Describe Your Mood in a Colour

Which color fits your current mood best?

  • A rainbow :rainbow:
  • Red :heart:
  • Orange :orange_heart:
  • Yellow :yellow_heart:
  • Green :green_heart:
  • Blue :blue_heart:
  • Purple :purple_heart:
  • Pink :heartpulse:
  • Brown :brown_heart:
  • Black :black_heart:
  • White :white_heart:

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Feel free to discuss which colors fit which mood and explain why you chose a certain answer!



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I expected this from @LemonLeader

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LOL :sweat_smile: What can I say, I like yellow and lemons! :lemon:

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Orange because I’m annoyed :expressionless::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

Purple. :purple_heart:

Purple because it’s my favorite color and I’m in a good mood so…

Purple because I feel at peace right now. I already closed grades, and I’m at home relaxing after a stressful day at work due to the closing of grades.

Rainbow at the moment

I chose blue. I’m not sad at the moment but I’m kind of tired and I associate blue with being a calming color!

A rainbow. :yum::white_heart:

Semi transparent blue. :pensive::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

Ok now I’m purple.


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Welcome to the forums!

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Probably yellow inside do to I’m happy :smiley:.

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half purple half red. Slightly annoyed rn cuz I have a slight headache and really bad cravings oof.

I was thinking clear, but the next best one is white lol. My emotions/mood changes a lot when I’m on the forum but it’s one emotion at a time which is why I didn’t pick rainbow

White. Because in nature that’s every color spun together. Haha, I can’t really find something to describe my mood right now.

Uh… blue. Means I’m calm.