Destructive Minds Forum Game ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

“- like me, brainless and slow”

“The other day-”

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“I sleep-walk in the night then I fell down the stairs then I almost died then I passed away then somehow I was brought back to life.”

“Often I am upset–”

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“Because the ducks keep getting away before I can kill them.”

“The MC went to college and-”

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“The LI bad boy went to school and-”

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“Got the MC ogling at him while he pretends as if he is bad, rude and doesn’t like her meanwhile he is a broken soul who’s also soft (just like Leo @astxrism) and likes her a lot. Then he’ll battle with the most perfect boy to gain her love.”

“I’m a savage -”


“Classy, bougie, ratchet”

“I went on stage and-”

“Danced on their graves. Just as I said I would.”

“I got an f on my-”

–P.E. test, which consisted of sitting down and doing nothing all period.

My best friend----

“-Is a ghost called Jasper, he is tall.and thin, has a big grin and pointy teeth he loves classical music and taking peoples souls”

“I got-”

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“-injured while riding my bike”

“My mama-”

Put me up for adoption because I annoyed her too much :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

The birds outside…


… keep imitating the neighbors’ voices. It’s weird because I can actually hear the neighbors’ conversations but the birds are making them.

I’m about to eat----

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“-Raw chicken smothered in curled milk, with a side of mouldy orange juice”

“I opened the door and couldn’t believe that I just saw-”


-Donald Trump making the wall of my house thicc.

I almost tripped-


“—on my will to live until I realized, graciously, I didn’t have one in the first place.”

“I couldn’t help but think they were beautiful with their—”

“-tenticles sticking out of their ears.”

“Donald Trump was standing-”


“-On the other side of the club, staring deep into my eyes, I could feel my cheeks burning up”

“It was the most beautiful thing Is ever seen, it was-”


“–Miss Corona”

“The f*ckboy of school was walking down the hall and the girls were fainting. When he walked by me I-”

“-Pushed him into the locker and stared right into his eyes until I felt his hand against my face “If you wanted to touch me you could’ve just asked” he whispered, so with all my courage I kicked him in the balls so hard he couldn’t get anymore innocent ‘unique’ girls pregnant and get into abusive relationships anymore”

“Just the thought of-”


—stories with bad boys named Brooding Brody, Abusive Axel, Kyle the Kidnapper, or Run-around Ryder made me throw my iPad out the window the other day."

I always get mad when----