Conversation ideas for character interaction & how to keep a conversation going

Don’t go into the conversation just further your goals.

  • Have a clear goal in mind. like make (blank) think (blank) is cool or this would help with (blank)'s issue.
  • further goals: don’t base a conversation on what you read in a bio or personality, your character doesn’t know this information. On the reverse of this, don’t just ask questions based on finding out what was mentioned in the FC either.

Don’t make a character constantly be a downer.

  • They don’t have to be a ball of sun shine all the time but people are not all down on their luck either.
  • Have a variety of topics they can talk about. Having sad topics constantly will make people not have a conversation with your character for long.
  • A way to converse is to think about your own or your friends’ conversations and how they flow naturally with people. What do they talk about?

Topics people don’t generally want to talk about in real life can be said about in an RP as well.

Characters want to talk about themselves

  • They can if you want them too., but not every character will like it.Some will want to keep things to themselves, others may want to tell you anything you ask them.
  • People can get bored of talking about themselves.
    -No one likes a busybody randomly coming up to them saying I can help.

Compliments are good up to a point.

  • A great way to show your character thinks well of others and maybe has good intentions.
  • If a character keeps giving compliments for superficial traits then the effect is lost. They will start to come off as insincere or overly obsessed.

Don’t make people guess what your character wants to talk about.

  • People aren’t mind readers. Passive signs are hard to have a conversation with like eye rolls sighs.
  • Ignoring what the other character saying isn’t helpful. It will just make people frustrated. It doesn’t anything going forward.

Have a character that is willing to learn new things or open to hearing new idea

  • They don’t have to lose all their beliefs, just be open to hearing about ways that aren’t their own.
  • Character can change and adapt to there current situation.

Feel free to add your own tips


Keeping a conversation going can be really difficult sometimes, even if both RPers are trying to keep the conversation going.

Don’t be afraid to end a conversation and make the characters go their separate ways. Sometimes letting characters talk to other characters before talking to a specific character again will really help.

Relate the conversation to the subject of the rp. If it’s a school rp, let the characters talk about their classes and their opinions on school. If it’s a romance oriented rp like AYTO, focus the conversation on getting to know the other character.

Be true to your character. Do what your character would do and that goes a long way. Even if they aren’t a very social character, being accurate with what your character would do makes the interaction natural. The more you force something, the sooner everything will get boring.


Any new ideas



Dare to ask weird or fun questions. This way you’re also challenging the other player and you keep it interesting.

Fun things that could lead to fun situations can be:
What is your happiest memorie
What is something you did as a child that still haunts you of embarrassment.
What is something you regret

In our rp with Loraine and Regan, we often had them go places that they haven’t been to yet, that would often spark up memories or something that you can turn into a conversation as well.

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How long should the conversation be?

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sometimes seeming something, no matter how small will help. I sometimes throw in some fun NPC’s into a conversation too. couch Thomas and Marc Couch. there are ways to keep a conversation going, but don’t force it, sometimes it’s just good to let a conversation end.