Curse of The Demon King || {1x1 Roleplay}

Me need to find the archive, once I do, I will set the stuff here. But for now here is what I had. But @jaytastic WE BACK!



What I had saved

:compass: Talia :compass:

“Here miss, allow me to help.” The prince jumped and Talia gave Samael a look, even if she was trying hard not to laugh. It was rude.
“We’ll be right back.” She called the two idiots with the frog before turning to her idiot. She grabbed his ear, and with more strength that should be allowed at her height and appearance, dragged him to their room and stood in front of the door, “That wasn’t funny you know.” She pressed her lips together to hide a smile, “We need to focus and help those two out alright. We need to find a way… to get them on a date. One that doesn’t involve… Go on, you’re male right, what do you think would get them closer?”


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Hey, is this still continuing?

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