Changes to the ShanniiWrites Patreon

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that there will be changes to the Patreon!

The current tiers will stay the same, but the rewards are going to be much more focused on the Forums, rather than what I can offer in terms of proofreading and editing services!

From there, I will advertise my Ko-Fi as a chance to get those services commissioned from me directly! I can proofread and edit your stories for £2.50 per 1000 words, but that is going to be a development later on!

In addition, Patreon tiers will get you stuff on the Discord server (hopefully. I haven’t actually discussed that with the staff yet)!

Plus, I will be creating a $1 tier! It will get you a “Supporter” title on the forum.

I hope that’s ok with everyone! Especially the @Patrons :smiley:


I’m okay with that restricted section access :eyes:


Thought this needed a @Announcements



Closed due to inactivity :black_heart: