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World Background

The founders of the nations were once great friends. However, an argument drove them apart. Sadly, the exact details of said argument have been to time.
So, the founders ended up going their separate ways to colonize their nations.
One created the Nation of Magic, known as Viserium.
This founder was known as Wolsin.
One created the Nation of Tech, known as Algereh.
This founder was known as Oyth.
One created the Nation of Peace, know as Illigia.
This founder was known as Aerol.
Each nation coined its name from the dragon that once inhabited them. It is unclear where these dragons have gone.

Aerol convinced them all to sign a treaty, and they even managed to switch to friendly terms.
But after four generations, the Treaty is riding on thin ice Algereh thinks they could easily wipe out Viserium, and Viserium believes they could wipe out Algereh.
Tensions between the two powerful nations are on the rise. And, to make matters worse, bandit activity and skirmishes in the wilderness are on the rise.

Note: Public technology is 1980-era mixed with Sci-Fi Most Sci-fi tech is located in the Tech kingdom though
Also, Dragons in Contravisum are different than your usual type of dragons. Firstly, there are only ten of them. Secondly, they don’t breathe fire, they breathe Arcane energy. Thirdly, they have several unknown magical powers and are the strongest known creatures to the people of Contravisum.

Magic System and Tech Overview

Firstly Contra’s Magic System

  1. No Elemental Powers (Fire, Ice, and so on are not possible)
  2. There are three types of magic, Sigil, Arcana, and Potion
  3. Magic types can mix. For example, a spell can be considered both a Sigil and Arcana spell.

Sigil Magic

Sigil magic is the most valuable type of magic because it’s very well-paying and used a lot. Sigil magic can alter an object’s properties. Sigils on living things are forbidden.

Examples of basic sigils: Sigil of Durability would grant an object heightened durability

Sigil of Heat would make an object hot to the touch

It is very profitable because it takes a long time to master one sigil.


Arcana is the most expansive and dangerous magic. It relies on condensed arcane energy, which is stored in a casting focuses. These casting focuses can be almost anything. A few individuals tap into their bodies to use as a focus. Additionally, some others use the arcane energy from fauna and flora around them. However, using arcane energy from living things is strictly forbidden since it can destroy those living fauna and flora.

Examples of Arcana can range from moving a cup a few meters to summoning a mansion.

Arcana takes a long time to learn, like sigil magic. However, unlike sigil magic, it is more versatile and is dispelled if the user is forcibly made unconscious.


Potions are great for an easy magic solution for a problem. Simple potions are easy to make as long as the individual follows the exact instructions. Higher potions, like body swap, would require a complex magic infusion to complete. Each magic infusion takes a long time to learn and is different for every high-tier potion. Lower potions only need their ingredients and the potion brewery.

Examples of lower potions are healing, speed, strength

Examples of high potions are long-lasting regeneration, Body Swap, and Accelerated Plant Growth

(You can decide what ingredients are used to make the potions that your character knows)

Tech Overview
This is a brief explanation of what tech makes sense for a character to have. Sci-fi is allowed for weapons and combat items. However, items such as cars and cell phones are still 1980, basically items that have little to do with combat.
If it’s something advanced, there has to be a reason the character has it. For example, taking the tech from Algereh’s lab or creating it themselves.
The more advanced it is, the more the character should be connected with Algereh.


Below are just general locations, if you want to make up a location I can provide basic rules/outlines in PMs

Nation of Algereh
Capital of Algereh, Zerse

The Proud Capital Zerse is an island is in the middle of the city. But, a big iron wall blocks any outside view of the city. Other than that, the capital has a black sky. However, the air down on the ground seems completely breathable and clean.
All the houses in the capital were made with metal scraps and other recycled materials. The shops have all the tech you could ever want, and the closer to the island’s center, the more advanced (and expensive) it becomes. Yet, highly sophisticated items are off-limits without explicit permission from Algereh’s government. Smoke and smog continuously bellow out of several factories and buildings. But, it seemed that all the smoke that is produced is also taken away by something as the smoke seems to tunnel into the middle of the island as if it was the eye of the storm. In the center of the capital, there is a huge metal dome that takes in the smoke. Only government employees and scientists are allowed to go in it.

Forested Mountain of Algereh

The Forested Mountain is a dangerous place full of creatures, and if rumors are to be believed, it holds some escaped experiments from Algereh. It is a great natural barrier if ever needed to protect from war. Additionally, there are several outposts stationed along the mountain with random cabins. The mountain isn’t as high as Viserium’s but is tall and treacherous enough to make it hard to climb for a first-timer.

Intertwined Ruins

The intertwined ruins are an ancient and dangerous place. Those who have traveled there and returned are lucky. However, those who have escaped its grasp often attempt to return as if drawn to it. Accounts describe several cobwebs along the entryway, and as they go further, they enter a place with black pillars spiraling around each other. The pillars seem to be glowing with green binary codes. And from there, it is said that there is a please, yet it has many conflicting descriptions. Some say it’s a paradise full of information and wonder, and others say it’s a soul-draining hellscape. Yet, both groups still always want to go back into it

Secret Lab

You’re not supposed to be here. Terminating agent activated.

Nation of Illigia
Capital of Illigia, Telrines

Illigia’s capital, Telrines. A gigantic arch towers above this prosperous city. The arch produces light, power, and magic. This arch was a gift from Viserium and Algereh finished in 200 C as a sign of peace between the three kingdoms. The town was bustling with games, gambling, pubs, theatres, and other entertainment. This capital is commonly referred to as the ‘Capital of Entertainment’ by outsiders. Telrines arch is a white living marble arch with light blue lit up lines engraved in specific patterns. Even though it’s called an arch, it only has one sturdy base, the other ends in the air and doesn’t curve down like a normal arch. The arch thins out and ends into a thin tip above the city. The arch is so massive that it covers almost all of the capital, Telrines. Anyone can go into the Telrines arch, but certain areas are off-limits, such as the tip and control center. However, after riding the elevator up, people will see all sorts of gift shops, restaurants, and so forth.

Valent Forest

The biggest Forest in Illigia has several small forest villages and various fauna and flora. Once entered, it seems never-ending, and it still has many unexplored areas to this day. Who knows what could be lurking or hiding in it.

Soul Forest

A forest where whoever is traveling in it has their soul reflected by some magical force. It shows their darkest secrets and their most hopeful dreams. Many travelers have visited this forest for many different reasons, but none have ever left unchanged.

Nation of Viserium
Capital of Viserium, Kondra

This capital is one of Magic and wonder, built on and around part of the Pegmatite Mountain. Kondrar is where one would find the King and all the Magic stuff anyone could want. Some shops need a Kondrar Pass to get access. The majority of Kondrar’s buildings are on the side of Pegmatite mountain, kept up with magical sigils and multiple supports attached to Pegmatite. The easiest way to get around in Viserium is lifts, stairs, and platforms magically power. Officials work at the mansion in which the royals live and reside. This mansion sits on top of Mt. Pegmatite and overlooks the city. Kondrar is the biggest city in Viserium as it uses its mountain and magical expertise for extra space. Kondrar is where one can find the majority of magic secrets and goodies that they could ever want.

Pegmatite Mountain

Pegmatite Mountain is a mountain of multiple peaks and multiple lows. Some mountain parts reach up to cut the sky, and others are low enough for civilizations. It has two rivers, one saltwater and the other is freshwater. The high altitudes can be deadly if ill-prepared people venture up the mountain, and occasionally even experienced climbers meet their doom. There are multiple climbing routes, from free climbing to safer options. Most people of Viserium only traverse the populated areas of the mountain.

Vis Volcano, also known as Viscano

The Volcano stands tall with its light smoke piercing the clouds. There are stairs and an elevator on the side that leads to the top. These machines still stand because of the high-tier magical sigils that protect them. At the base of the Mountain were at least a dozen or more vaults built into the ground, which had black burn marks, but were mostly intact. These bunkers are for whenever the volcano decides to make a random outburst. And the lava river flows into the water below.
The Interesting thing about Vis Volcano is the fact that it changes between two different volcano types. One day it can be a shield volcano and very calm. The next day, it can be a raging, explosive composite volcano.
Vis Volcana has magical properties but, the nation has yet to comprehend its powers. At least, that’s what they tell the public.


Forts have been in place between the main roads to the kingdoms as a stopping place for travelers

Fort PrideFolk

This fort is the only still-standing fort built as a midway for a new nation. However, since the discovery of No Man’s Land, no progress has been made. Yet, the people of this fort stay out of pride. They do not back down and protect the fort with their lives. Hence where the name fort Pridefolk came to be. They have a small community, but someone could mistake it for a fully-fledged town. It has multiple festivals to keep the fort’s spirits high. PrideFolk is the only fort not aligned with a specific nation. Completely self-efficient, this fort is a perfect example of how far pride and grit can get people.

Fort Pitfall

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Illigia and Viserium.

Fort Scrapheap

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Illigia and Algereh

Fort Beacon

The fort that marks the mid-way point for Viserium and Algereh

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A bright object sped across the sky at impossible speeds, leaving a bright streak through the sky as if something had just zipped the sky open to infinite nothingness. As it flies over the vast continent of Contravisum, a loud noise resonates throughout the continent. Along with the noise came a shock wave. Then the object seemed to fall right out of the sky, landing near no man’s land with an impact as bright as a star. This phenomenon is experienced all over the continent.

  1. If you want to make an OP character, PM me about it

  2. Normal Human Decency rules, respect each other

  3. Follow the forum rules

  4. If there is a fight, you can either decide the winner in General chat OR PMs or use the TAP system for who will win

  5. No characters who are murderers. I doubt anyone would want their character stuck in jail after all

  6. S-x is allowed, but it must be implied. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the shanniiwrites forums. Once the clothes come off, fade to black, or move to a PM to continue. You can describe intimacy such as kissing, making out, etc, but please make sure to keep it PG-13! ]

  7. Face claims are not required, and I will not be making a slide featuring face claims. You can use face claims to help with the description. But they will not be regulated by me, so it’s less of a claim and more of a face reference.

  8. Characters cannot have identical names. As soon as someone makes a character, the last name is claimed by the creator. The last name that is claimed may only be used if the person who claimed it allows it.

  9. This list might be added to if I decide it is needed

  10. If there is anything you want to check, my PMs are open

  11. Use trigger/content warnings. When talking about a sensitive topic, blur it and add a warning

  12. If you want a custom Origin, simply PM me to make sure it’s not overpowered or to ask permission for it to be overpowered

  13. I just wanted a rule 13

:construction: :bulb: :construction:

The TAP system

This system isn’t supposed to be complicated. It is simply a precaution to solve roleplay fights if neither party can decide who should win. Hopefully, it will not see much use.

Affinities and Tap- If the fight involves the character using magic and tech, you will add the magic and tech to the TAP score. If they use magic but no tech, they will only add the magic to the TAP score and vice-versa (The same goes with whatever is the custom affinity)

Power scale - This is always added to the TAP

Luck - use a randomizer to roll between 1-50, then add that number to the characters TAP score

Who wins? - The character with the higher TAP wins

John Doe: 36 (For using Tech) + 11 (For using kicking) + 0 (Didn’t use magic) + 157 + 26 (Random number) = 230
Jane Doe: 20 (For using Tech) +10 (For using scrambled eggs) + 40 (For using magic) +200 + 10 (random number) = 280

Jane Doe would be the one who wins the fight

Sign Ups

There are a few rules when signing up and how to do it
Affinities - These are just how knowledgable or skilled your character is in using a specific type of thing like Magic or Tech in combat

Origin - This can give bonuses to your character
If your origin is Algereh, you gain +15 Tech for free
if your origin is Viserium, you gain +15 Magic for free
If your origin is Illigia, you gain 7 Charisma for free

I’ll consider origin’s, and other character things in PMs or Sign-Ups (If you prefer not using PMs)
Like Born in a Volcano gives +10 fire resistance (skill) or something

Species - All fantasy species such as elves, halflings, and so on exist. You may also request to make up one

Special Skill- Basically like a superpower- just don’t make it overpowered!

Blank Sign-Up

Gender & Pronouns:

Affinity (Tech Magic and ??? should add up to 100 or less unless otherwise approved to be higher)
???(Your Choice of what they’re good within combat):

Power-scale: (0-600 if you want a higher power scale, PM me)

Skills (3-6 skills):

Special Skill (Unique to the character):



Equipment/Spells (Max 6):
Additional Information:


Name: John Doe
Species: Human

Tech: 21 (+15)
Kicking: 11
Magic: 8

Power scale: 157

Skills: Cooking 6, Cleaning 2, Stamina 5, intuition 3

Special Skill: Can eat a frying pan

Personality: Average guy Average Life so on and so on

Backstory: Average guy Average Life so on and so on

Desc (If you want to write out a description): straight short black hair, brown eyes, 5’1, has a T-shirt saying he will destroy all bowls
Equipment/Spells (Max 6): Boom Box, Minor Telekenisis Spell, Gun

List & Links

Character Slides

A map of the Contravisum!

A map of the Contravisum!

This is an old design of the map (a new one might be made soon) It was made by my friend SpaciousReality (Not on the forums so I can’t tag them but just to give proper credit)
(Also yes, I did steal number 6 from Fairy Taled)

Reserves I suppose

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It’s basically just however powerful you want/think your character is
Higher number = more powerful
You can do a random number if you don’t know how powerful you want them to be