Coral Coast Academy Sign up!

Dear {recevier name},
If you are reading this then you have been given a chance to be part of our wonderful reopened high school, Coral Coast Academy! This school is for those who have been cast away or have hidden in the shadows all because of their special talents or even just species. We offer you and many others like you a safe and welcoming place where we implore and encourage our students to embrace their unique differences and even help our magic users better control and understand their gifts. We would love nothing more than for you to join us and better get to know you! If you would like to give us a try then be sure to mail this letter back with your signature at the bottom of the page. Have a lovely day!

Sincerely, Headmistress Holland


Character sign up form: Orignal Characters!
FaceClaims: Coming soon
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One-Liners- Now I understand that you may have your moments so maybe once you only type a line or two and I’m okay with that but you need to be able to write a whole paragraph or more per response
No Hot topics- Try not to have conversations in OOC about political or controversial things. Keep it about the RP
In Or Out- If you feel like you’d drop out before the roleplay starts then please don’t join because that could cause last-minute delays
Do Not Ghost- If you won’t be able to respond for a period of time please tell ahead of time so we can work around your absence
Original characters- You can have up to three characters and characters are allowed to be related
Acceptance- Once you create/post your character(s) If I react or reply then it’s approved. If I need to know more I’ll ask
Warning- My rps are usually fast-paced so if you cant commit it would be a good idea to wait until you can if you are ever ready
Quick tip- You can play as teachers and other members of staff if you’d like (Only two vice principals are to be accepted and one counselor)
Swearing- Cussing is allowed in this rp and if you are not okay with light profanity then It’s also a good idea to not join

~Reserved roles~

None yet


Oh, hello!

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Is this a school for supernatural beings, or just humans with powers? I’m also assuming this is near water.

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It’s actually for both and yes! The school sits a few miles from a lake that connects to an ocean

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Ah, sounds pretty! I really shouldn’t join because I have unmade characters from another Rp, but screw it.

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Hey, there! Thank you for making a roleplay, but I
recommend that you post this on our New Ideas Thread so that you’ll inform more people about this RP ^~^

I also recommend putting Sign-ups in your title so that people can quickly tell that this is a sign-up thread : D

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Thanks for the pointers!

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You’re welcome :white_heart:

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Hey there! I just wanted to see how things were going here, and see if this RP was still happening, or if you needed any help to get things rolling.

Closed due to inactivity

If you want this reopened, feel free to ask!