matched, and the second is right after the first explosion.

T Formation

L Formation

All striped candies, no matter the colour, react in the same way. Matching two striped candies together will produce two explosions that are similar to the original ones, except much larger.

Match 6
Matching six candies in a row will produce a cookie bomb. Cookie bombs can be matched with any candy of any colour or power. When a cookie bomb is matched with a candy, it clears all the candies of that colour on the board. For example, if you match a cookie bomb with a blue candy, all the blue candies on the board will be cleared, which includes striped, wrapped and normal candies.

Matching a cookie bomb with another cookie bomb will clear the entire board!

There are other matches you can make if you play different versions of candy crush, but I’m focused on the original right now, so I won’t get into those.

Powerful Combinations

You can also match different powered candies with each other to supercharge their powers. I’ve included what happens if you match the same powered candies with each other in the exploration of different matches, but what would happen if you were to match, say, a wrapped candy and a striped candy? A very delicious explosion, if you will. :wink:

Wrapped Candies + Striped Candies
If you have a wrapped candy and a striped candy beside each other, you can match them together. This clears the row and column that the candy was in, as well as two extra columns on both sides of the original column and two extra rows on both sides of the original row.


Cookie Bomb + Striped Candy
Let’s say you matched a cookie bomb with a blue striped candy. When that happens, all the blue coloured candies on the board will become blue striped candies, the stripes facing in different directions. Then, all the blue striped candies will activate and a bunch of columns and rows will be cleared.

Cookie bombs with striped candies are rarer than wrapped with striped candies are, so I couldn’t find a picture of them immediately in my gameplay, but I will add them if I come across it.

Cookie Bomb + Wrapped Candy

Let’s say you matched a cookie bomb with an orange wrapped candy. When that happens, all the orange coloured candies on the board will become orange wrapped candies. Each candy will then explode, which usually clears the board from the sheer number of explosions happening. The candies will fall to the bottom of the board, waiting for the last candy to have its first explosion before they have their second.


I mentioned this briefly before, but different levels in Candy Crush have different ways to win the level. These are get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of moves, clear the chocolate, clear the jelly, clear all the bombs, collect all ingredients or collect all orders.

Get a Certain Amount of Points

These levels require you to reach a certain amount of points before you run out of moves. You can get more than this target number, of course, since it’s essentially “get as much points as you can” before your moves run out. This objective is the background for all of the other objectives, something that makes it different from the other objectives.

Clear the Chocolate
There are some levels where the sole objective is to clear all the chocolate, but I couldn’t find a cover for a level like that, which is why there is no picture.

Chocolate grows and takes over one board space each time you don’t break it. To break it, you can match candies beside the chocolate or use a special candy’s power. These levels will require you to clear all the chocolate, and that will be how you win.

Many levels utilize the “clear the chocolate” objective except it usually isn’t the main objective of the level. Chocolate and chocolate spawners may be put into any level.

Clear the Jelly

These levels require you to clear the jelly, which is similar to chocolate except it doesn’t grow, the candies are on top of the jelly, and to clear it, the matches have to be with a candy that is actually in the jelly. … So not like chocolate at all lmao

There are a lottt of these types of levels, and a level will never have jelly in them unless the objective is to clear the jelly.

Clear All the Bombs
Some levels have a main objective of just clearing the bombs. This isn’t as common, and I couldn’t find a cover for it. Bombs are items that have a set amount of moves you have to clear them from the board before they “explode” and you lose the level.

Bombs are in many levels, often levels without the main objective of clearing them. Still, in any levels that bombs are in, you have to clear them before the timer goes off, or else you lose the level and a life.

Collect All the Ingredients

Some levels require you to get some unmatchable “ingredients” to a specific location. This is called collecting the ingredients. You can move ingredients by matching things below them, moving the ingredients to make a match, or using a special candy’s ability to clear the area around the ingredient.

Ingredients will only ever be in a level if the main objective is to collect the ingredients.

Collect All Orders

A level which tells you to collect all orders will give you the amount and type of candy it wants you to collect. This is different from collecting the ingredients because in these levels you have to make matches to achieve the goal. For example, in the cover I have above, the level previews that I have to collect wrapped candies and blocks (idk what they’re actually called so we’re going with that). When I click into the level, it’ll show me exactly how many I need to collect to win the level.


Of course, there are going to be things hindering you from completing a level. There are many of them, so I won’t list them all, but I will show some of them.

This picture depicts what I’m gonna call blocks and cages. The blocks are the silver square shaped things that sometimes have pink and red swirls on them. The cages are the things which some of the candies are trapped in.

When a candy is in a cage, it cannot be moved from the location that it is in. To get it out of the cage, you need to either make a match with the candy in the cage or use a special candy’s ability to clear the cage.

The blocks have a different amount of matches you must make with them before they clear from the board. Blocks cannot be moved when they are there, they can only be cleared. In this particular level, clearing the blocks are imperative so that you can start to clear the jelly.

Different coloured blocks have a different amount of matches you need to make to clear them. The one in the center, which is completely filled with red and pink swirls takes five matches to clear. The next step down is the one with two red swirls and two pink swirls, which take three matches to clear. After that is the one with two pink swirls, which take two matches to clear. The blocks with no swirls on them can be cleared with one match.

Clearing blocks and unlocking cages can be time-consuming which is the whole point of them, to make it harder to complete the levels.


I wanted to point out bombs as an obstacle in this level, so here they are. Also, see that rainbow thing on some of the candies in this picture? These candies with the rainbow change colour each move, but they only switch between two colours. It can be tiresome to match candies if it inconveniently switches, but this obstacle is pretty easy to evade.

Some of the candies are trapped in this brown-ish coloured thing. I’m gonna call it molasses because I don’t know the name for it. Molasses is pretty easy to avoid; you make a match beside it and it melts away.

In this photo, I wanted to point out chocolate as an obstacle. You can see bombs and you can see an egg with a question mark. Technically, this could be a special candy, but I consider it more of an obstacle than anything else. I think this because you don’t know what those eggs are going to produce, and it can be something bad or it could be something good. I’m a pessimist though, so I mostly think they’re going to be something bad lmao.


In this level, I matched two eggs with a candy, and it gave me two striped candies wrapped in molasses. Whenever the eggs produce striped or wrapped candies, they are usually in molasses. This was a good gift, so perhaps eggs should go under special candies but ehhh they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Especially when they give you a bomb with four moves. left :expressionless:

In this photo, I wanted to point out the perimeter. The candies lining the perimeter of the board are on a track. If you have really good eyesight/are an avid Candy Crush player, you may be able to tell that there are arrows and see which direction they’re pointing. In this particular level, the arrows go clockwise around the board.

Every move, the candies on the track move one space clockwise. This can be convenient when a wrapped candy is one space away from a cookie bomb, but can be irritating when a wrapped candy lands directly above a cookie bomb at the end of your move and so moves past it on the start of the next move. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

For me though, these are often a nuisance.

In this photo, you can see some black squares taking up an entire row. Let’s call these blockers. They stop the ability of striped and wrapped candies. Let’s say there was a horizontal striped candy right in the middle of the row. If you matched it, it would only clear the blockers immediately beside it. Blockers prevent these candies from clearing anything beyond them. They can be easily cleared by making matches beside them, but still, it is often very annoying.

Also, take note of the spinning chocolate thingamajigs at the bottom of the screen. Those are chocolate spawners. They cannot be destroyed so you just have to deal with them. Chocolate spawners spawn chocolate. Whenever they want. Three moves later, the chocolate spawners had made chocolate:

Of course, this chocolate is easily cleared, but if you don’t get a handle on it, the chocolate can overwhelm you.

I hope this tutorial helps you better understand how Candy Crush works and yeah hehe


Hey! I know how it works but I just wanted to tell you, you’re L and T formations are switched.



Lmao anyway I just checked and they aren’t?

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Maybe I am blind and dumb-
Ignote that then.

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Nah, thanks, if it was wrong I’d have been glad that you pointed it out!

And the L sorta looks like a T so I can see where you were coming from

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This really is a good tutorial for the basics of Candy Crush. The other Candy Crush games each have their own features, but these core elements can apply to all of them.

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Let’s talk about Candy Crush.

Do you still play candy crush now?

Nope, I haven’t played in months-

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