Cole's Blind Date

Hey all! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. Lol how is everyone? Well, the only good thing to come out of this quarantine is that I finally finished the first three episodes of Blind Date. :woman_shrugging::grin:


Valeria- mexican& italian MC. She’s not your average ‘weak’ mc waiting for a man to fix her problems.
Noah- Mexican Eventual LI. He’s sarcastic and caring at the same time. Definitely not a white knight in shining tin foil.
Lea - Korean and white- the best friend. And unlike a lot of stories, Lea is not the ‘token’ anything. She is probably my favorite character, tbh.

It’s a little romance, relatable comedy and drama.

I wrote this story with the idea that I wanted something different. An MC that can handle her own problems and is, if anything, stubborn. She has a hard time accepting help. A best friend that isnt obsessed with food and boys and goes along with everything the MC does/says. Because it is OKAY to not agree with your friend and still be their friend. We don’t exist in a bubble and I wanted to get the point across that real friends keep you grounded to who you are- even if that means telling you how disappointed they are in what you’ve said/done… and a LI that isnt the bad boy, mafia leader vamp-werehybrid, billionaire CEO that thinks his money entitles him to any woman he wants. Noah is, despite his past and suffering, a good, respectful, and caring man- his methods might be a bit odd at times, but he cares.

So, whew, if you made it this far, I would really like to invite you all to check out my story. Thanks in advance and feel free to PM me opinions or any mistakes you see!

With Love,


I read the first chapter, and I really like it!
It’s funny how Noah pretends not to remember Valeria’s name or know Spanish but then lets her know at the last minute that he does indeed know both. I also like how you gave us a little insight into the reason why Valeria doesn’t like Noah.
Lea is a true friend… not the one who is always trying to talk the MC into doing things she doesn’t want to do.
I will definitely continue reading!

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I’m really glad you like it. With all the absolute toxic stories out there, I really wanted to write a story with positivity behind it.
Curious, in episode one - which outfit did you choose? They affect the dialogue you get from Val’s mom and Lea in the next scene.

I chose the most elegant option… always classy, never unclassy! :joy: :joy:
What happens if you choose the sweatshirt?

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Her mother starts praying “dear god give me strength before I beat this child with la chancla.” And Val runs away. And it affects the way the host reacts to you at the restaurant ( the way it does irl with snooty people)

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Update: episode 4 will be out this week

Read count:62 reads :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face:

Any updates on this? :smiley_cat:

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Sorry I havent been on much, I have 5 episodes completed :partying_face: and am working on the final episode. I had originally planned on making it 9 episodes but my rom-dramedy took a turn toward dark murder-y mystery :joy::joy::joy: so I’ve decided to take what I have written and merge it into one big finale. Then I’m going to write a murder-y mystery :joy::joy:

And read count 268

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oooh, sounds interesting! :smile_cat:

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It started to take a dark turn in my head and I started contemplating whether or not to* kill people off. :joy: so I decided to end it and write something new.

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@ColeCatalyst any new updates?

@ColeCatalyst, would you like for this topic to stay open, or should we close it?

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Maybe yes? Since they’re not active. (wink)

Closed due to inactivity