Destructive Minds Forum Game ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


“The fast foods are–”

For chicken nuggets, because I’M nOt LikE OtHEr GIrLS

“I had”

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“drank into a black hole”

“I draw”

“—decapitated heads.”

“My favorite food is—”


“Im a–”

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bad boy-mafia gang leader-high school teacher who is abusive to their ex girlfriend/bestfriend who got her pregnant named Ryder and I have really rich parents who I take money off and still live with at aged 34

“Why did you-”


“said that?”

“And i–”

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“—-can’t wait to fulfill my dream of becoming the smexiest blobfish known to man as I show off my glorious lumps.”

“The sunlight cascading over the scenery looked peaceful and—”

Welcome to the forumssss

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big thank.

“I walk out of the woods leaving body out in the open for the bears to feast on.”

“Did you see-”


“My trash bag?”

“You are–”

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“—Jared, 19, and you never freaking learned how to read.”

“Did you hear the news of the recent protests about—”


“Pedosexuality becoming a real sexuality and not an excuse for me to use”

“He looked me straight in the eyes and I knew instantly he was the one,-”


“The one who would violently cram me into a trunk of a car that would soon be driven into a lake.”

“If I had all the money in the world, I would give every starving, hungry child out there…”


why was this deleted?

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I got confused for a sec nvm.

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“A slice of old carrot each.”

“Wait a sec, did-”

This reminds me of card against humanity


“—you just brutally murder my parents?!”

“Thank you for—”

-the free child.

When I grow up, I want to be-

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