D&D - Virtual Reality Video Game - sign-ups/chat

The Story:

There has been an announcement around the world, making everyone hyped and intrigued. A new virtual video game has sent out a challenge, to any who are interested in attempting it, to win ONE BILLION DOLLARS each. What’s the catch? Death! If you lose the game, not only will you lose any chance of winning the money, but it will lead to your actual death too.

If you accept the challenge, you will be virtually transported inside this new game and take on the persona of a level one game character. Then you and three others, also competing with you, must make it through the many many levels to beat the game and return to real-life; rich and alive!

So this will function like you’re playing D&D, but you don’t have to know anything about playing. It can be explained as you go.

There are only two rules in this competition. One is that all participants must be 18+. This is because they must sign a waiver, agreeing that they are aware that as soon as they enter the game, it could lead to their actual death.
Once adorning the virtual reality helmets, they’re mentality transported into new beings (inside the game). They then must work together as a group (hopefully) to complete all 20 levels and escape the video game.

What is D&D?

D&D is basically a form of roleplaying. You become the character in the story and the “RP” (or campaign) creator is your DM (dungeon master). The DM is the one who plays the NPCs, monsters, and navigates the story/adventure after the decisions the characters have made. The major difference D&D has with online RPing, is that almost everything is predicted with dice. With your battling, investigating, deceiving, etc, you will most probably have to roll to see if you’re successful. We’ll be using Discobot for dice rolls and I’ll be making a separate thread for that.

For more information, here’s a link to a PDF of the D&D For Beginners rulebook


For starters, you will be playing one character who will have two versions (sort of).

The character will have a real-life self, who must be 18+, basically be of legal age to sign up for something so dangerous. They can be of any look and from any country. Simply have a look at the FaceClaim slides below and fill in the info in a post on this thread.


Then there’s the video game counterpart. While your character will still be themselves mentally, they will be playing as a game character. For example, a hulking Mexican male wrestler could be playing as a female half-elf ranger but will still speak/think like his real self.
So you will need a game counterpart that I can create for you using my D&D beyond account. I’ll just ask you questions until they’re complete. …

Firstly, I’ll need you to choose a race and a class for your game counterpart. We’ll use the basic options for now, but if you have one you really want then just ask and I may allow it.

  • Races: Aarakocra, Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Genasi, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human, Kobold, Teifling, and Variant Aasimar
  • Class: Barbarian, Bard, Blood Hunter, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard

Group Players:

  • Opal as Dreamseeker, the Plasmoid Warlock - @/Cadborosa
  • Mav as Hermes, the Half-Elf Sorcerer - @/Skyler2
  • Ahana - Ashborn, the Variant Aasimar Rogue - @/OhSumana
  • Layla - Kallista, the Teifling Wizard - @/Littlefeets

Players in waiting: (possible to start another group of four if we get at least four more players/characters)

  • Cairo as Faelyn, the Wood Elf Druid - @/bpalmer
  • Tristan as Fighter-Man, the Variant-Human Fighter - @/DecencyX
  • Character 1 - Half-Orc Barbarian - @/phlegmatic
  • Character 2 - Dragonborn (Cleric or Bard) - @/RainyDay
  • Character 3 - Air Genasi Monk - @/Bluecookies


D&D - Discobot Dice Roller
The D&D official RP thread - TBA


@Kbail, @Zeno_of_Elea, @OhSumana, @bpalmer, @phlegmatic, @Cadborosa, @Skyler2, @Meekepeek, @astralis, @duck, @unsungcheerio, @Ouijaloveletters, @Kate, @raviola


this sounds like an actual netflix show


Are we allowed to reserve characters?


So we choose a race and class for our character?
So I choose a variant aasimar, rogue class


This sounds super fun


I’d love to join this-

mischievous laughter


If we can reserve, I’d like to reserve a half-orc barbarian character. :))


I’d like to reserve a character, but I’ll have to read some of the rules first to know more about the classes and stuff so I can make a good first character, so can I reserve one with an undetermined class and rank?


This could be fun.

I would honestly probs be a dragon born.

Im not sure if i would want to be a Cleric or a Bard


Yes, of course you may. Though it’s going to be first in is first in the group to start. So those after the first four, will wait to either replace someone or until a second group of four are ready.


All yours, guys. Do you want me to start asking/creating your game characters now or wait until you’ve finished the ‘real-life’ characters? Both at the same time is fine, I’m just wondering which is easier for your process.

Both are pretty cool.


Glad you like the sound of it. Would you like to join?


Wicked. What type of character would you like?


That’s totally fine. You’re welcome to create your character first before the game character. (wink)


So, wait you want us to make a real version of our character on paper as well? :thinking:


Nah, in the OP I stated that there are two side to the character. The “real” one who is signing up to compete in the game, ands the game version they play who is the D&D one and I’ll help you create.


Oh, gotcha. I’ve played D&D before that’s why I asked, because I have character sheets.


Ah, right. Fair enough. Then you can also help those RPers who are new to D&D, yeah?


With character creation: only a fighter

With the game in general: yea


Also I created a character a while back that might be a little op even by D&D standards. Can I submit him for approval?