Constructive Criticism Thread

Honestly I’ve been wanting a thread like this on the forums but I couldn’t seem to find one. It’s very awkward and inefficient to have to go to sign-up threads to request constructive criticism on character’s biography’s and personalities. So to make it a little simpler, I made a thread for you to share your characters and receive constructive criticism to improve.

If you cannot take constructive criticism this is not the thread for you! We will be brutally honest and give our opinions, it’s your job to be able to take that honesty positively. I don’t want complaints of someone “disrespecting your writing” when they were doing what they were asked. That being said, please be respectful and acknowledge peoples feelings. Be honest but be kind and tell the other person how they can improve.
I would hate to have to flag negative posts bashing one another.

That being said, we are all fantastic writers and please remember nobody is judging you. We all are here to improve, we all are in the same boat. Please share this thread with anybody who needs constructive criticism or are roleplayers. Let’s help one another and become the best writers we can possibly be.

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can you close this thread? @ForumStaff

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Closed by OP Request :hearts:

I just don’t think we have enough active users yet. Lovely idea though!

Ahh I really like this idea too, I want to (but am also scared to) get constructive criticism. Is it going to stay closed, though?

Reason: Accidentally reopened.