Creepy Edits Request Thread (Free)

I’m doing 1 person scary edits.

My Recent Creepy Edits

The top ones are the newest.

Just leave your character deets, a theme if you have one, and a picture of you character.( A close up face pic and a far away one)

Pictures aren’t requested but they increase your chance of being chosen. This is based on if I feel inspired because it’ll make me more or less likely to do art.


I’d be willing to do 2 person edits but I sucka t males and Limelight is really a drag to draw.

I mean, I have a really good character but she isn’t on episode

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What do you mean? Like a irl person or character?

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She’s a character in a story where she is basically a zombie; she relives her death over and over again.

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Is it an Episode story? As long as you can send me the character details and a theme that isn’t hard I’m fine.

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I would like one.

I want the theme to be angel and demon, from one side of the character demon and the other angel.

Character details
Skin: tan
Brows: medium angled
Eyes: downturned natural hickory
Hair: classic bob black
Face: soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic terracota


I have a bit of an request, I suppose!

I was considering a skeleton theme, either with half my face being a skull or showing skull bits on both sides.


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