Destructive Minds Forum Game ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

“—a professional kidnapper.”

“Did you hear the rumors about—”

“severed heads on the Duch’s mansion”

“I drank-”

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“—human juice.”

Dang, they look so—”

“-Enchanting… Remarkable what strings can do. They look still as statues, and feel like ice. And yet- their chests still rise and fall”

“I crashed my car-”

“—Into a giant cupcake.”


“Pregnant because I had a onenight stand with the bad boy-mafia gang leader-high school teacher who is abusive and is named Ryder but didn’t fall for him”

“I love it when-”

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“—you call me Señorita, buster.”

“Have you tried—”

“-Fulfilling a passionate make out session with my grandfather?”

“Have you ever-”


“-killed someone?”

“On a bright, shiny, beautiful morning…”

“I killed my brother Ethan because he was too good in Roblox Arsenal and Fortnite”

“The game I played which is named…”

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“-Fortnite, a crappy cartoon video game version of hunger games except there is no point in actually partipating because half the people look the same and it’s less violent”

“I walked in on-”

“someone chopping a random’s dude’s head off.”

“I stabbed him with a-”

“-butter knife”

“I think-”

“Imma go puke in his mouth.”

“I love–”


“I keep saying sksksksksk because -”

“I’m a vsco girl.”

“Water is great to–”

“drown humans”

“I can’t believe that I-”

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“spill tea”

“I like to eat cheetos because–”

“-You can use the bag to suffocated children”

“My stomach turned when-”


“I ate a human’s skull”

“Zombies are–”