Chapters Stories!

As this place is much more open than official forums and allows you to show your other original works. I thought it might be nice to make a place to post your stories from the Chapters app, if you have it.

I don’t know if many of you write on there, but if you have a story released on there, or are entering the contest, or even are writing one and would like to promote it before release, then here’s the place.

So drop either the name, genre and summary and cover pic below or a screenshot of it’s details and it’s status.
If it’s one of the contest stories just note CONTEST in your post. Let’s get more support for non episode work going too.

My own CONTEST entry has now had it’s first 3 chapters released. As the rules state, it’s a young adult romance genre.

More chapters will follow! If you choose to read it, then I hope you enjoy it.


That sounds awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out! Thanks for making this thread!


Thank you!! It’s a little slower pace starting, but will dive in more soon.
I’m eager to see yours popping up!!

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Read it and loving it so far!!!


Thankkkk yoouuuu again hehe :blush::blush::grin::grin:


If you have chapters and haven’t checked my story out yet… it’s now completed, so head on over, if you like the sound of it then… enjoy!!


It would mean a lot to me if anyone who has the Chapters app, and reads my story :grin:, could support me by giving me stars to help me progress in the competition :blush::blush:

You can find the star on the story page. See below.

Thank you!


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