Describe your favourite song without naming it

Let’s have some fun with our favourite songs! Describe your favourite song without naming it and see if anyone else can guess what it is!

Here’s mine:
A boy’s father took him to see a marching band and asked him to be the saviour of a bunch of people.



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Welcome to the Black Parade? :star_struck:


It’s named after a plant that’s yellow, brown, and green, which symbolizes loyalty.
It was on the soundtrack of a superhero movie.
Part of the lead singer’s name is a manufacturer of cereal.


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-falling for an older person
–an epic love forgotten

the others arent really explainable situations it’s just like isolation and finding meaning and stuff

~ gentle/ soft
~ upbeat and happy
~ to describe it in emojis: :cherry_blossom::sparkles::sparkling_heart::honey_pot::mushroom::dizzy::two_hearts:

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Sunflower? :grinning::sunflower::sparkles:

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This song has multiple dark fairytale references and is about how things can be darker than they seem.

Yes! :sunflower: :sunflower:

I thought that people might get confused about the cereal manufacturer and say something like, ‘Wait… there’s a singer called Kellogg’s???’ :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

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The nickname of the band’s lead singer is the Japanese slang word for short. No one is going to get this, and it makes me sad

No one got it.