Destructive Minds Forum Game ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

“- sausage fingers makes me so hungry, it hurts”

“Yesterday may dad to work and-”

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“—told me he’d return to pick me up when he finished getting the milk.”

“Chad Febreese McChicken Bob the Builder Oofalumpa Axe Bodyspray’s glorious 58pack reminded me a lot of—”

“-Batman, who turned 105 last month and is still the biggest playboy out their with the outsounding 1073864 woman he has slept with and only managing to get 3 of them pregnant with 1 set of twins and what ever Terry is plus his 3 adoptive children but unlike Chad Febreese McChicken Bob the Builder Oofalumpa Axe Bodyspray’s, Batman doesn’t abusive his girlfriend who is pregnant and has 69 possible father’s”

“The school field trip was completely ruined by/because-”


—the principal because all she did was make us listen to her boring ‘Falling For Bad Boy Brad’ and ‘Pregnant By the Principal’ stories during the whole trip."

“I can’t stop talking about-----”

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“-how I got 200 likes on Instagram”

“I once tripped on-”

“- top of the abusive bad boy mafia gang leader teacher named Ryder and stared into his eyes for 5 minutes until we were so rudely interrupted by Chad Febreese McChicken Bob the Builder Oofalumpa Axe Bodyspray and his 58pack”

“In my purse there are always-”


“- different colored eyeballs falling out of the pocket”

“I sprained my ankle when-”

–I ran away from a man selling masks because he was coughing his head off and wasn’t wearing a mask."

I’m so sick and tired of----

People who try to make me read another “unique” mafia story :eyes::sparkles:

My neighbors ate-

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-the children that accidentally escaped my basement.

I had a really nice dream last night it was about -

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“-the hot show host who was also dating someone else and helping them win the competition they could both be rich while tricking everybody to think they started dating after the show.”

“My friend has a brother who is super rich and handsome and I-”

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Love the crossover between worlds.


“—killed him and ate his liver in order to sacrifice him at the “Generic Episode Mafia Leader” stake so that I could summon the ultimate Chad to be my wife.”

“The couch over there looks—”

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“- like they are about to shred you into pieces.”

“The potato is dancing because-”

“—it wanted to see its former captive’s murder as he flew across the room while attached to the ceiling fan.”

“A hobby I’ve picked up recently—”

" is brutal but fun!"

“The mother goose became

—a Mary Sue that every gangster, bad boy, hOt tEaChEr, and billionaire fell in love with but dumped after they realized how boring she is."

“Nothing makes me more angry than-------”

“-When the children in my basement die before I get around to eating them or begin eat each other.”

“My favorite person in the entire person is-”

“-the person who knows how to mind their business and respect that cockroaches rule this world while the martians plot their invasion of Earth because Jimmy Neutron is too smart.”

“The Greek god Hades-”

“-secretly loved flowers that’s why he wanted Persephone”

“My rival has prepared-”