Corrupt A Wish 😇

Granted, but you are turned into a stone statue. :statue_of_liberty:

I want to have magic powers. :crystal_ball::dizzy:

Granted but you’ll only have them on New Years

I wish I could always be happy even through the bad

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Granted but you can only be happy thru the bad once a year!
I wish I had hot Cheetos right now

Granted but they will taste bad :eyes::sparkles:
I wish everyone in this world would be happy :eyes::sparkles:

Granted, but everyone in the world will also be happy to do evil stuff like killing and stealing. ( I don’t condone this statement :sneezing_face:.)

I wish for a box of honeybuns that taste super good.

Granted, but they’re actual rabbits covered in honey. Help yourself! The eyes are the best part…

I wish I could die right now.

Granted but you’ll reincarnate in a country with very bad living conditions and in a family that doesn’t live you :eyes::sparkles:
I wish my crush liked me back :eyes::sparkles:

Granted but he would at the same time like your mom. :new_moon::dizzy:

I wish I had telekinesis.

Granted but you’ll teleport back in the past to be able to use it
I wish these chips had a bit more salt

Granted. Welcome to Mali, Africa, home of the World’s Largest Salt mine.

I wish I was the most famous rock star in the world.

Granted, hope you enjoy being a famous star shaped rock :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:

I wish I was alive :eyes::sparkles:


Granted, but you’re alive in another dimension.
I wish summer would hurry up!

Granted, but afterward, no more summer break.
I wish to teleport to Medieval times

Granted! Now there’s no going back! Enjoy the plauge!

I wish I had a hoverboard!

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Granted, but it’ll corrupt in 24 hours :smiling_imp:
I want to be a emoji!

Granted but everytime some uses you they die the next day.

I wish for peace. :blush:

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Granted. To achive this and stop all killing and suffering all life on Earth was extinct. #Mars2.0

I wish I was healthy and full of energy again. :facepunch::sunglasses::fist:

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Granted, but you’ll lame, deaf, and have the body of an old man.

I wish I could sleep for as long as I wanted.

So basically no change. Ok, my :ear::ear: still work. :sweat_smile:

… Haven’t we already done this one? Oh well, wish granted, and now you’re homeless/jobless/expelled from school so that you don’t need to worry about waking up.

I wish I had a huge library in my house.

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