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Czech this out! 🇨🇿

Ahoj! That’s hello in Czech! I started digging into the Czechia culture to become closer to my roots, and I thought I’d take you guys along for the ride. As you probably know, Chechia used to be part of Chezhoslovakia until the Austro-Hungarian empire was dissolved. Due to this, they borrowed things from Austria and Germany, but from what I’ve seen, the language looks very Polish. More to come later, and feel free to chip in with your own knowledge! @Discussions

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Wow. That’s…a lot of meat.

Ok, the Polish similarities make sense. It’s actually Russia, as Czechoslovakia was part of the USSR.


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Yeah! It’s a country.

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The similarities between Czech and Polish are because they’re both West Slavic languages, nothing to do with the Soviet Union

Russian is an East Slavic language, but since they’re all Slavic languages, there is some mutual intelligibility between them, which is why they sound similar


Right, exactly. Czechia was still Part of the USSR, though.

My mom compared it to Stockholm Syndrome.

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No. They weren’t. Czechoslovakia was an independent nation-state. During USSR times there was a communist government however, and they had close ties with the USSR. I believe they even got ‘invaded’, but still never were part of the USSR officially.


Oh, really? That would make sense. I remember learning about it and that invasion still would explain the Russian undertones.

Looks like I need to tell my mom that too, as she was the one who told me.

Except the modern Czech language predates the creation of the Soviet Union

They have similar sounds because they belong to the same family of languages

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OH. Right. Czechoslovakia dates back to the 9th Century, I think.