Current Affairs: Man lived in US football stadium for weeks and stole thousands in merchandise before caught

So basically, this homeless guy, Daniel Neja, “allegedly stole up to $1200 US dollars of merchandise and food while living in the luxury suite of a Tampa Bay soccer stadium for over two weeks.” This stadium is called the AI Lang Stadium and is home to the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer club. Yes, Tampa Bay, Florida, because of course it’s Florida. :joy:

He was arrested when an employee who worked in the stadium found blankets in the luxury suite.

Surveillance footage revealed that Neja had been living in the stadium since July 26 2020. In usual circumstances, this would not have happened because there would constantly be people in the stadium to watch games and the luxury suites, one of which Neja was staying in, would be cleaned regularly. But because of COVID-19, the stadium is empty and doesn’t have to be cleaned as consistently.

Neja was wearing a bunch of team merch from the merch store in the stadium when the police found him, according to the St. Petersburg police spokesperson.

So what do you think about this? In my opinion, I mean, this was a pretty smart idea, like have to give credit to him.

You can read the full story here:


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