Decieving evil character developement help?

So I have an idea for a book, or a short novel or just a few pages depening on my motivation, but in order for the story to go the way I pictured it, there has to be a character that has to both make people be suspicious of him and make people agree with the MC when she decides to marry him. How could I make a normal woman in 1960s marry a guy that sometime in the story is going to turn into a wife-beater, and make her and the people reading it think it’s a good decision or to at least make the people understand why she married this character. I also don’t want to make a really bad plot twist where a really nice character that people would gladly marry woud for some reason become aggressive to his wife because that would be unbelievable and it would probably ruin the plot of the entire novel. I want to drop hints that he’s aggressive and stuff withouth people figuring it out beforehand.


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My ex was a jerk, but he hid it way too well…


what i would do is: have flashbacks to this amazing guy, friendly, caring, supportive and so when she sees this ‘husband’, she remembers this perfect image. and believes over and over there is good in him.

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