DID (dissociative Identity Disorder) - how to write a character with DID

Characters with DID to be accurate don’t all of a sudden cope with the sudden periods of missing time. Missing time and being in a different place is scary and disorientating. DID effects the people around the person with it too.

People around those with DID can be very stressed out, worry about the person. When it comes to a child alter it is hard to know if the alter will age like a normal person or will be stuck at that age. Some will age others don’t.

DID is different for everyone who has.

Some people suffer from dissociative amnesia meaning the periods of time another personality is out they don’t remember what they got up to. It can go away in time but not always. They can forget a learned skill like cooking. Can find themselves in a strange place not knowing how they got there. These episodes can last minuets, hours or in rare cases months or years.

Some Females with DID may have Male alters. Man can have women alters too.

Some people will only have dissociative disorders of movement or sensation. meaning they have no feeling sensation like convulsions/seizures, paralysis or loss of sensation. No apparent physical cause seems to be communication problem within the brain. (can be confused with other neurological issues, like a stroke)

Dissociation is the way the brain copes with stress. The exact reason for it is unknown, it is thought to be caused by some kind of trauma.It is thought that it happens if a trauma occurs in childhood.

My experiences with DID

Luna here :crescent_moon: - we alters may not show ourselves to others until we are comfortable with them. We are the brains way of protecting its self. I am the newest of Soph’s alters. I’m still trying to get self settled in a way.

My turn Luna. So I’m Raven. :eagle: Soph oldest alter. I seem myself as her protector simply because no one else would help her when she needed it. They may have if they knew what she was going through. But that’s not a conversation for here. I’m 15 years old. I have all of Soph’s memories. I like different things than her. Have my own dislikes too. It took about 7 months for me to feel comfortable enough with Soph’s SO. I started off asking small questions of him them built it up to the reveal. I was trying to think of how best to break it to him for a long time during that conversation. Honestly glad it did it. Pretending to be Soph all the time is exhausting mentally. I have someone I can be myself around.

Soph finds the ‘Switches’ exhausting. It might be the fact while she thinks the body is resting we are moving around doing what we want. Or her lack of sleep already. We don’t really know.

I have only been acting as myself since October 2019. I am 15 years old. I have been with Soph since she was 8.

Soph also has a little (child alter) she is the hardest person to get close to mostly because they experienced the worst thing in Soph’s life. So the little isn’t the happiest child in the world. She has physically tried to hurt herself just so she could stop reliving the pain over and over again. It took a long time to calm the little down enough to the point they have started to have a happier time as of late. Still scared of any kind of pain, but she is starting to build relationships with others.


Ooh this is a cool thread, I’ll definitely use it for reference.

Just a few questions though, you said that Raven has all of of Sophia’s memories, but does Sophia (you?) have all of Raven’s memories? And all of the other alters?
Also, can you summon the alters or do they come at random? I was just curious how the “my experiences with DID” came to be—like did you have to wait for the alters to come?
And for you, do your alters age? And your little alter, has she aged?


I don’t have Ravens memories. I don’t remember anything Raven and the others get up to.

As for my alters ageing I don’t know if they will. From what I know of my alters it hasn’t passed their “birthday” just yet. I was only diagnosed with DID in October 2019. From what I have managed to discover about Raven she has aged. Luna is fairly new. As for my little she has been “asleep” for a while so not sure. Will have to wait for a few weeks to find out.

Yes if someone calls their names. They don’t always “switch” with me. Its Works half the time. Most of the time it’s random.

I don’t know about waiting for them to come. I was having periods of missed time. Even got recommended to film myself by a psychologist just to see if it was just me missing time or my alters showing up. Raven “came” out to my partner in October 2019. Not long after that we discovered my little. Then luna in November.


Wait… why is this actually perfect? I’m writing a story and the MC’s sister has DID from their severe childhood abuse. This is super helpful! Thanks so much for creating this thread :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing about your alters. Raven, you sound like a pretty neat-o protector. I love that you really tried to feel comfortable with Sophia’s SO. One of my friends with DID has an alter who purposely tries to ruin the "host"s relationship because they think that the SO isn’t good enough. It’s sweet, but also kinda annoying for my friend to deal with since she never knows what her alter has said.




We don’t speak of Split. We shun Split. Split completely destroyed the DID community and now some get scared of people when they switch (DissociaDID’s protector, whose name I’m for some reason blanking on, did a good job explaining this in Anthony Padilla’s video on DID).


I saw that video! It was great! I watched it with my cousin, who has DID. One of his Alters is General Hux from Star Wars.

Do people often have fictional characters as their alters?



I needed something like this lol

So now I force you to read my story character…if you/anyone cares to give feedback lol.


So the premise of my story is on the Mafia, (don’t run away lol) My character Rosabelle coexists with DID, she is fully aware of her DID, but her alter, (Rosa) only comes out when she is in danger, (this would be a reasonable trigger (m) Rosabelle as the OG host is a very shy, awkward and person. She’s very witty, but being in the world of the Mafia where a lot of sh*t goes down she doesn’t have the personality of strength to back that up and she’s not active in the mafia, her family is… if she were to be in danger where ROSA comes in (Kind of like the police doing the work, but the detective is more in clues ad stuff, once in a while they may get their hands dirty.)

I’m going to use the seat overlay, not sure if I want to make it a car to represent the (inner world), and when Rosa is active she’ll be at the front wheel, as the (Host) and Rosa belle will be sitting in the back. I don’t have a time frame of when Rosa slips back in, but I guess it’ll happen subconsciously, for Rosa belle. (I may change the scenario ALOT) but the inner world dynamic would stay the same

The “wrong thing” I was going to do was have Rosa speak to Rosa belle in thought bubble, but I didn’t like that Idea since it seemed more like “Venom” or something. I usually leave it to the (alter merge) when she is in danger. So there’s more of a connection.


It was hard at first to get close to him especially since I prefer women to men. I would love to a partner of my own one day but being Soph’s alter and she is with a guy it would be hard to find someone who would be open to the idea. I have kind of accepted that I won’t find the partner I like just like Soph.

Soph is the same she has no memories of what me and the others get up to. Sometimes she just get an “after feeling” of whatever we where feeling before the switch back.


Soph loved the show Raven when I was “born” I love the raven. Basically a female version of the host of the show.


Me and Luna will be up for it :eagle:


Cool. I’ll tell my cousin that. He’s convinced that he somehow has a “fake version” of DID.


Thx, tyt.

Oops meant to reply to this awhile ago.

Ohh that’s interesting.

Does their birthday coincide with the day they emerged or is it something they choose? Like if Raven has aged, then what’s her birthday?

Ah, cool. What’s it like when you switch back, like what does it feel like in the aftermath for you?

Did you film yourself? And what was it like if you did. She did? That’s cool of her. Was your partner cool with it?


My “birthday” is may 21. The day soph needed to be someone else. The details I won’t go into. There not pg13 and a sensitive topic for us. I hate being on camera Soph tried to film her day but I would just turn off the camera. :eagle:

I don’t really know if my alters will age or not. They haven’t been active like they are now for that long. Raven and Luna have a birthday on the 21st. Me and 8 is Thursday 14th May. Raven is a bit of a livewire. She is impulsive and loves to do her own with. She holds a lot of anger. It took a while for him to adjust to her and her to him. They still clash head now. They get along well enough as I can expect them to.


Hi guys!

Thanks for sharing. I’m thinking of that South Park Episode when they did something similar and also the episode story Infamous…

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@Sophia1233 how did you find out you had DID? Was it because you were forgetting things that your parents needed to take you to the hospital to find out what it was? Also, were your friends stressed out by you, whenever they were around you?

I was already getting EMDR treatment for PTSD. I started have hours of forgotten time. Eventually Raven was comfortable enough to show herself. The whole experience at the time was disorientating and scaring. Now the switches are still disorientating but I have learnt to live with it. I don’t live with my parents, so I had to deal with the GPS myself

After Raven goes away I feel some what angry.
Luna is a whole different ball game. She is not really pg13 friendly IRL.
8 is just a scared or sleepy feeling.

Honestly my friends didn’t know the switches where happening. They are fellow mums with kids older than my monster. So we haven’t seen much of each other since April last year.


Do you know what the little alter’s name is?

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Same as mine. Its why I call her 8, since she is insistent on not changing it or using a nickname.


I’m really trying to understand it. I have read over it on websites. So, is it like having two people on one person? It is really confusing to understand