Did you inherent your parents looks?

I did.
I look like my father the most. I have his nose, his eyes, his shade of skin color, even the same shaped head pls :sob:
The only thing I have of my moms is her smile. :kissing:

what about you? @Discussions


I have a mix, honestly
I have my mum’s nose, my dad’s eyes, a mix with hair which I will explain at the end, my dad’s eyebrows, my own smile (none of my parents can smile properly), my dad’s height, my mum’s body shape and structure, my dad’s hands (they’re huge lmao) and a mix regarding feet.


  • my mum and I have medium (?) sized noses, with a large roundy bit at the tip


  • Got my dad’s green eyes lol
  • I have my dad’s eyesight too- I need glasses, but it’s not as bad as my mother’s


  • My dad has really dark brown hair, and my mum has blond hair
  • i was born with really dark brown hair, but it had turned bright blond by the time I turned 3
  • My hair is darkening again through my teenage years, and will probably finish close to my original colour, but honestly idk
  • On top of that, my hair is really reactive to sunlight, and will go from dirty blond to white blond over the course of a summer


  • My dad is 5ft 10", and my mum is 5ft 7.5"
  • I am ab a centimetre off 5ft 10" atm lol

Body shape:

  • Both my mum and I have funky rib cages, in that the middle bit juts out, and the ribs over the chest area are curved inwards
  • My mother and I both have really wide shoulder blades and shoulders, as well as long arms and a long rib cage (we will never be society’s definition of ‘curvy’ because our rib to hip gap is very narrow)
  • We have the same hip structure (android hips is the technical term I think)


  • My hands are f-cking HUGE and my dad’s are only a little bigger


  • My feet are UK size 9
  • My mother has UK size 7 and my dad has UK size 13
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Hello I am 99% my dad and 1% my mom


omg I wanna go into detail as well but I’m afraid I’ve got to go lmao :sob:

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oh noooo
do it when u get back!

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Your family is very pretty.


yess I will

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Ahw thanks


I inherited my dad’s face shape and eyebrows, a mix of both my mom and dad’s eyes, and my dad’s hair texture.
Generally speaking, I look more like my mom, especially with mannerisms and all.
I also inherited my mom’s height. My mom is 1.48 cm (4’11) and my dad was 1.80 (5’11?), and I’m 1.55 (5’1). But my mom has thick hands and feet, and I don’t, but my mom says that I inherited my thin hands and feet from her sister. My skin tone comes from my mom’s side of the family, but she’s even more pale than I am.

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When I have long hair I look like my mom, and when I have short hair I look like my dad.

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people say that i look like the girl version of my dad… rip :weary:


okokok I can go into detail a littleeee

  • Nose ~ I have my fathers nose
  • Eyes ~ I have my fathers eyes
  • Hair ~ Well my father is bald so- (by choice) but thing is we are all poc so I say the hair is a mix. I have my dads hair color tho
  • Height ~ My mother is 5’6 and my dad is 6’2. Last time I went to the doctors (recently) they said I was 5’8 but I refuse to believe that I’ve grown any taller and I will say I’m 5’6 even tho my mother is 5’6 and im taller than her but shhh it’s okay.
  • Body Shape ~ I 100% have my mothers curvy body and im so glad I have it lmfao
  • Hands ~ I have my fathers man like hands smh
  • Feet ~ lmao :sob: My moms a 8 in womens and my dad is a 13 in mens (U.S sizes) and I’m an 11 in womens its great :grinning:

I’m androgynous :blush:


I inherited my fathers dyslexia.


we have twin feet
They’re the same size lmao

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about time :sob: I thought my feet were hugeee

twinsiesss ok yes

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same lmao
I live in the area of tiny feet - meaning that mine are super narrow and long, so while naturally they would fit a “woman’s” shoe, I have to wear the “men’s” shoe because they don’t make “women’s” shoes in my size here.
There’s no issue with this except “men’s” shoes are super wide and my feet slide around inside them

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like once I had to get converse in a mens size because the womens size only went to a 8. :sob:
LIKE I don’t mind but stilllll.

Sometimes mens shoes are lwk cuter than womens shoes tho but it sucks that ur feet slide in mens :sob:

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majority of my shoes are ‘‘men’s’’ shoes lol, although that’s partly because when I’m buying more casual shoes, I veer towards more masc stuff anyway

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Ahhh I see

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