Coca-Cola - How bad is it really?

When I was in school I used to have a friend that said Pepsi was going to give me bone cancer and that I should switch to at least Coke or Dr. Pepper.

But truth be told, there is misinformation about all these drinks as well as actual information.

So this thread is just to discuss coca-cola and how bad it really is, if you wanna talk about other brands in comparison that’s totally fine!

This article states that having too much can lead to bad blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. But remember that’s only if you have too much. It also only applies to full sugar coke.

The thing I can’t find any information about is the stuff my old friend used to say about sweetners being basically poison :thinking:

@Discussions come and discuss this beverage


from what I’ve heard it isn’t worse or better than other soda’s it has a lot of sugar in it and with the zero version, it’s a sweetener that tastes but isn’t taken in by our body do we just pee it out again.

But it does help with nausea but that’s the carbonation


HAHAHA! This made me laugh.

But seriously, you can use it to clean metal, so to be fair, we probably shouldn’t drink it really.

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It’s not that bad (unless you drink in excess amounts, then we have a problem). I heard from somewhere that Coca-Cola was used as a pesticide in the past so maybe it is harmful. Also, I watched a video that stated that a woman drank Coca-Cola only for 16 long years (no water or anything else)… and survived. So maybe it’s not that bad but everyone has different experiences with it :slight_smile:

Pepsi is my favorite but I only drink once a week. Although Pepsi is made right here in North Carolina

My dad told me that people use it to clean their bathrooms, so I guess it is pretty bad

Another thing is that coke is a diaretic meaning you won’t get hydrated or any kind of real benefit from drinking it besides the taste and some caffiene so

Maybe don’t only drink coke

It tastes nasty

I like Coca Cola but my enamel is as soft as a pillow so….no

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Coca Cola is… like… the fizzyness and the lemony taste… it’s just so yummy

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Coca Cola is anything but lemony

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No it’s anything but not lemony

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You trolling me? /srs

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The ‘/‘ part lol


What are you guys doing :pleading_face::gun:

Just a little disagreement that we smoothed over.
No biggie :heart:

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What does that mean??? Is Coca Cola lemony or what

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He’s confusing alr