Cloud Cove: Bramwell's Curse. [SIGNUPS]



Welcome To Cloud Cove, A large and beautiful Island where many villagers and communities live in harmony. Whether a simple day out or a late-night tavern party- Cloud Cove has seen nothing but gleaming skies and joyful blissful…Or at least that’s what any townsfolk would say in this time and day. In reality, Cloud Cove truly is a beautiful Island just as much as it’s a pirate trap. Many swashbuckling brutish outlaws reside in Cloud Cove and have no intention of giving up on such a popular town. With years of decent peace coming to a halt with rumors of a Pirate Captain…A madwoman that’s set on finding out the cove’s life-long curse. The curse of Edmund Bramwell. Any villager who hears that vile name knows to hurry home and lock every door and window in sight. Will you survive to tell the tale or perish in the process?


Bramwell was the best pirate Cloud Cove had to offer a suave and saucy man who’d protect the cove with his life. But on the day of his celebration- He vanished after losing his crew in a large battle. Rumors began to spread that he was either dead, imprisoned, or just outright abandoned his duties. Yet merely 5 years later Bramwell returned…Except he began wreaking havoc upon cloud cove for months- No one knew why Bramwell had turned into such a relentless brute and tyrant or no one ever got the chance to truly figure out why. As he was banished from the cove and cursed to solitude on an Island for his various crimes. Now any pirate or person alike knows not to step foot onto the sandy dunes of his Island or face a death sentence in the process.

Everyone except Captain Elise “Eli” Atherton, Known best as her title suits her. Madame Madness, A skilled and savage pirate Captain who holds one of the now most powerful crews to her disposal. She’s gained as much treasure as she’s cut as many heads. Bounty Hunters a plenty have tried to end her but no one has dared to come close. Now she has taken on Cloud Cove’s biggest feat. Infiltrating Bramwell’s Island alongside her crew. Even with the slim possibility of succeeding she’d have to face off other ships and captains, Alongside Bramwell himself.


This Roleplay is based on some lore I built with a friend awhile back, Cloud Cove is the main Island in this roleplay. The Island houses many townsfolk and commoners. Whilst Bramwell’s Island is the Island of a cursed pirate captain. Typically, Anyone who sets foot on the Island is doomed to live the life of bad luck. As the lore suggests- Captain Elise will be the leading Captain to infiltrate the Island. But so will the other 3 ships. Don’t worry about over-crowding as a pirate ship can have multiple members. But these 3 ships will set sail to discover what truly happened to Bramwell and why he lives such a sorrowful life. Alongside a good fight, possible romance, and treasure. What else could go wrong!?

  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity, you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character(s) will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed but sure it’s nothing too intimate, Make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.

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Locations: TBA

NOTE: Locations are there for role-play purposes, Anything is available to work in. CLOUD COVE AND BRAMWELL’S ISLAND ARE THE ONLY ISLANDS YOUR CHARACTER CAN RESIDE ON.

Sign Ups Closed: Never, Always Open
Official Role-play Start: December 4th.

Limited Reserves:

Ship 1. (The Barbaric Bandits)

Captain: @ForeverAngel
First Mate: @edelgard
Sailing Master: @Sunflower.Flow
Gunner 1: @astralis
Gunner 2: @BlueInferno
Medic: @elixr
Cook 1: @GlitterFist
Cook 2: @astralis

Ship 2. The Rapier.

Captain: @GlitterFist
First Mate:
Sailing Master: @BlueInferno
Gunner 1: @ForeverAngel
Gunner 2: @BlackBlood
Medic: @edelgard
Cook 1: @Owertym
Cook 2:

Ship 3. Serpent’s Shadow.

Captain: @BlueInferno
First Mate: @elixr
Sailing Master:
Gunner 1: @Owertym
Gunner 2: @BlackBlood
Medic: @TheDancingFryer
Cook 1:
Cook 2:

These are first come first serve, Once these are filled you can be a crewmate for any of these ships.


Female + Male - @edelgard
Female + Male - @GlitterFist
Male - @Sunflower.Flow
Female + Male - @Owertym
Female + Male - @elixr
Female + Male - @astralis
3 Characters - @BlueInferno
Female + Female - @BlackBlood
Female - @TheDancingFryer



cloud cove


Can I reserve the first mate for your ship ? And a medic for ship 2, if that’s possible? ~


Of course! Female or Male?


Thank you ! Male for the first mate, and female for the medic : )


I’d like to be a Cook on Ship 1 and the Captain of Ship 2 (All of these ships are going to get official names some day, right?)

Oh yeah, and also Bramwell, too.



And the names are placeholders, Captain’s can name their ship.


Lit. The Cook is a male and the Captain is female.


Can I take a sailing master? The ship doesn’t matter. And, hmm… yeah, a male.

Also, welcome back @GlitterFist!


Can I reserve female first mate (ship 2)


Yes you can!

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Of course!

Reserve Male gunner 1 on ship 1, please.

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I had this idea to make him an archer. Which is laughable to the other characters in a time when guns exist but he’s so skilled that on a good day he can quick draw, aim, and fire before a man can pull the trigger. On his best day he can beat them before they even draw their gun in a duel. Is this ok?

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He can be a quickshot, That’s fine. But not before someone has the chance to fire/fight back otherwise it’s God-Modding. Always give people the opportunity to fight back and let your character lose sometimes.

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I just mean his skills are “legendary” enough for a many captains to want him on their crew. He does lose sometimes but kind of like Jack Sparrow he always has something else in mind. Of course, if she hand picked everyone on the ship they’re bound to be the best at whatever it is they do. So he won’t get as many opportunities to pull it off as he normally would. But against “normal” people he doesn’t have a problem. (Meaning people not in the Rp. Like side characters, bar patrons in his eventually intro, etc.)


So FCs can be not real people right?

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Ahh gotcha, Okay.

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Nope! Art fc’s only!


Cool I was hoping for it.

Also I will take male gunner, ship 3

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