Did you bread and other things had something disgusting thing that you don’t know

I was looking around the website that bread is made from duck feathers. I was shocked about it. Do you know other secret things about other food that you don’t know.


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By the way here are worse food that everyone loves to it in your state

It true bread is made from duck feather.
(L-cysteine (sometimes shown as E920 on food labels) is a food additive often derived from duck feathers It is used as a dough conditioner and strengthener, meaning the dough can be stretched out to make a pizza crust, for example. L-cysteine can also help extend the shelf life of commercial breads .)

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Don’t people give ducks bread when they visit a pond and feed the ducks??
(I’m pretty sure I actually have a picture of myself at the age of 7, feeding bread to some ducks in a pond.)
So… when ducks eat bread… THEY’RE EATING THEIR OWN FEATHERS!!!

I know bug and other things are in what we eat or buy. Did you know Jars of peanut butter contain insect fragments and rodent hair. According to the FDA, peanut butter can have 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams and one or more rodent hairs for every 100 grams.

So Eww but I still eat peanut butter.

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Now, that is basically gross but I loved peanut butter on cracker. I wonder if jelly is actually made from bug?

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t true, what sense would it make to put feathers in bread? :eyes::sparkles:

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I really don’t know but I was looking it up.
Peanut butter is a little weird.

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