Creating good habits to help you RP

Having a specific habit can help push your character into a specific event. It can help them or chase them into a corner.

Good habits sound like they will always be useful, but sometimes a good habit can change into a bad position if it prevents your character from handling the situation the right way.

Giving a good habit can give you fun little quirks and situations during interactions with other people, or give you drama and sensation during tens moments.

And remember: Good Habits can also be bad habits and vice versa.

@RPers, I hope this will help you to understand the reason behind adding a good habit and maybe help you develop a more thought-out character.


A good habit is submitting and replying ON TIME.


Lol I think I miss-interpretated the subject. But yes that’s true. I would also say that at least have cintact with the person you are RP’ing with if you’re not abke to write for a while.

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Oh… eh, good habits are good tho.

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Trying to focus on one SG posting at a time.