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Welcome to Changing Directions, a summer camp for people with behavioral issues

About the RP/SG

This is combination between a RP and a SG since I will let you guys decide which direction it will go. It will be a relatively short with limited people involved, I was thinking of beginning if some more people join and we have like at 10 characters in total.

It starts with a summer camp for people with behavioral problems, but trust me, some surprises are definitely coming up and things will happen you never expected to happen :eyes: I just look for people who are brave enough to get started on this without knowing what exactly will happen besides it being summer camp based :smiling_imp: I promise you it will be a fun and well organized journey!

My role in this will be camp leader as well as 1 other characters. I will be putting them up in the face claim thingy soon!

How can I join?

Face claims

Feel free to ask any questions you may have down below! :eyes::purple_heart:

Btw, thanks @Duckling for helping me out a little bit with the brainstorming!


I’ll join!

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Yeey! Take your time with doing the sign-up, it’s not going to start until 2020 anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Omg you should say it won’t start until the next decade.

Makes it sound really super exciting :sunglasses:

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Haha, that would have been even better :eyes::purple_heart::joy:

slams the reserve button

i may or may not have convinced a friend to reserve too :3

Have you decided yet when the sign ups are due? I’d like to know in advance, if possible, so I can plan ahead. ^ ~ ^


Once, you orange rectangle, you’re way too fast-

May I reserve a character~?



I’m looking through the sign ups right now, and does the summary include biography and personality? Can it be longer than 5 sentences?


@reverie and @wanderingechoes, of course both of you can reserve a character!

First question is what you want to be visible about like your characters background and/or personality, I have limited space for text on there unfortunately but I will see what I can do if you want it to be longer :wink: However there is the additional information about your characters personality where you can post everything you want and that will be in another file for people to read


Yaaay, I’m hyped! Thank you for answering! I can try to be concise, but I tend to write more than usual, so it would be appreciated if you could expand the text space in any way. U-U


I think I will be able to figure something out! And I am really happy to see you joining. Really take your time with the sign-ups, like I am planning to start somewhere in the middle of January so I think that should be time enough :eyes::purple_heart:


Signed up! I’m already excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :new_moon_with_face::cherry_blossom::lemon:

Echowecko!!! :scream_cat::wolf::revolving_hearts:

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I joined!

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Bump ump ummity

@Duckling, @MeghanWrites, @reverie and @wanderingechoes just a reminder to enter your character(s)!


@Jassy @WhiteBlossom when will this start? FYI I forgot my character :no_mouth: :cherry_blossom::two_hearts::orange_heart:

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As soon as the others did their characters. cough @Duckling, @MeghanWrites @reverie and @wanderingechoes cough
If you want I can send you what you wrote tomorrow?