Create A Cringey Cliche

Luna wakes up in Lance’s arms. She can’t remember anything for some reason. What happened? How did she end up here? And most importantly… Who is the guy next to her?
Luna starts screaming and Lance wakes up irritated by the noise.

“What the f*ck, Luna?” He snaps.
“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” yells Luna

“What do you mean, your house?! This is my mansion!” Lance was angry now. How dare she treat him that way? He pulled out his gun and aimed at Luna who was still screaming.
“Shut up or I’ll shoot you!”, he yells.

Luna sprints to the door, runs to the coffee shop, and screams as loud as she could.

Lance mumbles some swear words, puts his gun into his pocket and runs after her. He can’t lose her now. She’s special. He has to get her back.
When Lance enters the coffee shop, the bell at the entrance door rings loudly and he can see Luna in the middle of the shop screaming for help. He sprints towards her.

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“Get AWAY!” Luna screams!
Lance presses the trigger to his gun.
A bullet hit her leg.

Or at least that’s what everyone thinks. Luna looks down at her leg and sees no blood at all. She’s confused. How is that possible? Lance takes advantage of Luna’s confusion and grabs her hand. Before Luna can say anything, he drags her out of the store and into his sports car.
“I guess the prophecy was right…” Lance says and sighs.
Luna is even more confused than before.
“How do you know about the prophecy?!”

“Because, Will told me.” He kisses Luna. She pulls back.

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“I’ve never told Will about the prophecy, stop lying!”
Lance sighs. Why do things always have to be so complicated?

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Lance lit a cigarette and offered one for Luna. She had never smoked before, and somehow managed to burn her eye.

Lance laughed at her. How could someone be so stupid and burn their eye with a cigarette?
“Hey! Stop laughing!”, Luna said with an angry voice.
Lance smirked “You’re cute when you’re angry, Luna.”

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Lance put the cigarette deep into his nose until smoke came out his butt. “That’s how you REALLY smoke a cig.” He says in a british accent even though he grew up in Alabama.

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Luna laughed awkwardly while brushing her arm like every cliche girl would.
“So where are we going?”
Luna continued brushing her arm and smiling awkwardly while she waited for his reply :eyes::sparkles:

Lance said “You know where, our favourite spot”, and he started kissing her.

After he kisses her, he grabs her hand and pulls her to his motorcycle. The two of them drive off towards the beach.

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They got off the bike once they reached the beach, however, like the quirky and relatable girl Luna was, she tripped into the arms of the hottest, most mysterious banana bad boy she had ever seen. Was this a part of the prophecy?!?

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She fainted suddenly in his arms, but no one was concerned. After all, people do that super frequently when they’re in love. The two bad boys then started fighting over her while she was passed out.

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Deep in her slumber, she heard the voice of her grandmother. They were words long forgotten; lost to time to a woman who was long dead. Was she trying to tell her something about the prophesy and this strange assortment of abilities she had? However, before she could hear the words clearly, she woke up to a room she couldn’t recognize. Had someone taken her there when she was passed out on the beach? What happened to Lance and the Banana Bad Boy?


Of course, her grandmother’s advice had made her realize that she actually had magical powers. She had never used them before, but she knew exactly how to do everything as if she had really known this whole time. However, she had to figure out where she was. Someone had trapped her in this weird dungeon