Cemetery for dead projects and story ideas

Oh my god there are so many things that I could write about here :joy: I’ve ditched like three different episode stories after publishing them and way more normal text based stories than that which were never shared anywhere. Also, RIP to all the story ideas that I never bothered developing. They will be missed :pleading_face:

Feel free to chime in with whatever you want to recognize your own dead projects and ideas


I think I’ve had like 15 story ideas. Actually started coding 10 of them and then ditched them, and published zero. :relieved:
We’re off to a great start-


Here lie my story ideas, rp characters that I ditched, thread ideas and art ideas :star_struck:


calmly sits in cemetery doing grave rubbings



I thought this was reference for cemeteries when there’d be school projects about the dead or stories with the dead-



ANYWAY YES R.I.P. to the story ideas I ditched because I cringed :joy: I would like to dig and bring you back but I don’t think I can

Also to the ideas I forgot about. No matter what you are, please rest in peace and I greatly lament for forgetting you.


Oh god
So so many
Episode stories
Failed drawings
God so many things I can’t even keep up :joy:


Some of my dead Episode stories –

  1. Something about a mind reading girl. It was a Fantasy story. The MC was a blonde and it was the usual – she got a perfect handsome guy as LI, she had telepathic powers, it was about destroying a mythical villain, she had this cool best friend, she had to rescue a princess from her arranged marriage to a villainous dude etc. It appeared too cliche in my opinion so I left it. I had readied 5 episodes already but I still left it because I didn’t feel it that much.

  2. Then I tried out my hand in making a male MC story as it was kind of a hot topic back in the ‘we-need-more-male-MC-stories’ Episode days. It was about a British guy who worked as a USSR agent in the 1940s then left his job in a mysterious escapade and then took a job as a butler to serve a wealthy family. It felt too ‘Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne’ in my opinion so I also left that idea.

  3. Then I wanted to make another story about superheroes with the main lead being a girl (I gave the name BullyBuster as her superhero alias) after my story Microcide was published. She was bullied in her childhood a lot for being poor and being born out of wedlock. I decided not to give her any superpowers and let her be a simple human in a vigilante costume trying her best to save the people. She saved the people from ‘bullies’ who were not just bad kids from school who tease other kids but bad people in general like abusive family member, thief, murderer, psychopaths etc. This story was also orphaned because… I got busy with my exams and then inspiration just ran away :grimacing:

I might add more later on :see_no_evil:


so many stories have died as a result of this :joy:

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Well…I had this one idea, but it involved my dad being abusive, which he isn’t, he’s amazing. I didn’t want him to find it. Do you want to know more?

Added some tagsss

Please nobody steal this idea :pleading_face: I’m still debating on working on it, I’ll most likely throw it out cuz I don’t have the time to write another story, but hopefully I’ll resume this idea in the future

  • It’s about a girl who lives with BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) where she’s so insecure, she cannot go outside without makeup or even take pictures without it. She also struggles daily and avoids social events whenever she doesn’t wear makeu. She’s had this mental illness for years now, but she’s never realized it because she always thought that it was normal— and that the way she sees her insecurities is the way everyone else sees their own. She has a dream of becoming a lawyer, but her fears and doubts hinder her from reaching her full potential. What’s stopping her is the toxic relationship she’s in— but she doesn’t realize the relationship is toxic because of the lack of self respect she has for herself. She doesn’t realize that the person who loves her for herself is right in front of her, which is her best friend. Eventually, after finishing her last year of college and having a job offer so quickly, her boyfriend tries to stop her from getting the job because of his own insecurities. That’s the breaking point in which she finally breaks up with him

I never thought of an ending but that’s what I had so far

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Yes, yes, I get sooo many story ideas… ALL THE TIME… and I should totally just share them all here for people to use or whatever, if they want.

What about you, @Meekepeek? What do you think?

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