Consent in Episode Stories


More like manipulation and playing with emotions. Like psychology. Making the girl believe she wants it. I could go on. Thats my interpretation. Feel free to disagree with me anyone.


That’s what I thought. It sickens me that there are idiots that think the person (let’s be equal because guys are also victims in this situation) wants it when they clearly said no.

Consent in Episode stories is kinda non-existent. Usually, they don’t ask for consent and usually, nothing happens but that’s cuz it’s just a cliche story… always ask for consent IRL- even for a kiss!


Wait, how was nothing consensual in 50 shades? She signed a paper saying she consents.

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But even when he whipped her, he asked her permission. She said yes. Then she didn’t like it and she left and he let her. I don’t remember him ever forcing anything on her ever.

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TW: Obviously due to the nature of the blog post I’ll be discussing consent here myself and also vaguely referencing situations where authors fail to portray it properly, since this is the main forum I won’t be going into too much detail but a TW may still be necessary

Consent in general is something which needs to be dealt with better in alot of things but Episode authors are super guilty of not getting consent right. How may times have you read a story where the MC is crying or having a breakdown and the LI decides to passionately kiss her? Like, if someone is in distress we shouldn’t be giving off the message of “oh yeah if someone is panicking then give them a big ol’ kiss on the lips”.

I once read a story where something happened to a character which caused her to panic then the LI came over and hugged her, despite her constantly telling him no and it also describes him hugging tighter but he never gets called out for this, I think she shouts at him once but he continues doing similar things throughout the rest of the story.

I know it may “just be a hug” to some people but consent is consent, if a character says stop then the other character should be shown to stop, or if the character continues it shouldn’t be shown as good or “romantic”.