Chekhov's Gun: Keeping Everything Relevant

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Chekhov’s Gun can be a vital plot device and general writing rule… if you use it properly.


Think this is used in RWBY. I could be wrong. Thou it dose seem that way.

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Does this make you feel bad because it’s a comic with the Author ?:eyes:


Yes… every time I see it, I just keep thinking… one day…

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Chekhov’s Gun is incredibly important in stories! It makes stories a lot more satisfying, and I think it also helps to solidify the world. The stories are relevant and more complete because they don’t always introduce new things and don’t waste what they do introduce. I also enjoy it because it makes it seem like everything has been preplanned to fit together, even if it hasn’t been. I think that proper use of Chekhov’s Gun can definitely improve a story.

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