Claim Your Reading Raffle Tickets Here!

Hi all!

As you might be aware from the Reading Raffle Announcement, we are going to start streaming or VCing chapters of people’s stories! To be confirmed depending on whether @ChaoticDeluge is able to use Twitch or not!

If you have tickets to spend, @Eleanor_W-15 will let you know! Please use this thread to then claim the tickets you have! Make sure to give us written permission to read and record your story!

You can check your unclaimed tickets on our special Google Doc! It’s sorted in alphabetical order for your convenience! You’re looking for the number in bold that says “Unclaimed Tickets”.

What Do You Do If You’re Using Your Tickets on Someone Else?

Please make sure we get their written permission to read and record here in the thread! Tag them to let them know! Make sure you ask their permission and we will write their name and story down!

If you would like to know the rules for the Raffle, please see The Reading Raffle thread!

If you would like to see which tickets have been claimed so far, please see the Reading Raffle Claimed Tickets thread!

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I have 6 tickets :thinking:
I guess I’ll use 2 for my story Dreams and Nightmares :see_no_evil:
and 4 for Kito by @ChaoticDeluge! :smiley_cat:

And yes, you have my permission to read and record my story :smile:


I have 9 tickets which I think I will only use 3 tickets this time around. I will use my episode story Daughter of the Blue Dragon.

@ChaoticDeluge could I use my tickets for the Voltage inc review videos?


I have one raffle ticket.
I’d like to use it for my story, No Accounting For Taste, which currently isn’t published anywhere but I am writing it in a Google doc. I can send the link when the time comes for the reading.
You have my permission to read and record my story. :sunflower: :sunflower:

I got this badge called New User of the Month. Does that qualify me for one ticket? :sweat_smile:

If actually love to do those separately! So I’d either save those tickets for now or think of something else you could use them for.

I’ve been a busy boi lately, but I do love the otome things. They have been on my mind :eyes:


Gotcha! I will think of another use then! You’re totally good! I’ve been a bit busy too.

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I definitely think it should count! @Eleanor_W-15 would you mind adding people who have the badge please? :eyes:


I shall do so!


Just checking that we have your permission? :eyes:

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Yes, you have my permission!

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I was just wondering about one thing. I know this one is a lot newer than the user of the month, but as it is set at the same time, would winners of the RPer of the month be applicable too?

That’s up to you! RP is your forte so I’ll let you decide!

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I would be keen to add this, as it would not only get more people interested in this but also more users interested in the monthly award too. (wink)


Go for it! :smiley: I trust your judgement!

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I’ll add an “RP Tickets” column @CrazyCaliope?

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Thanks. Will get onto that after I help El. (thumbs up)

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@ivanskilling you got a ticket! :wink:

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Thank you so much! :smiley: I think this raffle is a wonderful idea btw!

I give my permission to read and record my story Devil’s Triangle.
(Btw if I’m lucky enough to be chosen, how many chapters will be read? Because my chapters on Tapas are divided into multiple small episodes for the site, so reading one episode would be… really short. :joy: If it’s one episode only, I’ll choose a different story to be read.)

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We’ll decide on a case by case basis! I’d say if it’s under twenty minutes of content we’ll do multiple just to fill out the time and make it worthwhile :blush: